Monday, December 20, 2010


Pre Race Briefing
Team : Pacamakers Malaysia

Date : 18 December 2010
Venue : Lobby, Cititel Penang
Time : 9.00pm

I arrived in Penang at 5.30am on Saturday to join the Rock & Rock Run organised by Hard Rock Hotel. It's a 3.9km race. Rozmi, Tay Poh Chye, KK Yum and myself got the free bibs from friends who couldn't make it due to change of date in the event.

After the race, we had nasi kandar in town before heading to Cititel. After checking in, freshen up and rest for a while, we headed towards TESCO to buy some drinking water and isotonic drinks. Then headed to the hotel again to take a short break as we have been deprived of our precious sleep for the last 24 hours.

At 7.15pm, most runners already checked in to the hotel and headed out to look for food. By 9.00pm, all runners and support crews gathered at the hotel lobby for the briefing session and collecting their running bibs. Yes . . . there were many new faces and it's a get-to-know runners session as well.

Setting the right angle for photo session just before the briefing started. And of course we have our ever much loved and dedicated photograher with us for the entire race to capture those golden moments.

Yes, he is our favorite figure in the running scene known to the Pacemakers Network group as PM22 or PM Tey. And also being referred to by many as Gege Tey or Bro Tey, a great supporter for road races, Powerman, Trialthon, Biathlon, Ultramarathon and just any sports that you needed him to be there.

The very persons who are responsible to make this trip possible KK Yum (in blue) and Ronnie See (in red). Both took up the assignment to get all things in order. As usual, they will leave that 'dirty linen' job for me at the eleventh hour for the briefing. OK lah, since I have volunteer to be the support crew and cheerleading crew, I gladly accept the request.

As part of the get-to-know the runners, running bibs were distributed where team members get to really meet their own team mate in person.

Ahmad Lamchanak was pulled in at the eleventh hour also when 3 runners from the elite team pulled out just 3 days prior to race days.

Daniel Chow is the 1st runner in the Fun Team. Yeah .. .smile all you can Daniel, you gonna have a real shock later cos' that No. 1 come with great responsibility. . . hahahaaaa . . very soon you'll not be smiling ear to ear . ..

K2 Sze Yung Hui another new face on the block. Yup .. this is a test to this young runner about team work and a relay run.

And Jessa Singh holding K5 being the fifth runner for the fun team. He is quite relax cos being in the middle pack and quite an easy route, sure he can hang on there.

Yes, Dannie Choong as the 6th runner. Glad that he made it to Penang safely after all the hassle having his flight being delayed by FireFly, then being transfered to KLIA. And as he thought all thing smooth and on his way, again his flight was delayed till 3pm. Arrggghhhh. . . what a way to start and if he ever FFK (pulling out) from th team due to the flight delay, we'll surely sent a summon to FireFly. Yes, Pacemakers do have a handful of lawyers who are more than willing to file the case .. . Don't Play Play . . . .

Wong Choon Keong in the 8th posting. Another critical position to determine the positioning of his team. Runners in posting 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th played a very crucial role. We need runners who have strong mindset and able to withstand the long wait and hot weather.

We are indeed quite glad to have Rozmi Yunus from the Army Camp to be in our team taking on the hill and the heat for the Elite team.

And yes, Bryan Lee was also being pulled in last minutes after some runners fall out. He is a Powerman contender and we are indeed grateful that he is so ever willing to be at the 2nd last leg, not an easy task.

Mohammad Haris, a local as a reserved runner for the fun team with his wife and young child. He has been most helpful throughout the race to ensure the whole journey is smooth sailing as none in the Fun team are familiar with the island map.

Daniel Tan and YS Lee, two strong supporters of Pacemakers Team. Daniel in the Elite Team while YS Lee opted to be in the Fun Team.

Ricahrd Habeya . . . . asked the most QUESTIONS for the night. If there is such an award for that, I'll surely accord that to him. But then again, his questions always bring laughter and live up the atmosphere for the evening . . ..

This two pretty ladies Carrie and Pui San taking the opportunity to snap some pictures with our youngest and strongest supporter PM1.1 Adrian See.

Not sure if this is a road race briefing or a photography session or competition???? Ahhhhh . .. so . .. they are just being fascinated by that colourful birthday cake as the FINALE for the evening . .. . celebrating all the December Birthday's members . . ..

