Thursday, March 31, 2011


Final note on the trail run. The event is just round the corner and perhaps this little note will help you getting there easier for those who are unfamiliar with the destination.

The organising team especially Dzul & Irwan have go the extra mile to ensure a safe and fun run for all. So, do take a little time to read up on the DOs & DON'Ts.

Date & Time : Sunday 3rd April 2011, 8am sharp
Venue : Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama, Gombak Organiser : Run With Orang Asli Support Group

Enquiries : Dzul via FB message

This unique run will involves running in a special jungle trail cleared by a group of Orang Asli. Unlike the heavily trodden Gasing or FRIM trails, this trail is rarely used but it is a relatively safe environment.

  • Throughout the path, runners will pass three small rivers for crossing. It is advisable for runners to use old running shoes or ol’skool rubber boots (aka ‘adidas Kampung’) for this event.

  • The water station is set-up at the starting point and one loop will be approximately 8km. There is no plan to have a water station in the jungle trail. Runners are advised to carry small bottles, or a hydration pack.

  • Insect and leech repellant is advisable. Compression socks will also help.

  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants may help avoid scratches and insects. Garden gloves are useful.

  • There is a nice river, suitable for a dip. Perhaps you might want to bring your bathing suits along.

  • Running bibs will provided during the registrations

  • There will be a small post-run gathering. Wait for the surprises!

The race will begin at Kampung Batu 16, next to the Pusat Pengajian Luar Universiti Malaya. It will end, at the same place.

Drive yourself towards Karak Highway either via MRR2, Duke Highway or Jalan Kuching. Before reaching the toll, follow slight left towards the direction of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM). Continue straight onto Jalan Sungai Pusu for 1km. Upon reaching the traffic light, take a right turn into Jalan Gombak and you will be in the area of Kampung Sungai Salak. Drive along for approximately 6km and you will reach Kampung Sungai Rumput. Continue for aprox 7km until you see a sign ‘Pusat Pengajian Luar Universiti Malaya’ on your left. From there on, there will be volunteers directing you to the nearest available car park.

For those who is driving with Sat-Nav GPS system, you may enter the following coordinates: 3.325979,101.754792 into your devices

The car park area is by the road side. We will try our best to make sure all cars are safe through the stay but please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Please bring them along and leave your belongings at the left luggage area at the registration area. Alternatively, you can car pool with your friends and here are few suggestions for the meeting point.

1. From Bukit Aman
2. Petronas Sri Hartamas
3. Padang Astaka

We let you decide among yourselves to arrange the car pool. We are strongly urging you to car pool to reduce the congestion and at the same time save on the fuel and toll money. WHAT TIME DOES THE RACE START? Race Briefing (compulsory): 8.00 AM Race Start: 8.30 AM

First thing first: THIS IS NOT A RACE!

  • There is nothing technical about it. SO what is we run 8km in the trail run.

  • There will be local Orang Asli helping us out along the trails.

  • The route is marked with the red cautionary tapes at various locations.

  • If in doubt, stop and look out for the red-white tapes.

  • Since we are running on a trail in the relatively thick forest, be mindful of your own safety and stay alert of the other runner’s well being.

The run will be divided into 3 groups. This is purely for allowing ample space between each runner in the narrow path of the trail Make way for faster runners who want to pass you.

HOW DO WE MANAGE HYDRATION? We recommend all runners to bring some form of their own hydration system. As we are running through a very remote area, there are no mamak-stalls or 7Elevens for you to buy water.

The organizer would recommend for each of you to have a hydration bag or water bottle carrier. Water station will be available at the beginning/end of the run at the registration point. You may fill your hydration pack, water bottles with drinks provided at the starting point

Wishing all a FUN DAY out there!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The 2nd Edition of The River Jungle Marathon - A Boutique Run is BACK! A well organised run thru scenic route, challenging and fun. Mark your calendar and make a date with the nature. - specially brought to you by TheMarathonShop

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These are just a handful of scenic pictures which I managed to snap with my S302 Sony Ericsson mobile in our first reccee outing.

You will run from the village main area heading out 500mtr to the main road. Stay on for another approximately 1km before turning into the wood.

Its a little narrow at the start.

As you move further in, Rahman (one of the local leader) leading Dzul and Irwan deeper into the wood. Ahhhh . . . . what a refreshing sight . . .

