Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Songkhla Marathon 2011 has never been in my running calendar until I saw that posting in Facebook. But there is this inner voice ‘urging’ me to be part of this running event. And so, I asked CC Choi and Khairul Annuar to put me in the loop.

Things do happen for a reason. I didn’t have much time to train and with Zero mileage, I totally rely on my mental strength instead of physical fitness. He has always been an angel looking over me. I know I’m going to be fine as he will (as usual) give me his full blessing.

Despite having bought and packed the Power Gel and some Peanut Chocolate nuggets, I left the entire supply behind and only realized it at the Puduraya Bus terminal! How am I going to survive that 6 hours or more on the road without any supplement back up?

With only a bar of Kit Kat chocolate that I bought at a stall in Puduraya, I hold on to it like a lifeline. I can survive the first 10km without any food and pray hard for some miracle. Sighted a 7-Eleven store at km11 and quickly dashed in to grab 5 Milo nuggets. With that, I ate the Kit Kat chocolate as my breakfast. I drank at every water stations located at every 2km.

Then, at km16, I felt a sharp pain at the inner side of my right knee. The pain got worst with every pounding. I have to change my strategy from running for a distance of 3 lamp posts and walk for 1 lamp post to running 1 lamp post and walk for 3 lamp posts instead to reduce the pounding or risk further injury.

After making the U-turn at km21 at the end of the bridge, I had done 2hours 46mins. Will I be able to make it back in 6 hours? Can I complete the race? I wanted to but I’m in doubt. The thought of not being able to finish put me in low spirit. Each step became heavier. At km22, I told myself that I must do something and make a decision. To quit and climb onto the pick-up truck (as there were a handful of marathoners already gave up) or I must bounce back quickly.

The weather has been really kind to me. At km 24, I decided to continue with the ‘journey’ and walk all the way to the finish line. For the next 18km, I power walk all the way counting down every kilometer. I re-live his famous phrase during his life time, ‘take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Keep repeating until you feel good and give yourself a smile.’

Finally, after a long 6 hours and 21 minutes I made it to the finish line! Thank you my dearest friend for ‘walking’ along with me. We know you are in HIS good hand and you will always have a special place in our heart. I fully dedicate the 42km in your memory and may you rest in peace, my dearest friend.

(Special thanks to Tey Eng Tiong for the photos)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Another half marathon down south.

18 September 2011

Dataran Tasik Putih, Kluang, Johor

Closing Date:
15 September 2011

Organised by:
Majlis Perbandaran Kluang

What is so interesting about this run?

The Entry Fee - its only rm20.00 for all category. And if you opted not to have the event t-shirt, the entry fee is only rm5.00 and students are charged rm2.00 only.

Cash reward - quite high pay out for a half marathon. But with such high stake, I do hope they have sufficient check point and road marshalls to ensure fair play.

For more info, call Puan Aspalela - 019 7591770 or Mr Rajasegram - 012 2241615

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Longest Yet Shortest Marathon of 709

‘ . . . .. 10 routes, 6 hours and a mere 5 kilometres for a JUST cause.’

The night before, I took out that tee and slipped it into the trousers. Then carefully fold the trousers and wrapped over with another favorite running tee – The River Jungle Marathon and carefully wrapped all with a plastic bag. Filled up a 1.5lit water bottle, a face tower, disposable poncho and another casual tee . . . just in case. The mobile phone battery – charged to the maximum. Since I’ll be meeting a group of running friends for a farewell run in FRIM Kepong before the event, I decided to dress in the running attire. I gotta disguise myself well or I may miss the show too early.

By 11.00am, Karen Loh dropped me off at Kelana Jaya LRT station where there were a handful of men in blue checking on some train commuters and searching through their bags. All of them gave me a pass probably because I look more like a tourist or a backpacker instead. But I rehearsed all the questions and answers very well days before THE day. I even did a dry run in front of the mirror to get to the perfection.

As I alight from the Central Market station, I can hear singing and chanting from across the Klang River – the KTM Station. Ahhh .. I was greeted by a platoon of good looking men too. Tried calling some friends but they kept changing their plan and location every single minute. I was told to just go with the ‘wind’. Heading to Chinatown I tried to remain cool but alert of everyone in the surrounding. It was quite hostile but surprisingly no sign of the men in blue. Then I saw the familiar faces, a group of youth from 3 human rights organizations – KOMAS, Dignity International and SUARAM. All are first timer in such a rally.

The Waiting was a process filled with curiosity, anxiety, apprehension, fear and vigilance YET everyone seems so calm and serene. This is something I never experience before. Amazing . .. simply amazing. A group of middle aged sang patriotic song and the National anthem and later joined by others. I saw ONEness in everyone.

At 1.30pm the crowd slowly moved to Jalan Sultan and out of nowhere a huge entourage appeared right in front! With my eyes and mouth wide open, I was totally speechless. Black & White, Yellow & Brown, all merged into ONE. Awesome!

That 5 hours journey was an awesome brand new experience. It has truly enriched me in all senses and definitely helped me in being a better community facilitator. This has also strengthen my believe to continue with my work for a better and just society in seeing a community that is independent in their mind and deed that they no longer be a follower but a leader themselves.

I did not see a single car screen being smashed. Not a building being broken into. No unwarranted items left on the streets.

The warmth and trust shown by everyone was so immense. I was so touched by the generosity shown by all. What took place on 709 is not a dream but reality.

When the People’s mindset is Independent
The country will mature
When the People lives in harmony
The country will flourish
When the People can accept diversity
The country is INEPENDENT

Monday, August 1, 2011


Wishing all Muslim friends a blessed Ramadan


Category A – Men Open 10km

34:50 Jayakumar a/l Ramasamy
35:40 Peh Yong Heng
37:23 Jasni Khairil
38:59 M. Saddam B. M Pittli
39:49 Vigeswaran a/l Jayakumar
40:04 Annalan a/l Devasugum
41:25 Chan Chen Siong
41:44 Naresh Kumar a/l Panjimaradan
41:58 Loh Voon Leong
42:00 Teh Yee Chuan

Category B – Men Veteran 10km

36:05 Ganesan Subramaniam
37:32 Karmukilaa Mariam
38:12 Casey Lai
39:42 Malayalan a/l Arumayam
40:15 Ong Chin
40:27 Ng Say Neong
41:08 Chen Keat Hong
41:20 Velusamy a/l Govindan
41:30 Dhan Bahadur
43:03 Bong Teck Yong

Category C – Men Senior Veteran 10km

36:55 Rama Kusunan
42:00 Goh Choon Aun
42:08 C. Kuswaan
42:25 Ridzuan Salims
42:50 Tang Chee Choong
43:35 Lim Kim Huat
43:55 Seow Kek Kiong
44:11 Yasan Rahmin
44:42 Tan Wah Sing
44:55 Raja Arumasan

Category D - Women Open 10km

47:44 Loh Voon Ying
50:53 Seah Bee Lian
51:09 Ardini Murdin
52:07 Oh Yann Shie
56:31 How Wei Xin
57:18 Tam Lai Theng
57:22 Hau Li Ping
57:44 Lee Siew Chu
58:56 Lim Soo Yong
60:25 Teh Siok Hoon

Category E – Women Veteran 10km

46:28 Lian Bee Hoon
47:03 Annie Lee Khuin Chiew
50:18 Somoko Fukumito
50:48 Hung Yoke Chun
50:56 Low Wah Leng
52:25 Tan Bee Ngoh
53:81 Tan Pei Leng
54:22 Can Lai Fan
55:23 Lim Wei Ing
56:55 Chan Yin Yian