Before we adjourn for the evening, all runners were reminded to put in their best as team mate. And the favorite tagline and quotation for the race is -

Whether the team gonna have Rice, Porridge or just Plain water, depended on YOU.

This message was being pumped and drilled into each runner to do their best.

Come back later for more update on the relay run . . .

(All photos courtesy of Winnie Wong & Tey Eng Tiong)

Friday, December 10, 2010

16 April 2011

Sepang International Circuit
(2°45'36.20" N, 101°44'16.22" E)

‎5.5 KM Fun Run,11 KM, 21KM and 42KM



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I just can't believe what I just read in the article below on the statement made by BAM which is highlighted in RED.

Even the uncles and aunties in that favorite coffeeshop that I frequented see thru this long ago. All those in BAM and NSC should just resign and let more capable people to take over if we want to see real change and bring our sports to the next level!

Each time Lin Dan step in the court, one can see his confidence to take on his opponent but our dear Datuk Lee, his facial expression is enough to give him away . . . .

(The STAR - 7 Dec 2010)

PETALING JAYA: The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) believe they have ‘uncovered the truth’ behind world No. 1 Lee Chong Wei’s inability to get the better of Lin Dan.

They concluded that Chong Wei is not as fit and fast as the China shuttler.

No surprises there.

The only surprise is that it needed a post-mortem on the badminton team’s flop at the Guangzhou Asian Games to come to that conclusion!

Chong Wei lost to three-time world champion Lin Dan in the final of the Asiad.

The BAM feel that unless the Malaysian improves on his sustaining power on court, he will continue to struggle to overcome his nemesis Lin Dan.

BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai said that Chong Wei’s coaches had been asked to take another look at his fitness training programme.

“We discussed in depth Chong Wei’s loss to Lin Dan. He played well and had some tricks up his sleeves, especially with his deceptive chops. But, in the rubber game, it was obvious that Chong Wei simply ran out of gas,” said Chin Chai.

“He has to be fitter in order to match Lin Dan. The coaches will work together with the NSI (National Sports Institute) staff to help him last longer on court.”

The duo’s rivalry is expected to continue in the final-leg of the Super Series at the Hong Kong Open, which will begin tomorrow.

With Lin Dan in the fray, the odds are – surprise, surprise – stacked against the Malaysian to win.

Top seed Chong Wei is in the same half as compatriot Mohd Hafiz Hashim, Jan O Jorgensen of Denmark, world champion Chen Jin and Lin Dan.

Chong Wei is expected to take on Hafiz in the second round. Then, he will probably be up against Chen Jin, followed by Lin Dan in the semi-final.

Lin Dan, however, has a tricky opening tie against Jorgensen.

In the bottom half of the draw, the battle will be among a small group of players comprising China Open champion Chen Long of China, Indonesian Taufik Hidayat and Thailand’s Boonsak Ponsana.

Chin Chai also said that there was still room for improvement among the elite shuttlers – Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong and Wong Mew Choo – in the men’s doubles and women’s singles events respectively.

He said that the coaches had been instructed to look into adding more variety to their game “so that their styles will not be predictable”.

Kien Keat-Boon Heong squandered two gold medal match points en route to losing to Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia in the final while Mew Choo gave a good fight before bowing out to Japan’s Eriko Hirose in the quarter-finals.

All three will be out to make a quick rebound at the Hong Kong Open.

Kien Keat-Boon Heong will take on Denmark’s Mads Conrads-Petersen-Jonas Rasmussen while Mew Choo has a tough opener against South Korean Bae Youn-joo in their opening matches tomorrow.