This is part of the little stream that cut across the wood. Its knee deep and the current could be a little strong if it rained the night before. But I just love the cool and refreshing water that 3 of us almost refused to move away.

You may indeed take a dip and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe just bring your little sandwich basket along for a picnic

As you come off the water to higher ground, beware of the RED spot!

These pails are traps for some experiment. I was in a hurry so maybe you can learn something about this in your trip.

Some wild plants . . . . . .. . .

The last stretch of the little river before heading back to the open . . .

This is approximately 5km of which we intend to extend another 2km a little uphill in our next recce session before heading back to the start line.
So, are you ready for some fun??????

Monday, March 21, 2011


Run With Orang Asli Support Group

Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama, Gombak

Date : 3 April 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 8.00am

We runners share a heritage; we share a history, to run through the forest, the ferns, and the trail. What about sharing this trail with the original folks of the forest? And share some charity too.

Would you like to run with Orang Asli?
Some of us felt it was time we got together to do something worthwhile while enjoying an awesome run. So we came up with the concept: Run with the Orang Asli – The Trail Run. It’s a project where we map out a trail run into the secondary jungle to appreciate mother nature whilst adding value by helping out the indigenious people of our country. A Trail Run into the fringes of flora at Jalan Bentong Lama. And in tune with keeping it back to nature, this trail run is void of any commercialism (yes!! No corporate sponsorship and barring any pompous officials).

Here is what the people who spawned this idea have to say.

Karen Loh:
So why Run for OA? Perhaps we runners can assist the OA in our own way, with a little assistance to ease their struggle into society's routines whilst respecting their choice of lifestyle, honour their unique culture, their boundaries and most of all their privacy.

My recent runs have always been motivated by raising awareness for the plight of our Orang Asli. The tag "Running For Orang Asli" started in Shape Run 2010 and has since been well spotted during various runs. Even when I'm not running, many running friends have volunteered to run for Orang Asli.

Why build awareness? It’s a simple assumption that the Government grants the Orang Asli subsidies and some are given allowances? But what am I to think when I see NO electricity NOR running water in the villages I've visited? Or how should we feel when someone takes toll money through an oil palm estate to enter into their village? Where is the justice when the sad remaining plots of their customary land have been pushed by hungry agri-estates into the fringes of forest and road?” “ I have seen little ones going to school without school shoes and wearing the same uniform for 3-4 years in a row . Try thinking why so many drop-outs at secondary level, having believed that school fees were free...not.

Dzul Aminuddin (some know me as Barefootdzul!):
Karen's cause morphed into this Run via my initial idea of a nature trail run for charity. We often run in corporate-managed events which raise charity but wouldn't it be awesome to have a more intimate connection from us runners? No corporates, no sponsorships, no unrelated officials. A true bandit runs for bandits! And run WITH the Orang Asli."

Having consulted the Orang Asli Outreach Learning Center Project, and sought permission from the Village Elder, we’ve been able to recce a trail and a small group of pre-run volunteers the likes of Julie Wong, Irwan Anuar and Azhar Elmiza Ahmad will trek the trail conditions and mark the route. We are confident that the trail will provide fair adventure, fresh forest air and fun for the family on the day. And most importantly, in the spirit of "Born to Run", we are hoping some of the Temuan tribe will run with us, thus adding new runner friends to our ever-widening circle of like-minded freedom runners."

Julie Wong
As a trained Community Organiser/Facilitator, I am also exposed to the plight of the indigenious people who has always been sidelined or neglected. As I am very occupied with the many issues in urban areas, this is the least I could do to lend a helping hand. The passion shown by Karen has definitely touched my heart. Hopefully this run will create an awareness on the livelihood of the Orang Asli and let us not judge them for what they choose to be as we shall never impose our value onto others.

Irwan Annuar
Working with this group, has enlightened me on a number of issues for the orang asli villages. Getting involved mapping out the route was most exciting as it was a terrain that I can see all runners would enjoy. And best of all it’s only a 15 minute drive from the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa at Gombak - though urban fringe but delightfully pristine enough to feel in the wild.

What does your contribution and time go to?
  1. To raise diesel funds for the Orang Asli village Kg Batu 16 of Jalan Bentong Lama – they have no electricity and generators run at night can cost more than RM8 per night.

