Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Finally I took off on 21 July 2008 to Christmas Island to check out the Mystery Island. Packed my luggage 3 hours before leaving home. By 7.15am, I joined the morning crowd on the LRT ride on a Monday morning. Stopped at Hang Tuah station to switch to the monorail heading towards KL Sentral. From there, took the ERL Express which took exactly 28 minutes to KLIA Airport. Was met by Johnson of Travel Exchange, Christmas Island (CI).

I was checked in to the business class with most of the Islanders on their way home after a long holiday in Malaysia. The flight was delayed by almost 30 minutes due to documentation problem. The flight took about slightly more than two and a half hour to land on CI.

The Airport. Only one flight on every Monday

This is just a small island with less than 1,000 population. As I was drove to the 'town', it just like one of the small town in Tapah or Batu Pahat. I began to doubt if I can survive here for a week. My biggest challenge here is FOOD!

There is only one plane flying in and out from KLIA to the island bringing in food stuffs and other essential goods. And of course some other diaries and meat like beef and ham from the mainland, Australia. You may want to bring your 'kitchen' and chef along if you intend to stay for a month if you are as fussy as me.

So, what so great about the island?EEmmmm ........ its the beauty of the nature and the serenity that one we don't have in Kuala Lumpur or even Singapore. So, lets take a look at those pictures.

After running the first few kilometres on rough tar road, the next 10km will be in the wood.

Shady and cool..............................

Along the track, you'll get to grab the wild pomelo which is slightly bigger than an orange. But trust me, its only good for the Yee Sang during Chinese New Year cos' its really sour! (by my standard).

......... and this famous and beautiful Golden Bosun.

Some friendly crabbies. Tho' the island is famaous with the red crab, there are also other yellow and blue crabs roaming around.

More ........ a great getaway from the hustles and bustles of the big concrete city. It just the perfect place to regain your sanity and do some soul searching ...........

The forest here is safe from wild animals like tiger or lion. Walk-way was built along the track leading towards the cliff. One can look deep into the wood because there isn't any plant that can grow in between cause none can survive as the crab will eat up the root of the plant.

Crab hole all over the forest. A little crab emerging from within its 'home'. Hi, little Red Sweetie!

Welcome to my Crabby Kingdom, Miss Jue. Please feel free to roam around but just be cautious not to step on my subjects.

This is another marvelous seaview. Wooden stilt walkway ran across from one end to the other. Wow!! It was soooooo peaceful but .... hey its like a never ending path.

Was getting a little curious whats at the other end but was also a little anxious. No wonder some called this their private beach. And so, I decided not to walk any further after 10 minutes and turn back ............ shame on you!!!!!!

But no worry, I got a bigger deal awaiting as Alfred, the Resident Manager of Christmas Island Phosphates took me to another destination - The Blowholes! Don't get naughty .......

I can possibly just stay here for an hour or two (even the whole day!) admiring god's creation of this scenic view. Its truly mesmerising. Where else can you experience seeing rainbows every other minutes? The answer is - JUST RIGHT HERE!

This is the biggest splash just right infront of me from out of no where! When the water gushed out in a split of a second, almost instantly there was this cooling mist splashed on my face .... ooohhh its so refreshing. After each big splash, there will be a few tiny misty water gushing from the surrounding holes and form a colourful rainbow!

This is another clear water sea side. Can you see how clear and clean the water is? I'll be back here just to soak myself in the cooling clear water in the next trip!!

There are a few other places of interest which I can't possibly download all here like the Flying Fish Cove and if you are a bird lover, you'll love this place.

So, wait for me Christmas Island. I'll be back to make my CLAIM on you!!!!!! Be really scare!!!!!

I gotta say thank you to a few.

Gee Foo of Travel Exchange who hosted my entire trip and drove me around.

Morgan, one of the local chinese who had unselfishly driving me around and into the wood. Helping me to identify few possible running routes and explaining a little about the island.

James of Christmas Island Phosphates (CIP) who spent time in drawing and mapping out the structural plan of the island and even go to the extend of driving me thru the route for a closer look.

Alfred Chong, the Resident Manager of CIP who has been very accomodative and helpful.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

NAIROBI, KENYA - The Workshop

More photos and illustrations on my recent workshop on uplifting the lives of the poor settlements will be uploaded soon. Please come back and check later .......