The other Malaysian in Hong Kong are back-up shuttlers Chan Peng Soon-Lim Khim Wah, Chin Eei Hui-Goh Liu Ying and two pairs in the mixed doubles event – Tan Wee Kiong-Ng Hui Lin and Peng Soon-Liu Ying.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Category A (Men Open, 7km)
18:50 Alex Melly - Champion
19:32 James C. Tallam - 1st Runner up
21: 15 Bomimic Kibei - 2ns Runner up

Category B (Women Open, 7km)
30:00 Sheela a/p Samivellu - Champion
35:26 Ng Xiang Ying - 1st Runner up
37:17 Susan TEh Siok Hoon - 2nd Runner up

Category C ( Men Junior Veteran, 7km)
24:03 Ong Chin - 1st Runner up
28:00 Hoi Mew Kit - 2nd Runner up
29:11 Yuan Khai Heuy- 2nd Runner up

Category D (Female Junior Veteran, 7km)
29:29 Agnes Tee Yoke Loi - Champion
31:38 Wendy Wong - 1st Runner up
36:55 Yong Yoke Sheng - 2nd Runner up

Category E (Male Senior Veteran, 5km)
22:04 Rizwan Sulaiman - Champion
22:21 Tan Wan Sing - 1st Runner up
23:39 Mohd Sowoto - 2nd Runner up

Category F ( Female Senior Veteran, 5km)
32:17 Chan Kim Gnoh Linda - Champion
42:51 Wong Bee Chai - 1st Runner up

Category G ( Male Junior, 5km)
23:52 Daniel Prarash - Champion
24:00 Vicky - 1st Runner up
24:11 Suyan a/l Thangaraja - 2nd Runner up

Category H (Female Junior, 5km)
47:40 Mas Qistina Batrisyia - Champion

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



If you are not participating in the Penang Bridge International Marathon, perhaps you may want to support this fun walk. Its one of the cheapest and value for money. For a mere RM10.00 per person or RM90.00 per group of 10 persons, you can also take home a batik sarong!

Organised by : Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia
Venue : Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 21 November 2010
Time : 7.00am
Distance : 3.9km

Entry Fee : RM10.00 per person OR RM90.00 for a group of 10 persons
(inclusive of one complimentary batik sarong)

For more information and Entry Form, call Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia at 03-8946 0222 or click HERE

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Fainting is a symptom of an inadequate supply of oxygen and other
nutrients to the brain, usually caused by a temporary decrease in blood
flow. Blood flow to the brain can decrease whenever the body cannot
quickly compensate for a fall in blood pressure.


1. Fainting may occur if the heart cannot pump enough blood to maintain a
normal blood pressure. For example, an abnormal heart rhythm or a heart
valve disorder may impair the heart's pumping ability. People with such
disorders may feel fine when resting. However, they feel faint or actually
faint when exercising because the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet
the body's increased demand for oxygen. This type of fainting is called
exertional or effort syncope. People with these disorders may also faint
after exercising. During exercise, the increase in heart rate may enable
the heart to pump enough blood to maintain adequate blood pressure,
although just barely. When exercise stops, the heart rate (and the amount
of blood pumped) begins to decrease. However, the blood vessels in
muscles, which dilate (widen) during exercise to move more blood to and
from the muscles, remain dilated. (The arterioles in muscles remain
dilated to help supply oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, and the
veins remain dilated to remove metabolic waste products produced during
exercise.) The decrease in the amount of blood pumped out combined with
dilation of the arterioles and veins causes blood pressure to fall, and
fainting results.

2. An abnormality of the heart called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (see
Cardiomyopathy: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) can also cause fainting that
usually occurs during exercise. This disorder may occur in younger people
as well as older people, particularly those who have high blood pressure.
If untreated, it can lead to death.

3. Fainting may occur if blood volume is too low. An obvious cause of low
blood volume is bleeding. Another cause is dehydration, which may be due
to diarrhea, excessive sweating, inadequate intake of fluids, or excessive
urination (which is a common symptom of untreated diabetes (see Diabetes
Mellitus) or Addison's disease (see Adrenal Gland Disorders: Addison's
Disease)). In older people, the use of diuretics is a common cause of
dehydration, particularly during warm weather or during an illness when
obtaining or drinking enough fluids may be difficult. (Diuretics help the
kidneys eliminate salt and water by increasing urine formation and thus
decrease fluid volume in the body.)

4. Fainting may occur if the vagus nerve, which supplies the neck, chest,
and intestine, is stimulated. When stimulated, the vagus nerve slows the
heart. Such stimulation also causes nausea and cool, clammy skin. This
type of fainting is called vasovagal (vasomotor) syncope. The vagus nerve
is stimulated by pain (such as intestinal cramps), fear, other distress
(such as that due to the sight of blood), vomiting, a large bowel
movement, and urination. Fainting during or immediately after urination is
called micturition syncope. Rarely, vigorous swallowing causes fainting
due to stimulation of the vagus nerve.

