Friday, February 27, 2009


Managed by :
Biznet Resources
In Collaboration with DIGNITY & SERVICES (D&S)

Race Director
Julie Wong

R. Applaidoo @ Naido
Peter Goh

To create awareness within the community about OPTIONS - a Supported Living program for persons with learning disabilities
To create a platform for persons with learning disabilities to run alongside ordinary people; being accepted and treated as equal by the community with respect and dignity
To promote Sports for All and All for Sports

Rules & Regulations

Date : 12 April 2009
Time : 7.30 am
Venue : No. 45, Medan Burhanuddin Helmi, TTDI, KL

Type of run : Relay round the houses
Distance : 3km per loop
No of runners : 3 runners per team
Entry Fee : RM60.00 per team
Max Entry : 60 Teams

Categories :
Men Open (13 years & above)
Women Open (13 years & above)
Men Veteran (40 to 49 years)
Men Senior Veteran (50 years and above)
Mixed Team (13 years & above with at least One Female runner)

In the event if there is less than 3 teams competing in the same category, the organiser reserves the rights to cancel the said category.

Closing Date :
15 March 2009
Registration of Team Name in respective category together with Payment

2 April 2009
Submission of Runner's details (Name, NRIC/Passport No/Contact)

RM10.00 will be imposed on late entry and/or submission of runner's details

Registration will be closed upon receiving submission of 60 teams in total irrespective of categories

Medals :
Finishing medals for all runners who completed the race

Collection of Running Bibs :
6.30am - 7.10am on Race Day 12 April 2009

Payment :
Bank in to Public Bank S/A No : 4-9144546-32 (WONG KIM MAI)

Correspondence & Enquiries :
Julie Wong
hp no : 016 - 228 4088
fax : 03 - 92 81 6445
email :

Waiver Clause:
All participants agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the race. All participants are entering the competition at their own risk and shall NOT hold the organisers and sponsors responsible for any injury/death/loss of property however caused before/during and after the competition


Date : 22 February 2009
Venue : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 7.30am
Result : 85' 56

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just one week prior to the GE30K, I picked a pair of Adidas Supernova Glide W from Adidas Malaysia. I was way far behind in training and definitely not fit enough to run that 30km. Determined to hit the road despite lacking in training, I really need a pair of shoes with not only good, but excelllent cushioning. The very next day, I slipped into this new pair of shoes and hit the track at Kg Pandan Sports Complex and ran 4km. Then ran another 5km a day later and am ready for the BIG DAY! My first attempt for 30k which will determine if I should or able to take on the 42km in the coming KL Marathon.

My target was to finish the race comfortably within 4 hours without putting any stress on my knee. My first 10km was within target but the many hill slopes from then on really put me to the test. It was after the 15km mark that my self-esteem began to run low as the road ahead became tougher. It was then that I began to appreciate and truly thankful for choosing the Adidas Supernova Glide instead of the racer.

What I like about the shoe?

The wide fore-front of the shoe allow plenty of space for the toes to 'move' - ample of 'breathing space'. The softness of the material gave that 'naked' feeling as I slipped into the shoe. I particularly like the cushioning which gave a sense of bounciness with each step thus reduce the impact on my knee.

After the 22km mark, I began to feel a slight pain on my left knee and finished the race at walking pace and ran 100m in between to catch up with time. Am glad that the cushioning of the shoes helped to elevate almost half the weight of my body and reduce the impact on my knee.

This shoe will make an excellent companion in my coming KL-Maran 204km Walk in April 4 - 7, 2009 and be truly put to test!

So, is there anything that I don't like about it?

Yes. The WEIGHT.
If only the shoe can be lighter by 50% (sorry, I don't really know what's the weight but compared to my Saucony Fastwitch 2, this Supernova Glide is definitely heavy), it will be perfect for a 'heavyweight' and not so fast runner like me.

The last race with this pair was the City Day Run 2009. In total, I completed close to 70km within 5 weeks. Unless I can find a better cushioning pair, this will be the shoes for any race above 20km.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Loving myself means taking care of my health

8 March 2009 (Sunday)

Lake Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur


Entry Fee
RM30.00 ( includes T-shirt and goodie bag)

Health issues affecting young women today
A panel of experience doctors and gynaecologist will be available to discuss with you the following common concerns:

Your period
Irregular cycles, pain and discomfort, hormone treatments, etc.

Your sexuality
STDs, pregnancy, peer pressure, etc.

Your body image and eating disorders
Healthy eating and dieting, bulimia, anorexia, etc.

Your protection
Contraception, saying 'No', etc.

HPV, Hepatitis (A, B & C), Rubella, etc

07.00am - Registration
08.00am - Walk
09.30am - Health Screening
10.30am - Talk on young women's health issue
11.00am - Sponsors' activities
12 noon - END

For more information and registration, please contact:

Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia
Tel : 03 - 6201 3009 Fax : 03 - 6201 7009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


8 February 2009 - Organised by the State Assembly (ADUN) office for Chempaka constituency, this run is just the appetiser for their PR program in getting to know the people at grassroot level. Being a first timer without a clue about running, the organising team put up their best effort to ensure that the run took off as plan despite the many glitches from the local authorities. Really salute the young organising team.

Many runners just pay the entry fee, show up on race day and complete the run with many not knowing the tedious process of organising a run no matter how small and simple. I doubt if any runner ever walked up to the organising team to say a word of thank you in appreciation for their hard work and enthusiasm.

