Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tho' the event was held beginning of October 2008, some of us still talk about it. I still have friends and runners asking if I'll organise the same run to the Island next year and will it be my annual event ..... WOW!!!!

There are so many places in Malaysia which I've not visited. Let me just share more about the island. I guess pictures are best to describe the island as I'm not good with words.

For more reading pleasure, do visit some of the runners' blog here:


And a write up in THE STAR paper (Malaysia's largest and most read English paper)by Anne Marie Chandy and photos by Chua Kok Hwa.


The Recreational Centre which housed the Gym Room, a Cafe, Conference Room, Swimming pool and a badminton court which also double up as a futsal court

Grotto - one of the places the youths love to take a dive. This is where the 'cold & hot' water meet

This brightly green colour plant can be seen in all path leading to the beaches

One of the loveliest and friendliest bird on earth. They even 'pose' for photo and did not move an inch away as I stepped closer


Event : Pacesetter Breakfast Run
Venue : Lembah Kiara Park, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail, KL
Date : 26 October 2008
Time : 7.30am

I stayed over in Subang Jaya SS14 on Saturday night. The next morning, woke up at 6.20am and prepared to leave the house. By then Janet was preparing Ashwin for his 1st run. This 7 years old has tonnes of energy and I wanna test his endurance and strength. So, I told Janet that I will 'hijack' his son on Sunday to join me at the Pacesetter's Breakfast Run since the park is consider safe.

Ashwin was very enthusiatic and was ready to break record. I called for a cab and by 7am, both of us were heading towards TTDI. Met up with Andrew and his charming wife Yee Mey at the park.

By 7.30am, the MC made a short announcement to brief the participants on the rules & regulations as well as the terrain of the 2 routes - light & easy (2.5km round the lake) and rough (6km into the jungle). At first I wanted to opt for the 6km but after considering the uphill slope and that this is the 1st time Ashwin is taking part in a real run, I opted to run round the lake.

It was a beautiful morning. The green environment of the park is really refreshing. So, by 7.45am the fun run category was flagged off. I was a little cautious with Ashwin whether he can survive the 2.5km or not. So I carried my little backpack with water and bread.

Gosh .... he gradually overtook most of the participants one after the other. After less than 1km, he was leading the pack throughout the entire run. And he went for another loop. WOW! I definitely underestimated this little chap.
He will be the up and coming top runner .............WATCH OUT for this New Kidz On The Road!!!

Ashwin with Andrew and Yee Mey listening to the instruction from the MC

Joining the crowd in the warming up session

Breakfast at Pandi Restaurant

Enjoying the bread with peanut butter prepared by his mum while waiting for his Milo

By his size, you know he is THE running material. More of his face on this blog in the future.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Venue : Bandar Botanic (Lake Swan)
Date : 21 Dec 2008
Time : 7am
Distance : 11km (2 loops)
Registration Fee : RM20.00
(Limited to 300 entries only)

Finisher Medals

Men Open - Top 60
Women Open - Top 40

For more details, please call Mr. Wong SP @ 012 - 310 1379

Saturday, October 18, 2008



Once again, the Road Relay Running Circle (3R Circle) brought to you the much soughtafter road relay. Criteria to qualify for an entry are - passion for running, positive mindset, high sportsmanship attitude and a team player.

Powered by: Julie Wong
Surveyor: Eddy Choo
Logistic: Peter Goh, Aplaidoo (Naido), Tan Choon Seang

Date : 23 November 2008 (Sunday)
Venue : Taman Bukit Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, K.L.
Time : 7.30am

Terms and Regulations

no of runners per team:
3 runners per team for all categories

registration fee:
rm45 per team

reporting time:
6.30am - 7.15am

2.5km - 3km per loop x 3 (pending verification)

Position medals to all runners who completed the relay

Confirmation of participation is upon receiving payment of fees

closing date:
17 November 2008 (12 noon)

distribution of running bibs:
Running bibs will be distributed on the event date

please deposit payment to WONG KIM MAI, Public Bank S/A no 4-9144546-32 and fax the confirmation slip to 03 - 92 81 6445 or email to


1) MEN Open : 12 years and above
2) WOMEN Open : 12 years and above
3) MEN JR Veteran : 40 - 49 years
4) MEN SR Veteran : 50 years and above
5) MIXED Team : 12 years and above with at least ONE female runner


eMAIL details to

or fax to 03-92 81 6445.