  2. To raise RM500 for Rahman (a welfare volunteer from Orang Asli village Kg Batu 12 Jalan Bentong Lama) who is building a traditional visiting hall for visitors and he is bearing the cost himself.

  3. To raise funds for single mothers in the Orang Asli village Kg batu 12 and for the Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama.

  4. Awareness of the environment and the situation of some orang asli villages.

  5. Opportunity to interact with the orang asli and make new friends.

  6. Appreciation and conservation of our indigenous people’s culture and our mother nature.

2011 Run With Orang Asli – More Details:

Entry Fee - Entry Fee for all categories is not refundable.Note: An additional RM3 convenience fee will be charged for online registration

Since the event has no sponsor, a small portion of the fees will be used for logistic and admin costs such as first aiders, drinks, OA volunteers stationed in the forest, etc. The rest of the fees will be equally distributed per the details on the contribution above

Additional non-obligatory, non-cash contributions are welcome. Below is a guide on required items:

Note for participants

This unique run will involves running in a special jungle trail cleared by a group of Orang Asli. The trail is around their neighborhood and it is a safe environment.

  • Throughout the path, runners will pass three small rivers for crossing. It is advisable for runners to use old running shoes or ol’skool rubber boots (aka ‘adidas Kampung’) for this event.
  • The water station is set-up at the starting point and one loop will be approximately 7km. There is no plan to have a water station in the jungle trail. Runners are advised to carry small bottles, or a hydration pack.
  • Insect repellant is advisable.
  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants may help avoid scratches and insects. Garden gloves are useful.
  • There is a nice river, suitable for a dip. Perhaps you might want to bring your bathing suits along.
  • There are limited parking spots at the area. The organizer requests your cooperation to car pool. Since most of the runners are from KL, we suggest runners to park their car at the vicinity of a) Petronas Sri Hartamas, b) Bukit Aman Car Park or c) Padang Astaka
    From there, you can join other runners’ cars to go to the destination.

Health advisory - Participants with cardiological history are advice to consult your doctor prior registration.

Registration - The organizer reserved the right to reject any entry for any category when the number of participants meet or exceed our target, or any other reasons without notice.

Waiver Clause
In consideration of the Organizer accepting this entry, and registration to participate in the above Run I hereby waive and release any and all right or claims to damages I may against the Organizers holding this Run, their agents, representatives, successors, assigns, race sponsors for any and all injuries, death and invalidity I may sustain before, during or after the course of the event or arising as a result of it. I hereby, indemnify the Organizers and keep them indemnified and waived against all claims or damages that arise in consequence of the above.

Online Registration :

Enquiries : 012-3543976 / 010-4279584

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Kuala Lumpur, 14 March 2011 – Since the official launch on 14 February, the Standard Chartered Marathon has registered more than 10,000 entries, breaking last year’s record. This year, the marathon is targeting 25,000 runners total, solidifying its position as the biggest running event in Malaysia.

In the last hours before early bird registration closed at midnight on 28 February, remarkably nearly 1,300 runners rushed to meet the deadline to benefit from reduced registration fees. This is an increase of 77% from last year which saw more than 700 registrations during this same period. With more than 1,600 full marathoners registered to date, the full marathon category has also received an increase in participation in comparison to the same time last year of 1,300 full marathoners.

“We’re very encouraged with the amount we are seeing in the early bird registration alone and we will meet our target of total 25,000 runners for this year run. This year the Standard Chartered KL Marathon has been generating a lot of buzz in Malaysia and throughout the region,” said Rainer Biemans, Project Director Standard Chartered KL Marathon. “We’re pleased by the extraordinary support we’ve received from the public and hope to continue the momentum of excitement in the coming months leading up to race day on 26 June 2011.”

Due to an overwhelming response, the Kids Dash was closed earlier than anticipated. With 500 kids registered, this year’s race is sure to be fun. Those who did not get a chance to register are encouraged to join on race day and cheer for their friends who are participating.

Registration for Corporate Challenge category is also now officially open. The Corporate Challenge is a platform for companies to compete in the race as a team, while also giving back to the community by raising money for charity. It is also a fun and great way to foster camaraderie and team spirit with colleagues.