But most runners will unashamedly and openly criticised the organiser(s) for not meeting up to their expectation. I truly regretted and ashamed of what took place just before the start of the Larian Mesra Rakyat Dun Chempaka when a handful of our local runners (who claimed to be the few top local roadrunners) intimidated the organiser to bar the particiaption of a few foreign runners at the very last minute. Being new and inexperienced (as they were pre-registered by me), the organiser approached me discreetly asking for my understanding to relay the message to them. Not wanting to create an ugly scene, I approached the three foreign runners (Adrian Groom, Nicholas Merica and Javier).

I was ashamed by the conduct and narrow-mindedness of our local runners but glad that all three showed exemplary sportsmanship in accepting the (last minute) news. Perhaps it is high time organisers stop offering cash incentives for top seeding runners. I promise that all the events under my banner will never bow down to this threat and will not discriminate any people irrespective of color, race, nationality, beliefs, stature or physical appearance.

For all my running mates and friends, please keep up the good sportsmanship spirit in you!

Thank you to the organising team of the Larian Mesra Rakyat Dun Chempaka for putting up that brave front and may you excel in your next assignment.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Organiser : Pejabat Adun Chempaka, Selangor
Date : 8 February 2009
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Dewan Orangramai Pandan Jaya
Distance : 6km

Larian Mesra Rakyat Dun Chempaka was formerly known as Larian Tahun Baru Adun Chempaka scheduled in January 2009. It was then reschedule to 7 February at Dataran MPAJ and subsequently was fixed on 8 February 2009 at a new venue at Dewan Orangramai Pandan Jaya.

What's all these hassle? This must have been the most 'controversial' event for the year till date tho' its only a small run. The police had refused permit for the organiser to hold the event at Dataran MPAJ without any reason. Your guess as good as mine . . ????

Then, the 'big' day arrived. The venue it less than 5 minutes walk from my place. I left home at 6.10am and met by Joyce and Choy Hoong who were already there while a handful of the organising team just finished their morning prayer.

Slowly, runners started walking in to register for the run. The run was delayed to allow more people to participate as some residents in the surrounding walked in to enquire. YB Iskandar Samad Adun for Chempaka and EXCO for Housing and Building Maintenance of Selangor decided to flag off the race instead of just giving away prizes as schedule.

Some of the familiar faces were warming up getting ready. Finally the run was flagged off at 8.30am. The first runner emerged in less than 25 minutes and the run officially completed by 9.45am. Michelle Tan emerged as champion in the Women Open category with a timing of 25min 28sec and Suraya of the Slowmovers came in 3rd in the Women Veteran category clocking at 59 mins. (More results at
photos courtesy of the Sanusi family of the Slowmovers (
Helping out with the registration

Javier, Stanley and Tan Wah Sing sharing some light moment before the race

(L-R : Sumarni, Choy Hoong, Iylia, Suraya, Javier, Tan Wah Sing & Joyce)
Slowmovers' Chili Padi runner, Iylia receiving her finishing medal

Javier receiving his medal from YB Iskandar Samad

Sharing the winning . . touch touch for good luck hahahahaaa

Group photo with some of the winners

More reports coming . . . . . . . . . . .

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just not too long ago, I posted a write-up on Sportsmanship and started talking about basic ethical conducts. Each of us may have a different view and guidelines of what is ethical (right or wrong) in certain conducts. And perhaps the current crisis between MAAU (Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union) and its affiliates, FTAAA (Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association) may best sum up the dilapidated ranking in our sports.

Indeed all runners (in particular marathoners) welcome Standard Chartered Marathon to Kuala Lumpur. Touted as one of the best, we waited in anticipation. Now, what's the big fuss?

I've been following the news in the NST and Berita Harian whereby the news has been one sided. I can't help but would like to add a view as a third party but most importantly I am sick of this conflicts that leave a bad name to our sports.

AMBANK - Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2008

NST (21 Jan 2009) - Athletics/Kuala Lumpur Marathon: FTAAA given the boot, Octagon to take over.

I am a little disturbed by this heading. Why using such harsh word (boot) against our local organisation just because an International organisation is appointed? Despite some weaknesses in FTAAA, we cannot deny the fact that they are the most active AAA in Malaysia that had organised many athletic events and groom many potential ahtletes. Many are quick to criticise but having organised a handful of smaller runs, I can emphatise with FTAAA predicament at this juncture.

Under the same heading, MAAU deputy president Karim Ibrahim had said that FTAAA was not supposed to organise the KL Marathon because state bodies are prevented from holding international events under the Act. But Sports Commisioner Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof refuted the claim and said nowhere in the Act does it says only national governing bodies can host international events.

So, who is right? MAAU deputy president or the Sports Commisioner?

Assuming the MAAU deputy president Karim Ibrahim is right. Then, where was MAAU when FTAAA organised the past 17 editions of KL Marathon? Why didn't you step in when AMBANK was secured as the Title Sponsor in the last 4 years (since 2005)?

So, are you going to take over all the other events namely Putrajaya International Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon, PD International Half Marathon - just to mention a few?

I have no interest in whoever taking ownership of KL Marathon. But the very conduct and remarks made by a national sports body against its own affiliates who has done much for the local sports without reservation is totally uncalled for. While asking their affiliates to back them fully, they were not hesitate to criticise FTAAA of playing the 'hit and run' game as reported in the Berita Harian last Saturday. Why making such damaging statement instead of going direct to sort out whatever misunderstanding?

Being ethical in solving this dilemma is of utmost importance. One way of dealing with this is by using the 4-way test as suggested in the Webster dictionary.

1) Is your decision a truthful one?
2) Is your decision fair to everyone affected?
3) Will it build goodwill for the organisation?
4) Is the decision beneficial to all parties who have vested interest in the outcome?

Stop making further remarks through the press and find an amicable solution soonest possible to avoid further damage.