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Sunday, April 13, 2014




In the effort to once again engage communities in healthy living and contribute to the growth of Malaysia’s sports tourism industry, sponsors of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon returns this year to the much anticipated event. This will be title sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank’s sixth edition to the Marathon with MSIG Insurance and Honda confirmed as gold sponsors.

According to Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events, event owner and organiser of Standard Chartered KL Marathon, “This is the sixth year in the running that we have organised Standard Chartered KL Marathon and we would like to thank our sponsors for their continuous support. Apart from sponsorships, they have certainly gone the extra mile in contributing to the community. Our sponsors have worked closely with our charity partners, contributing to organisations including Standard Chartered Foundation (SCF), Hospis Malaysia and the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM).”

CEO of MSIG Insurance Malaysia, Mr. Chua Seck Guan commented, “The Standard Chartered KL Marathon is more than just a running event. Being the gold sponsor since its inception in 2009, we believe it is a purposeful one, promoting healthy living and giving back to the community - beliefs that MSIG strongly shares. The Standard Chartered KL Marathon provides us with the platform to engage well with the local community.”

Mr. Yoichiro Ueno-san, Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia said, “It is a great pleasure for Honda Malaysia to once again be part of this international event. We’ve seen tremendous growth of participations in the last few years, which is a true testament that the event has grown and rooted as a popular and important annual event for Malaysians. We would like to encourage all runners in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon and it is an excellent opportunity for us to show our corporate theme of the “The Challenging Spirit” and “The Power of Dreams.”

MSIG’s Ekiden relay challenge will not be returning this year with Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014. The adjustments were made to ensure a smoother race as the Ekiden participation was limited in reach. Instead, the gold sponsor will have the naming rights of the 10km category for wider approach in encouraging more runners to participate. In addition, MSIG Insurance will also be rewarding a trip for two (2) to Osaka, Japan to the MSIG 10km winners for both Male and Female categories. 

Other sponsors of the event include Seiko, 100 Plus, Brooks and Pacific Regency Hotel Group. The organiser once again hopes to provide a successful platform for sponsors given the resounding success of previous marathons.  Last year, 33 881 participants registered for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013, a growth of 17% as compared to 2012 and 251% growth since inception in 2009. The event attracted an estimated 57 nationalities from over 50 countries.

For further information, please contact:

Dirigo Events Sdn. Bhd
Gloria Ng, Director  
+60 12 396 0096|

essence Burson-Marsteller at 03-7493 5588:
Cheah May-huen, ext. 206 | +60 19 650 3105 |
Janice Wong, ext. 213 | +6016 922 8722 |

Friday, April 4, 2014


Lets take a walk down memory lane. . . . . . . 

SCKLM made its first appearance in my hometown Kuala Lumpur on June 28, 2009. That was my first ever marathon which took me almost 7 long hours under the hot sun to complete. It was a bitter sweet experience with plenty of rooms for improvement.

In 2010, I decided not to run but instead join a few other runners as support team. June Malik initiated the Full Marathon Virgins support team and we put up a 'stall' at KM36 offering food and drinks to marathoners especially those who ran beyond 5 hours. Joined by Kash, we also had motivational boards and signage to give them that final push.

I love the fact that the Organiser has been increasing the participation figure conservatively over the years focusing more on improving the delivery system of the race starting from the registration, running clinics, race packs collection, medic assistance, water station and every other aspects of the race.

Oh .. .  and SCKLM has been my favorite event not because it is my home ground marathon but this is the only marathon that make it possible for all to experience Kuala Lumpur city on foot. Above that this is also the only road race marathon that allowed me to stop over at the various eatery outlets such as the 24 hours convenient shops along Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Ampang as well as teh tarik and mini market along Jalan Ipoh for my 'breakfast'. Yes, you read it right. I do stopped at those outlets for drinks & food.

SCKLM is not just a road race but have contributed much to the society and the nation with its charitable causes. It has also contributed to the tourism industry with over 50 nationalities flying in to be part of this event.

SCKLM is back and its taking place on October 12, 2014. Mark this day and lets rock the Kuala Lumpur city loud!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Every 4 years, the old, the young, the not so old and not so young, men, women, boys and girls will be glued to that square box staring at 22 men running all over the green field with the size of approximately 105meters by 68meters just to chase after a round object - the Ball or more specifically Football.

Yes! Its time where in this land known as Malaysia, people will Makan BoLA, Tidur BoLA, Minum Coca-CoLA (Eat Football, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola).

In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola as the official partner will be launching the Malaysia mix version of the Coca-Cola World's Cup Anthem 2014 - 'The World Is Ours' featuring David Correy with our very own local artists Ajai, Soo Wincci and Mista G

You will hear the song on leading radio station today and the Music Video is set to launch in May 2014.