1) Name of the Team
2) Name of Team Captain
3) Name, NRIC/Passport No., Date of birth, Gender, Age
4) Category of participation
5) Contact no

Team Name : Black Eagle
Team Captain : Kumaresan a/l Arokiam
Category : MIXED Team

Name : Kumaresan a/l Arokiam
NRIC no : 751023-10-5051
D.O.B : 23-10-75 (23)(M)
Tel No : 012 - 333 1258 / email (if any for future reference)

Name : Lee Siew Loong
NRIC no : 680112-12-7353
D.O.B : 12-01-69 (39)(M)
Tel No : 016 - 555 3251

Name : Khairina Ahmad
NRIC no : 780503-10-6068
D.O.B : 03-05-78 (30)(F)
Tel No : 012 - 903 6169

For enquiries, call

Julie Wong - hp 016 228 4088

Peter Goh - hp 019 339 2393

Naido - hp 012 292 8459

Tan Choon Seang - hp 012 224 0757

Eddy Choo - hp 013 366 8932

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Since early this year, many runners had been asking me about the Cameron Highlands run. But due to my hectic schedule and of course the logistic part of it, I have to put this thought in the cold room. I have to consider many aspects such as a safe running route, transportation, marshalls, the sponsor(s), accomodation and many other nitty gritty details.

Although I'd helped to organise 6 relay runs locally and one (21km run) abroad, Cameron Highlands offered a greater challenge. These smaller runs offered a unique experience to runners. For the past one year, there was a new evolution in teamwork whereby the group (i) foster new partnership (running mates), (ii) share knowledge and ideas and (iii) encourage and challenge one another through healthy competition and (iv) develop positive mindset and attitude towards life.

Lets take a moment to read what some of the runners wrote after the Christmas Island trip.

'Shortcomings?' We left it all in Christmas Island (CI). Anyway, they are insignificant compared to the beauty of the NATURE that we experienced' - Yap Wai Mun & Tan John Yam

'The trip was an amazing experience - the scenery was breath-taking and the hospitality we received was priceless. I look forward the meet the CI gang again in the next run' - Sharon Tang Sok Teng

'Thank you very much for the wonderful time in CI and of course not to mention the extra nanny service for Wai Kin ....... we do look forward to join you in Cameron Highland' - Belinda & Family

'Thanks for organising the CI run ...... I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Small and intimate run is a nice refreshing change from running with thousands. So, Cameron Highlands - I'm definitely keen ....' - Eliza Hoh

'I am definitely looking forward for the next run. An exotic location a-la CI has my preference. Of course Cameron Highlands is great!' - Klaas De Waart

Cameron Highlands will be on THE list because ......


Monday, October 13, 2008


Date : 4 October 2008
Time : 8am
Venue : CI Cricket & Sporting Club, Christmas Island, Australia
Distance : 21km
Powered By : Julie Wong

Sponsors :
Christmas Island Phosphates (CIP)
Australian Indian Ocean Travel Agency (AIOTA)
CI Travel Exchange

1:36:58 Mike Musso - CHAMPION
1:37:12 Klaas De Wart
1:40:31 Gary Mitchell
1:41:05 Chen Keat Hoong
1:45:59 Tan John Yam
1:53:86 Gregory Teo Chin Seng
1:54:24 Tim Sambell
1:57:39 Rob Reynolds
2:01:10 Foo Chee Jin
2:06:37 Jeffrey Oliver

1:59:48 Dominique Maberly - CHAMPION
2:20:20 Katrina Bird
2:27:56 Yap Wai Mun
2:29:13 Goh Hiong Eng
2:31:12 Eliza Ho Hsu-Wei
2:31:12 Sharon Tang Sok Teng
2:32:10 Jenap Bt M. Said
2:56:11 Khalijah Hj Bakar
3:03:35 Julie Wong
3:06:54 Gail Yeap

21KM TEAM RELAY (3 x 7km)
1:50:54 Feral Chooks
1:51:23 CI Hawks
2:10:05 Bluebirds
2:16:22 3 R's
2:19:36 CIP

The first batch of 21km Fun walkers

Chen KH - his 1st overseas run & miss the podium finish by 1 placing.