5. Fainting may also occur if straining reduces the amount of blood
flowing back to the heart. Fainting due to coughing (cough syncope)
usually results from such straining. Fainting after urination (micturition
syncope) or after a bowel movement is partly due to straining (in addition
to stimulation of the vagus nerve). Older men who must strain to empty
their bladder because of a large prostate gland are particularly
susceptible. Fainting when lifting weights (weight lifter's syncope)
results from the strain of trying to lift or push heavy weights without
breathing adequately during the exercise.

6. Fainting that occurs when a person sits or stands up too quickly is
called orthostatic (postural) syncope. It is particularly common among
older people. It is caused by orthostatic hypotension (see Low Blood
Pressure: Orthostatic Hypotension). In orthostatic hypotension, the
compensatory mechanisms, particularly the constriction of blood vessels
and the increase in heart rate, do not adequately restore blood pressure
when a person stands and gravity causes blood to pool in the leg veins. A
related form of fainting, called parade ground syncope, occurs when people
stand still for a long time on a hot day. If the leg muscles are not used,
blood is not pumped back to the heart. As a result, blood pools in the leg
veins, and blood pressure falls.

7. In older people, an excessive decrease in blood pressure after eating a
meal (postprandial hypotension (see Low Blood Pressure: Postprandial
Hypotension)) may cause fainting.

8. Fainting may result from very rapid breathing (overbreathing, or
hyperventilation), which may be due to anxiety. This type of fainting is
called hyperventilation syncope. Overbreathing removes large amounts of
carbon dioxide from the body. The decreased level of carbon dioxide causes
blood vessels in the brain to constrict, and the person may feel faint or
actually faint.

9. Rarely, fainting results from a mild stroke in which blood flow to a
part of the brain suddenly decreases. Fainting due to a stroke is more
common among older people. Many other disorders, such as a deficiency of
red blood cells (anemia), lung disorders, a decreased blood sugar level
(hypoglycemia), and diabetes can cause fainting, especially if the
compensatory mechanisms are also impaired.

10. Certain drugs may cause fainting. They include many of those used to
treat high blood pressure, angina, and heart failure. Doses of these drugs
must be carefully adjusted to prevent blood pressure from decreasing too

Check out the following sites for more information on fainting

Mad Sci Network.

June Wingert
Associate Scientist
Lexicon Genetics

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Date :
14 November 2010

Venue :
UKM, Bangi

Time :

Distance :
7km (Public) and 5km (School)

Run for A Ray of Hope, is part of the Health Fiesta which is organised by the medical students of the National University of Malaysia (UKM). The purpose of this Charity Run is to raise funds for patients who are in need of financial support for their treatment in PPUKM, Cheras.

In conjunction with the run, there will also be a health campaign which will be held from 13 - 14 November, with booths available for free health screening, health education, health talk and health consultation. Several NGOs (such as Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia, Pink Triangle Foundation, Malaysians AIDS Council and National Cancer Society Malaysia) will be giving health education on that day.Besides, Pusat Darah Negara is welcoming everyone to donate blood on the day of event.

Entry Fee
Open: RM 25
School: RM 15 each participant
UKM Student: FREE

* Only First 500 people will be able to get the Dry-fit jersey (excluding UKM student).

* All profits will go to SAHABAT PPUKM for the needy patients in UKM Medical Centre

Race Pack Collection

i. HUKM, Cheras - 12 november, 10am - 6pm
ii. UKM Bangi - 13 November, 8am - 5pm

For more details of the run, click HERE

For Online Registration click HERE

(Online Registration only available from 24 October 2010 onwards)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


13 November 2010 (Saturday)

Padang Besar Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands


Closing Date
4 November 2010

Reporting Time

Flag Off Time

Entry Fee
RM20.00 (Category A - F)
RM15.00 (Category G - H)
RM10.00 (Category I - J)

A - Men Open (18 - 40 years)
B - Women Open (18 - 36 years)
C - Men Jr Veteran (40 years & above)
D - Women Jr Veteran (36 years & above)
E - Men Sr Veteran (50 years & above)
F - Women Sr Veteran (45 years & above)
G - Men Junior (13 - 17 years)
H - Women Junior (13 - 17 years)
I - School Boys (10 - 12 years)
J - School Girls (10 - 12 years)

Event T-shirt
First 300 participants who registered will receive an event T-shirt.