“The World is Ours” – which fuses Correy’s soaring pop vocals with samba, baile funk and technobraga rhythms – will expose football and music fans around the world to the signature sounds of the host nation, Brazil.

“Most people outside Brazil, especially young people, haven’t really experienced Brazilian music before because it hasn’t been mainstream in decades and with the infusion of Malaysian vocals, it will become a really multicultural musical message for the World’s Cup,” said Yvette Lim, Group Manager for Regional Integrated Marketing Communications and Activations for Coca-Cola Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei.

“Now The World Is Ours will be infused with the Malaysian football spirit which is famously summed up as to Eat Football, Sleep Football and drink Coca-Cola,” added Lim.

“The World is Ours” features a unique take on samba with a touch of Brazilian funk and hip-hop and the vocals of Correy, an emerging talent with Brazilian roots and an inspiring life story that began in the poverty stricken favelas of Brazil that took on an inspiring twist when he persevered and was selected as the voice for World’s Cup campaign by Coca-Cola.

In 2012 he became a finalist on the US version of the X-Factor reality show, winning the hearts of judges and viewers alike with his vocals, inspiring story and optimism.

During his televised audition, he explained that he hoped to reunite with his birth mother and that eventually led to his reunification with her with the help of a Brazilian newspaper that managed to locate her.

“It’s an amazing honour to work with Coca-Cola and I feel completely connected to what it stands for. I’ve achieved two dreams in my life so far; reuniting with my mother, and getting a record deal with Coca-Cola,” says Correy.

When he first heard the “The World Is Ours” Correy says he couldn’t stop smiling. “The first two lines – ‘Run like you’re born to fly/Live like you’ll never die’ – speak 100 percent to who I am and all the things I’ve overcome. All of my struggles pour out of me when I sing this song. And I feel like everyone will feel what I’ve been through… the pain and also the joy of being and loving who you are.” 

“My upbringing has brought me so much diversity and I feel like this song embodies that because it speaks to so many cultures,” adds the 27-year-old singer. “Getting the chance to intertwine other fans’ and artistes’ influences with what I’m doing is really what this is all about.”

Lim said, “The music that we bring into our sports properties like FIFA and the Olympics feature genuinely talented artistes like David who embody the optimism and positivity of Coke. We know that David’s story will resonate with many Malaysians and youth around the world who have their own dreams and aspirations.”

Complementing Correy to add some Malaysian flavour to “The World Is Ours” are three of Malaysia’s top artistes:

He recently produced AIM 2013’s Best Album for Hafiz and collaborated with Indonesian singer Kris Dayanti for song ‘Hati Ini Telah di Lukai’ while his latest single ‘Aduh’ has reached more than a million views on Youtube. He has also made his silver screen debut in the movie ‘Tokan’ and as a TV host on ‘Jemput Masuk Cef’.

Soo Wincci
The singer, chef, model, TV host, radio DJ, ambassador and former Miss Malaysia’s Chinese album ‘Happiness’ received a very good response in Taiwan while the single ‘I’ll Be Alright’ also received very good response in Taiwan and Malaysia. In 2012 she released her Malay debut album and collaborated with Joe Flizzow in ‘Terus Teranglah’.

Mista G
Singer and songwriter, Kunalan Gunaseelan, better known as Mista G, is definitely an artiste to look out for both in the local as well as international Tamil music arena.  He gained prominence in 2004 with the chart topper ‘Madal Thiranthu’, which made him a household name amongst the international Tamil community. His recent album, ‘Arpanam – The Final Cut’ sold more than 20,000 copies nationwide. This album saw Mista G team up with veteran singer Dato David Arumugam of Alley Cats fame in the single “Kathaley” as well as with rapper Rabbit Mac for the single “Symphony Nilave”.  His accomplishments have led to several nominations in the recent AIM-Malaysian Indian 2013 Awards. 

Malaysians already got an early taste of the FIFA World Cup™ fever earlier in January during the “FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola” when over 10,000 people got to see the most iconic symbol of football, the actual FIFA World Cup™ but the opportunity to eat football, sleep football and drink Coca-Cola will continue as more great promotions for fans to get football related merchandise will be appearing soon. 

“Coca-Cola has always shared the passion that fans have for football around the world and through our partnership with FIFA we champion the power of the beautiful game to bring people together as well as encourage them to get active. As we invite fans to celebrate the “The World’s Cup”, we also hope that they will be inspired to excel in whatever they do as well as encourage them to adopt a an active, healthy lifestyle,” added Lim.

