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Kuala Lumpur - September 5, 2014

The INOV-8 Pacesetters 3030 Run 2014 was officially launched today at the Garden Mid-Valley Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Organised by Pacesetters Athletic Club (PAC) with title sponsor INOV-8, the event was officiated by Mr. Robert Lu, the President of Key Power International and Mr. Wan Yew Leong, the President of Pacesetters Athletic Club.

With all 8 categories opened for registration since 16 July 2014, the event has garnered good response from runners. The organisers targeted to get 3,000 runners over the 3 distances - 30km, 20km and 10km. 

Wan Yew Leong said that “PAC’s vision and aspiration is to be the leading running club in the country and region. To achieve this, we will organise three events that aim to be “best in class” in the region. The INOV-8 Pacesetters 3030 Run 2014 is the first of these three events. 2014 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the club and having a 30km run to celebrate this special occasion would be really memorable. There are 10 marathons and several more half marathons in Malaysia, but there are no 30km events. This is a boutique event and provides an opportunity for those wanting to test their readiness for the full marathon. For seasoned marathon runners, this is a long run that is essential for their marathon preparation”  

INOV-8 Pacesetters 3030 Run 2014 is to be flagged off at Padang Merbok. Runners will get to experience some of the finest run routes in Kuala Lumpur, running through leafy Kenny Hills and Sri Hartamas. They will be well catered to, with 13, 8 and 3 drink stations on the 30km, 20km and 10km routes respectively.

“As a running club, we encourage our members to go natural in their diet as we feel the best fuel the body can get is from natural sources, therefore we aim offer fruit-themed refreshments. We will serve bananas before, during and after the run. In addition, water melons, oranges & apples will also be provided as post run snacks” Wan added.

“Our club’s tagline, ‘Setting the Pace Together’ will be printed on the finisher’s shirts. The INOV-8 Pacesetters 3030 Run originated from a 30km training run organized by runners for runners many years ago. We hope this event will inspire other running clubs in the country to have their own events in their towns. We have a vision of a circuit of runs organized by runners for runners across the country. PAC will provide the lead in co-ordinating a series of runs by running clubs in 2015.” concluded Wan.

Robert Lu said, “The Ministry of Youth and Sports’ vision is to champion the empowerment of a superior youth and sports development and to inculcate sports culture within the society by year 2015. Our focuses include Exposure and Opportunities for confidence building; Engagement and Activism for community development and Support and Engage, to the youth of Malaysia.

This is our sixth 30km event and it is made possible by title sponsor INOV-8 in partnership with event owner and organiser, Pacesetters Athletic Club. Garmin is the official fitness watch and Running Malaysia is the media partner of the event.

For immediate registration, go to 

For more information, please visit 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


August 30, 2014 @ 0600hour  – September 1, 2014 @ 0600 hour

Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

It all started as a casual talk if we could put up in Nuang over a long weekend. While the guys take on the mountain, I will take my time enjoying the nature. Away from the hustle bustle of the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur and to regain my sanity.

Not too long later, I was told that I may get to realize my crave for the mountain but I definitely did not expect the guys to come up with such craziness, G5N - five loops up & down the mountain in 48 hours

The Rules Of The Game

Yes, you read it right. The R & R from one sadist Race Director that will make your spine chilled & cracked! Read them all here –

The Mountain & Elevation Gain

Yes, one has to repeat the same mountain over and over again for 5 times!

1st set - 1640m ( cut-off 6 hours )
2nd set - 3280m ( cut-off 8 hours / 14 hours )
3rd set - 4920m ( cut-off 10 hours / 24 hours )
4th set - 6560m ( cut-off 12 hours / 36 hours )
5th set - 8200m ( cut-off 12 hours / 48 hours )

The Format

And if this is not crazy enough, lets take a look at the format of the game.

The idea was borrowed and modified from Barkley Marathons. Each runner was assigned a random page number (before the start of each loop) to tear off from a book entitled HARD TIMES which was located at the peak. Runner must submit the assigned page upon checked in. Any submission of wrong or missing page number (for whatever reason) will be disqualified on the spot.

The Participants

19 applications received with 13 took on the challenge. Then 2 pulled out at the eleventh hours due to injury. Eventually 11 challengers (2 Singaporeans, 1 Japanese and 8 Malaysians) made it to the starting line.

The Reward

This ultra event gotta be the cheapest in the entire universe – RM9.99 (approximately USD$3.00).

Runners who completed the race within the qualifying time will be rewarded with 3 UTMB points!

The Conquerors Who Made It

36:17:40 - Ewegene Tan
36:41:44 - Henry Yang
39:27:36 - Mantaray
44:42:18 - Aun Utopia
45:59:41 - Naoya

With the heavy downpour in the late evening which carried till way after midnight, we did not anticipate anyone being able to complete the challenge in less than 40 hours. But, the challengers were just too strong to be knocked down by the cold and windy night! 

Bravo to all who dare to take up the challenge. And to the 5 who made it way before the closing time, you are the ultimate warriors. Salute to all of you.

Will the RD make a comeback in 2015? Maybe there will be a more challenging format coming from this sadist RD . . . . . .. let give it a guess . .  . could it be a more challenging cut off time? . . . . 

Watch out for the next posting on my take of G5N as the sadist bystander!

All the photos & illustrations are courtesy of G5N ( )

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Children’s book fictional character, ‘Mr Monty’ 
to run for Hospis Malaysia, a charity partner of 
Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 

Mr Monty, a fictional character in a children’s book by Gail Featherstone, wife of the former British High Commissioner, the late Simon Featherstone. Donning a 6ft. monitor lizard suit, ‘Mr Monty’ is set to take on the 5km Fun Run category on Race Day, 12th October 2014. 

Runners who pledge to Run For A Reason for Hospis Malaysia will raise funds from the public. The funds raised by Hospis Malaysia will be channelled into patient services and training in palliative care. Proceeds from the sales of the children’s book ‘Mr Monty’s Treat’, also go to Hospis Malaysia.

“We are indeed thankful for the contributions by Standard Chartered KL Marathon and the British High Commission. Through their efforts, we are confident that more awareness can be focused on palliative care,” said Hospis Malaysia General Manager, Tham Su Ming.

Gail Featherstone, author of the book added, "It is good to see that ‘Mr Monty’ is keeping up the fitness campaign which he started by climbing Mount Kinabalu in May with his friends from the British High Commission. I wish him all the best for this latest challenge and his ongoing efforts to publicise the work of hospice care in general and children's palliative care in particular. Go ‘Mr Monty’!"

This year will be Standard Chartered KL Marathon’s sixth installation. Hospis Malaysia is a returning charity partner for the second year. 

For more information on Standard Chartered KL Marathon and Run For A Reason, please visit or call +603 7886 1717.