Top 10 runners in each category will be awarded with a medal

Qualifying Time
Those who copleted the run within 60 minutes will receive a Certificate of Participation

Lucky Draw
All participants are entitle to the lucky draw

Cash rewards
Top 3 runners in category A - H
1st - RM100
2nd - RM80
3rd - RM50

Top 3 runners in category I - J
1st - RM50
2nd - RM30
3rd - RM20

Race Pack Collection
Date: 11 - 12 November 2010
Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue : Pejabat Kesihatan Tanah Rata

For more information & registration, please contact the following persons in charge.

Mr. Rizal a/l Singlop (h/p no: 016 - 501 2031)
Mr. Charles Prem Kumar (h/p no: 013 - 528 6622)

Organising Committee
Larian Sihat Cameron Highlands
D/A Pejabat Kesihatan
Daerah Cameron Highlands
39000 Tanah Rata
Pahang Darul Makmur

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


(source from :

RunningSkirts sales, get your running skirt here!
Offering the all Orange Skirt at a bargain. And now you can own one of the most popular running skirt for just RM100.00
Hurry Hurry and dont be disappointed when it ran out of sizes or sold out.
Size 0 = 22' to 24"
Size 1 = 25" to 26"
Size 2 = 27" to 28"
Size 3 = 29" to 30"
Size 4 = 31" to 33"
Contact Choi at 0193289083 or

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is the 9th month in the lunar calendar
and September 2010 is like roller coaster
never take your Cook out of the chamber
cos' they surely make a big blunder
not knowing what's a microphone and a bottle
yet wanna be an entertainer . . . . .

It all started because of the Four who wanna have a get together. A lot of hoo haa and ding dong for a month. Its like a wild dream and it goes on and on. So, what is this Four has got to do with September?
Aha . . .. there they are!!!!! Four huge Giants with a Tiny Choc cake.
Once upon a time, Four Giants decended on Planet Earth at different time zone and they finally managed to trace each other, thus the celebration.

But they still can't get the link well connected. One of them just disappear into a different time zone as soon as they press on the Choc Cake. Otherwise, how could one explain the disappearance of the Fourth one in this amulet?
You see the word RECORDS? Yes, the current time zone only recorded Three at that very moment. Or is it she didn't learn and perfect her witchcraft well and so still in the Twilight zone.
However, I'm proud that one of the many managed to graduate Class 21 within 2:32:30 Time zone.

I am pondering what is in the mind of the two standing right behind staring at another certificate? You both gotta train harder and practice make perfect. Limited awards are bestowed to the deserving. And please don't mistaken that Cert as your missing CHEESE!!! (insert 'wink-wink')
The proud recipients of the award will not be able to sleep well staring at the award for at least a season. Gotta be the best they ever had! Add oil, Add oil . . . . . NOT Minyak Cap Pisau (Brand Knife cooking oil) please . . . . LOL

Other surprise awaiting them outside the Box (RedBox Karaoke). Each of the Four were given a chance to throw the Ping Pong ball into the 'box' laid with rows of bottles upside down. If the ball landed on one of the bottoms, they will take home a bigger 'surprise'. Yes, surprise they do get . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .hahahaaaaa . . . . . the ball keep rolling back to them!!!!

Finally, that Dream is over. We are all back to the current Time Zone - 5 September 2010 @ RedBox Karaoke, Sogo Kuala Lumpur.

One Big Family and Friends - Cheerful & Colorful

PS. Friends who have not learn how to SMILE will be sent to the Twilight Zone for further practice . . . . LOL

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Date : 28 November 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Stadium National Bukit Jalil

Entry Fee:
RM30.00 - 10KM
RM20.00 - 5KM (for School Boys and Girls Only)

Top 5 Finishers
New Balance Cash Vouchers worth RM500, RM400, RM300, RM200, RM150 & RM100

Top 10 Finishers
Pewter Trophy

Finisher Medals and Certificates for all who completed the race

Download Entry Form HERE
(Link courtesy of

Online Registration HERE

Should you need assistance in Registration and/or collection of Race Pack, please drop me a line at or 016 - 228 4088 (Julie Wong)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Wishes all Selamat Hari Merdeka! and Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HOOHA . . . 10! 10! 10! FUN RUN