John, just recovered from his recent fall in a race did equally well.
Eliza and Sharon - the 'Happy Twins' pacing one another throughout the race. Eeemmm ... such a happy partnership

Ho Wai Kin (Bib No : A015) the 21 year old participants with learning disability. What a courageuos attempt! He had been training for almost 3 months to prepare for this race. (left-right: Soon, Oon, Francis, Ooi, Jenap, Julie & Wai kin)

Wai Mun, ran an additional 6km for making a wrong turning after the 8th km. Amazingly, she still emerged the 2nd runner up in the race with a BIG smile. Thats what SPORTMANSHIP is all about! Behind her is Jenap (in blue t-shirt). She is a prominent figure in our local races with her jovial and colourful appearence.
Klaas(in black/yellow vest), the tallest among all emerged 1st runner up in the Men Open category beating some of the younger runners.

The last 7km 'killing stretch'. This is where Chen KH suffered the heat from the blazing sun.

Francis and Ng SP pacing each other at the last 7km.

Ha ha haaa..... my GRAND FINISH!!!!!!

In deep thought??? ..... ooopppsss taking a short nap while waiting for the results

With our medals and certificates

Group photos before the race

...... after the race

more photos and report to follow ....

Please scroll down to my previous post for more details on Christmas Island, Australia

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Date : 14 September 2008
Venue : Taman Metropolitan Batu, Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

(All photos courtesy of http://pmtey.multiply.com/)

After organising 5 Road Relays under the banner of KLAVA (Kuala Lumpur Association of Veteran Athletics), many requested for more as relays are rare to come by. This is also because of the uniqueness of the event.

Some of the basic rules remain such as wearing of running bibs, age limit for each categories and most importantly the true spirit of sportmanship and positive mindset.

The very same Back to Nature Relay was held at this venue last Christmas day, 25 December 2007 with 40 teams of 3 competing on friendly term. This beautiful lake located just beside the
Taman Metropolitan Batu, off Jalan Ipoh was chosen again because of its strategic location and the many amenities available for runners to spend time with their family after the race.

Of all the relays that I had helped to organise, this is the BEST! With 53 teams (exceeding our target of 30 teams) divided into 5 different categories, all participants had a fair chance to compete within their own age group.

Its Fasting (Puasa) month, but our hardcore muslim supporters came out in full force to compete alongside their peers and put out a good 'fight'.

Despite the current political turmoil and all kind of accusation hurled by various parties about racism, the scene at this race just shown the total opposite. Perhaps the leaders of our country should be invited to our next race and learn from the runners about Race Integration without barrier when we share ONE common goal and RESPECT for each other!

Despite the lack of glamour such as the latest sound system, huge colourful canopies, goodies bag and superstar entertainers, that sporting spirit can be felt instantly by all. Young & Old, Black & White, Amateurs & Professionals, Elite & Ordinary ..... all become ONE! It was that ONENESS that set the run different from all the other big races.

Runners at the Registration collecting their running bibs

Sharing some tips before the race
Group photo before the race

Briefing session just before the race on rules & regulations and safety measures

GO!!!! Start of the race

Age is not a barrier
The HARDCORE Muslim Teams

Javier, the LAtin Dancer and strong supporter put up a Cuban Team

My favourite and youngest volunter, Danesh Naidu. Good looking ... yeah!

Such a happy runner

The Picture of The Year ...... The Tiger is ROARING!!!! GGGRRRrrrrrrrr...

Consolidating the results

Runners taking a break while waiting for the prize presentation

Enjoying the juicy watermelon ..... sluurrrppppp!!!

Position medals for all who completed the race
Everyone a Winner!

(More photos will be upload into my album)

See U in the next RACE! Come back and check out the date!