“Football is a sport for everyone and Coca-Cola wants to fuel the passion further because one of our goals is to help raise the standards for physical activity around the world by getting people to maintain their energy balance, or the balance between "calories in" and "calories out", for overall fitness and health. In Malaysia, that includes encouraging university students to cycle and working with the Olympic Council of Malaysia to get Malaysians moving.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


8 June 2014

Padang Merbuk


Encourage more people to take up running
Promote healthy lifestyle through running

The Event
Target participants : 5,000 runners
Distance : 10km & 15km

Race Categories
Men Open - 16 years & above
Men Veteran - 40 years & above
Women Open - 16 years & above
Women Veteran - 35 years & above

Online Registration
Starts on 8 February 2014

Closing date
8 April 2014

Race Pack Collection
Date : May 30, 31 and 1 June, 2014
Venua :SCORE 2014 @ KL Convention Centre

For more information, you may log in to -

Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Specially brought to you by Mantra Interactive Sdn Bhd. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


photo courtesy of Khairi Muin

Date : January 12, 2014 (Sunday)
Venue : Pusat Sukan Negeri Ayer Keroh, Malacca
Distant : 21km

Organised by : Malacca Skyhawk Running Group

The Skyhawk Nature Run is the first running event of the year that I participated. I always try to support local events especially road races organized by the running community. The first out-of Klang Valley that I supported is Sg Petani Half Marathon (SP Half Marathon). When I saw the SNR being published, I did not hesitate to sign up as I read that it is a small event for 300 runners only. I termed such races as Boutique run – a small, no frills event which I assume should be fun and hold no expectation at all besides treating it as my official LSD training leading up to my KL-Maran Walk in April 2014.

What is this run all about?

This road race offered a 21km running route only.

Due to overwhelming response, the organizer had increased the entry to more than 500 participants. Organised by a group of passionate runners from Malacca (I noticed that they participated in quite a handful of events in the Klang Valley), the run took the runners into some really scenic orchard road passing through a small village with many local fruits trees along the road. Some of us stopped to enjoy the rambutans & pulasan plucked direct from the trees. The villagers were extremely friendly. One can truly smell the ‘greens’ and feel the freshness of the air. That is what been missing in many of the road races within Klang Valley.

How this run set a new benchmark in road races?

About The Organiser
Their FB page was being updated diligently to keep the participants in the know.
They are very tactful in their approach and truly professional in their own small way.

The Volunteers
~Dedicated,  Passionate & Responsible in discharging their duty.
~Well informed and know their duty well.
~Every road marshal knows their positioning & able to tell runners the exact mileage.
~Everyone discharged their duty with a smile & very proactive

The Technical & Logistic Aspect
~Distant markers prominently displayed at every kilometer
~Marshals also verbally make known of the distance as runners ran passed.
~Sufficient water at all water stations. The 1st two water stations were set 5km apart & after the 10th km ~mark, its was set approximately 3km thereafter.
~Mobile marshals on bicycles, motorcycles & cars going around to check on runners.

The Medic & Safety
~It was posted in their FB that there are a few doctors on site.
~There was at least one Ambulance stationed at the venue.

The Downside
There was neither Ambulance making its round and nor medical personnel spotted along the running route. Giving the benefit of doubt that the doctors may be in one or few of the vehicles moving around, there is no signage being display prominently to alert runners of their presence.

What Can Be Improved?
Safety at Crossing junction & along the trunk road - the first & last 4km, took runners along the trunk road (or highway). It would be better to place some safety cones along this stretch even though there are road marshals manning the road. The cones are indication for on-coming vehicles to slow down or to drive on the far right of the road. While the Organising Committees has taken every precaution to ensure the safety of all participants, the safety of volunteers especially road marshals must not be compromise.

Medic Team
Paramedic personnels are more appropriate to be on duty compared to doctors. Since this is a 21km running route, it’ll be more appropriate to have an ambulance station at the half mark. This is to ensure that should there be an emergency, it’ll be much more efficient in deploying the nearest medic team to the distress participant in the fastest time possible.

The Event – to retain the run as a fully Half Marathon only road race. Currently, all road races offer multiple distance. This will set the event apart from others & uniquely brand SNR as THE only Half Marathon event in the country. Hopefully the organizer will retain the race as a fun events rather than a competitive event by not offering high stake cash prizes. More prizes for lucky draws maybe a better option.

The Community Event – the villagers are truly supportive and friendly. Perhaps the starting line should be move closer to the people and let them be part of the event. This is also a way to give back to the Community in promoting running not only as a healthy lifestyle but also promoting Unity & camaraderie among all across ages, culture, religion & ethnicity.

The Size – keeping the number moderate in order to retain the quality of the event.

For an inaugural event, the Organiser has performed superbly and set a very high benchmark in road race organizing.

Well Done to the Organising Team & Volunteers! Thank you for us giving us such a wonderful running experience and looking forward to SNR Half Marathon 2015!

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