Date: 10 Oct 2010
Time: 8.20am (8+2=10)
Venue: Lot 10, KL
Distance: 5.5km (5+5=10)
Registration Fees: RM28 (2+8=10)
Closing date: 28th September 2010 or upon reaching 3,700 (3 + 7 = 10) runners

What do you get?
*Brooks Running Tee (100% moisture transfer fabric) valued at RM50.00
*Brooks 37% (3 + 7 = 10) discount voucher
*Finisher memento valued at RM20.00

For more details, click HERE

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Coming to you soon . . . . . on 28 November 2010 in Bukit Jalil

brought to you by:
Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia

More details coming soon . . . mark your calendar now!!!

Type of Event : Walk-A-Hunt

Status : Open to public
Date : 10.10.10 ( Sunday)
Venue : Berjaya Times Square
Participation fees : RM 200 per team (RM 50 per person)

As a benefit for Patient’s Welfare Fund, MAA-MEDIcare will be organizing The Perfect 10 Charity Walk Hunt.

Come all… team up with your friends, colleagues and neighbors. For just RM 50 per person, join the hunt while contributing for a noble cause.

MEDIcareWhen we first opened our doors in 1994, we had only 7 machines and 20 patients. Today, we have become the second largest dialysis provider in this country. With over 150 hemodialysis machines, keeping 700 people alive, MAA Medicare Kidney Charity Fund (MEDIcare) has become one of the most dynamic and progressive charitable organizations in this country.

For more info contact:
Fundraising DepartmentMAA MEDIcare Kidney Charity Fund
Secretariat Office
2nd Floor, Wisma MAA-MEDIcare
51200 Kuala Lumpur
T : 03 4044 4468
F: 03 40434468

Download entry form here.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Date : 15 August 2010
Time : 5.00am
Venue : Ulu Langat

Organised by :
The Marathon Shop

This video is brought to you by

Thursday, August 12, 2010


30 August 2010

Stadium Kota Raja, Klang

Reporting Time

Flag Off Time

Closing Date
27 August 2010

Entry Fee
RM15.00 (Category: Open & Veteran)
RM10.00 (Category: School Boys/Girls

Download Entry Form HERE

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Wishes all Muslim a Blessed Ramadhan

May all Muslims rejoice & be blessed during this holy month. I am thankful to know many of you and always look forward for all those delicacies serve throughout the Ramadhan month.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010


Limited To 50 Participants Only

Dear Fellow Runners,You are now the first to officially receive the news of the registration opening of The River Jungle Marathon 2010.Registration is now open. Do visit the link for the run details and instructions. Registration is limited to 50pax, so do register early @ here

In the link, you will find detailed instructions on the run, locations, hydration management, route video, images and everything else we can possible imagine we would need as a participant (I hope!).

Some slight updates as per our last communication out in FaceBook, there will be some slight changes as below:

1. Isotonic (we’ll be serving Revive along the way and providing 1 bottle of Gatorade each at the end)

2. Price of the race has been raised from RM50 to RM60 due to the inclusion of the 7-Hour pacer team.

3. We will be officially providing Finisher-T shirts and certificates to each participants (based on first come first serve sizing)

4. Official Starting Point has been identified at Balai Polis Pekan Batu 18, Hulu Langat

We would like to formally thank Mr. Scott and Ms. Liz Roberts of CamelBak Malaysia and Mr. Lee Yee Sum of Excel Chemical Trading Sdn. Bhd. for their sponsorship and support in making this run possible.

If any further information required, please do call me or email me!

Warm regards,

James Wong
Managing Director
The Marathon Shop Sdn. Bhd. (894892-W)
Mobile: +6012 322 8268

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Venue: Muzium Telekom, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 17th July 2010, Sat
Time: 7am
Category: Open, Veteran, Secondary School & Primary School
Fee: RM10

MUZIUM Telekom will be having the Fiesta Muzium Telekom 10km run on Saturday at 7am at the museum’s courtyard at Muzium Telekom, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. The categories are Open, Veteran, Secondary School & Primary School. The fee is RM10. For details, contact 03-20319966.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


21 - 23 May, 2010
Cameron Highlands, Pahang

The Vege, The Wings & The Charcoal

Before those Martians sent the firing squad to hunt me down, I better get this piece out! Trust me, they ain't from planet Earth & they have no mercy nor do they know what is pain.