Volunteer recruitment and Cheering Competition registration open
At the same time, organizer of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 is opening recruitment for volunteers needed to help support the race. The volunteers will be part of the 2,000 staff, including officials, traffic police and medical staff, needed to ensure the safety of all runners in all categories. Mr. Biemans said, “Volunteers play an essential role in the marathon team as they will help monitor the route and distribute beverages to runners, among other activities.”

Another great way to participate in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is participating in the cheering competition. The competition is open to the public and each team can comprise of six persons to 20 persons (max). Adding another fun layer to the race, the cheering teams will compete to inspire runners to beat their best time and finish the race.

For more information on registering for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, the Corporate Challenge, becoming a volunteer or entering the cheering competition, please visit:

Monday, March 14, 2011


The KL-MARAN WALK has almost become part of my life journey since I was first introduced to it in the year 2006 by Uncle Shumugan, a Hindu priest whom I met by chance after a veteran sports meet in Bukit Jalil.
Some said its a coincidence and some termed it as pure Faith. But I believed that this is a Destiny that HE has paved for me. While many may look forward for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas to travel home (or in local term as balik kampung), I have always look forward to the homage journey - its like going back to my second home.
I can feel the 'warmth' as I step on the ground of Batu Caves and thereafter looking forward to be at the new home of Lord Murugan.
The 3 days give me the chance to reflect on my own journey in the past 12 months. Looking back at the turbulance of life as I slowly drag my feet on the long winding road. The many undulating and hilly stretches especially on day one truly test one's endurance, patience, strength and faith in oneself.

There are times when many ever so willingly surrender oneself and succumb to the temptation to end that journey and return to the comfort of the worldly life.
The journey is made tougher with the blazing sun at noon time and the heat from the tar road making the journey at times really unbearable.
During this trying time, the mindset play an important role to sustain oneself in continuing the walk till the end.
It is during this trying time that I begin to realise how fortunate my life has been. That how selfish and ungrateful I have been when I have taken many thing for granted. I am not perfect but I shall do my best to fulfill that very 'mission' while I still able before being called by my Creator.

Getting the blessing upon arrival at Lord Murugan's home is like renewing my vow and strength to be a better human, to be humble and to ask for less and live life to the fullest.
To be able to give more and take less is indeed truly fulfilling. It also gives me a sense of peace and joy where no amount of money can buy.
I am glad that this year 5 individuals will be walking this journey with me for the very first time while Peter Goh is renewing his vow for the 2nd year. This will be my 6th anniversary since 2006.

I am truly looking forward to this Homage to Lord Murugan and will dedicate my first most challenging 30km to all those who perished in the recent tsunami in Japan. May their souls be blessed. May all the survivors remain strong to withstand this trying time.

Let us all stop for a moment, look back and reflect on our past journey in life and make amend. We only live once so lets leave a legacy behind. Let us step into the next universe without regret.

May Lord Murugan blessed all the devotees and keep them safe throughout the 3 days journey.

Vel Vel Murugan . . . . . . . ..

Monday, March 7, 2011


Some of the important notes that you need to know especially for those who are running the 21km.

Reporting will start from 4.35am onwards.

Flag off for Half Marathoners at 5.30am.

Half Marathoners are advised to park at car park B & C.

Reporting and Flag off will be at 2 different locations. So do pay attention to the announcement and follow instructions by the crew on duty.

Only take insruction from crew who are wearing the official tag & t-shirt.

**Very Important
All Half Marathoners will be issued a blank sticker in the race pack. Write your Bib No, Name and Mailing Address clearly on the sticker. Drop this sticker into the box provided by the organiser and your reporting card into another box. Do not mix up the Sticker box and Reporting box.

Half Marathoners will also have to tie the disposable Championchip onto the shoe.

SIS Gel for half marathoners at km14.

Mobile toilets are located strategically at km8/km14 for Half Marathoners

Distant markers are strategically tie onto lamp post at eye level at every 1km. Do look out for the lamp post to gauge your running time.

You are encourage to car pool to avoid heavy traffic. The organiser has taken all precaution to ensure your safety. However, you are advised to ensure that your car is locked and DO NOT leave any valuable items in your car. There will be 2 Rela members and 2 crew from the organising team patrolling in each section of the car park.

Hydrate and train well. Run safely and have fun!

See you at the race venue on Sunday . .. . cheers!!!