Even a simple fruit like Guava amazed them. Sometimes I'm just as confused . . . . Yup, you got 20 minutes to rest & change to working clothes.

Alright, this is my photographer taking a break before setting out for dinner. At 6.00pm, all were down in the kitchen & garden preparing for loading . . . but I'm still a little apprehensive with their talent in cooking up a decent meal. . . . do I have a better choice? NO!

Albert(o) & Baby Hoong were assigned to set up the BBQ pit.

HallooOOOO!!!!!!! You wanna commit suicide is it? Just can't lay your eyes off these bunch of Musketeers. Not even ONE minutes! They hijacked the menu card from the kitchen to 'blow' up the fire.. . . . and Margaret the Keeper will be back from the church any moment. Really no eye see. . . .

My consolation is Her . . . . The Chief Cook :)

She cooked up such fabulous dish . . . superb! Ichiban! Cinya Hor Chiak! Yeah, she had a hard time with Margaret the Keeper who apprehended them for 'wetting' her dry kitchen & 'drying' her wet kitchen . . heheeee and I just played dumb & mute from afar . . . sshhhhhhhh .. . don't tell the rest, OK.

Lets see what's in the pot . . . . Look at this . . . sluuurrrrpppppppp eeemmmmmmmmm How could I resist . . . . there isn't a single drop of cooking oil nor a tiny itsy bit of meat in it. Yet, it was Slurpy-cious!!!! What's in it . . . . Pearl corns, chinese cabbage, celery, sawi, carrots, red dates, black & white mushrooms, Japanese beancurd and chinese herbs . . . .

tell me if your saliva isn't drooling down NOW . . . . heheeeeeeee

The best soup in Cameron Highlands and some said even in Pahang . . .hahaaaaaaa

BBQ chicken wings, sweet patatoes & sausages . . . .

While I'm hard at work BBQ-ing the food . . . . . . .

They are enjoying in the kitchen . . . . .. .

aaaiiiiii.. . . what's so funny with the chicken wing?

ooohhhhh . . she has never seen a chicken wing before!!! Aha . .. of course the Martians don't serve this lah .. . .

And each of this wing has been massaged thoroughly for a good 30 seconds before BBQ-ing.

The Best in Cameron Highlands and some said in Tanah Rata . . .hahaaaa

You think Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wing in Jalan Alor taste good . . . wait till you get a mouthful of this TLC Massaged Wing.

Am glad the Chief Cook was kind enough to send my a bowl of soup with some food . . . . . . . . . . .. . pheeewwwwww

Yup . . . they won't let me off just yet. I was made to stand still in the open under the bright moonlight for 3 mins holding on to the chicken wing.

See, reconfirming they are not 'human' and have no feeling. Yeah .. . thats the photographer wanted to test his photography skill of snapping an object (thats ME, the poor victim) without switching on the flashlight . . . . Goshhhhh . . .unbelievable

Didn't he realised this is Cameron Highlands? Halooo . .. not Planet Mars, ok!

Finally its light-off and 'they' are out of side and I get to enjoy the food in PEACE . . . .
Tomorrow morning, they'll beg for mercy. They have no idea whats awaiting them, yet.
The next post - The Martians & The Nature

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Retail Price : RM69.00
Offer Price : RM25.00

Interested please drop me a line at or call at 016 - 228 4088 (Julie Wong)

Monday, June 28, 2010

BHPetrol ORANGE RUN 2010

Piazza, The Curve, Damansara
25 July 2010, Sunday,
Entry Fee:

For info and registration, please click

Thursday, June 17, 2010


21 - 23 May 2010
Cameron Highlands, Pahang

KRS Pines Guest House
No. 7, Jalan Mentigi, Tanah Rata
(5 minutes walking distance to Tanah Rata town)
Tel : 05 - 491 2777

The displaced Commander in Chief - Yours Truly

The Musketeers Platoon -
Albert, Mandy, Steven, Yap, Yee Mey, Yet Ling, Mee Khau, Woei Leong, Baby Hoong

My mission -
Not to tell too much and Not to write too much!

It is really not easy managing a bunch of Musketeers who travel round the globe and argue a century to complete a simple task or arriving at a decision!

The Story begins . . . . . .. ..

Three Jet Fighter with different capacity supposed to leave Klang Valley between 3pm to 6pm. Somehow, all three arrived at Tapah rest area 5 minutes apart @ 8.00pm. How this is possible????? I am awaiting report from the Ghostbusters team . . .

When we head back to the car after a quick bite, one of the Jet Fighter's back tyre was punctured. As fast as the lightning, a super samaritan just appeared from no where to offer his service. While he was removing the tyre and as fast as the lightning, he was strike & surrounded by 9 Musketeers & a Commander! . . . . yeah . .. he was shocked . . and the rest is history.

We arrived in Tanah Rata at approximately 10pm, had a quick dinner/supper then checked in to the guest house cos' we supposed to be up by 6am to climb Gunung Irau.

The twin-sharing room @ RM30.00/pax/night with attached bath and hot shower. There's a common living room on each floor with Astro facility.

By 7.00am - all assembled to get ready but it was drizzling out there. So we headed to Brinchang for breakfast.

Just wonder what's so amazing about the Eggs??? Can someone enlighten me? Oh . .. just remember, they all are from Mars & Venus .. . . laughing & giggling at every itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot things . . . . @@##%%%***??###@@%%%***

Since it was still raining, we drove up to the market to get some vegetables for dinner. There, didn't I said earlier, they are having a serious discussion for almost half a century on what to buy & how much time to spend, who to pay & blah blah blah blah till the cow come down.
Hello . . . . if you can't make up your mind, Taukeh Soh is there waiting . . . .
Just give $$$$$ will do

While two Musketeers went back to the guest house to prepare for dinner (don't get confused cos I'm as blur with this displaced kids on the bloc), the rest were grounded. If they take half a century to decide on the veges, no way I'm leading them to Gunung Irau! They got different assignment . . .
The Camp @ the Jabatan Hutan Lipur. This will be their next training ground . . . . just get them to taste the honey first before serving them the pepper . .. heheheeeee
That's Trail No. 6 . . . .
Earlier was the Egg, now Banana!!!! Real Alien from MARS . ...

You think with that 2 eggs you can produce bullets & shoot the Commander . .. . dream on . . . . dream on . . . . you don't know what I have plan for you . . . .huhhuuhhhhhuuuhhhh

Just follow and surely you'll not head towards Holland. Thats my assurance . .. . go..go...go...

Didn't you see the 'trap' I set? Wakakakaakakakakaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor Yee Mey, the first victim of that vicious Commandor. This is only the beginning . .. . .

After a few Humpthy Dumpthy, I make a U-turn to the opposite trail leading to the Watch Tower. This time, they are a little smarter. They kept a distance of 100mtr behind me :)

Presenting The New Kids Of The Century . . . .. Ta Daaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Actually, they can be easily being bought over. Just give them a little Honey is all it takes to regain their trust.

Off to the Watch Tower . . . . . . . . .

I think the news on the arrival of the Martians had shaken the earth till the Tower came tumbling down couple of months ago. All this due to lack of maintenance.

As we headed down the trail to Tanah Rata, suddenly there was some 'commotion' going on. Guess what?????? Oh - My - God!!!! What the heck is hanging up there??? This must be the work of the 'Egg' and 'Banana'. . . . . working Upside Down

Now, just stay normal & don't touch that Time Warp again. Keep moving . . .

Finally, I got the normal human in them. That's the lover's bridge across the waterfall

Both aspired to be the Next Top Super Model . . . . lets sign up the the program called 'You Think You Can Model' and in the mean time, can dream about that when you're in bed later tonight.

Yes . . . one more step, and you'll be in the REAL world.

I Believe I Can Fly . . . I Believe I Can Touch The Ground . . ..
Oh. . . I Believe I Survive . . .

Finally emerged in Tanah Rata and out of the Paranormal . . .. huhhhhh (cold sweat)

And we joined Yet Ling & Baby Hoong for late lunch at one of the Indian shop.

Next episode on the 2nd half of the day . . . . . . . The Vege, The Wings & The Charcoal