Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2009 is just at the door step. What is it like if we open the door and let it in? Will it be a New Challenge . . . . or a New Adventure . . . or A New Beginning . . . . or is it a New Chapter or maybe, may be its just another year.

I actually wanted to recapture all the events that took place throughout 2008. Of course I have my ups and downs but GOD has always been good to me. HE always ensure that there is an Angel at my side when I needed one. I have always been grateful for all that I HAVE and HAVE NOT. I am Poor and yet I am so Rich.

Two years ago, a great friend and confidante left without a single word. I wasn't there to walk that last ride for him. I was totally shattered and angry! For six months, I lived a life of lie. Hiding behind those smile and laughter. Crying behind closed door. How can God betrayed me? Six months later, I gathered myself back. Sat in front of the mirror and said to myself that I will live my life to the fullest! He may not be physically here but he shall always have a special place in my heart. With that, I move on. . . . . .

I want my friends to remember me for all the good reasons. It is my wish that everyone will live their life to the fullest. Live like there is NO tomorrow! There are still many great friends around that truly love and care for me. I still have a mission to accomplish . . . .

This is one part of my life which I have not reveal to anyone. But that call from Mandy two days ago has change the way I write this article. This is my 'bed time story' for another great soul . . . . Raymond Chew. A young man who is fighting a battle. But you are not alone in this battle.

You had walked that walk with us, ran that run and climbed that climb with us. That battle is not over yet! I had walk through the most difficult path and truly understand the pain of a lonely battle. But, it is also this very PAIN that rejuvenate our soul and mind to be a better soul. It is that PAIN that make us more humble and human.

Life is a daring Adventure or Nothing. The whole of Life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not misuse it. One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an Adventure.

Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there! So, get up and get out to make the BEST in YOU! Let everyone remember us some day for the Best part of ourselves!

We don't have time for self-pity. Life is a constant movement. Remember all those familiar faces? You were there with them. What is stopping you from continuing that journey?

You ran alongside with me. You were my pacer. Constantly reminding and encouraging me to keep going when the going get tough.

You once said I'm your big sister. My wish for the new year is for you to run alongside with me again. And along with all our running friends, we look forward to seeing you on the road again.

And just a reminder, you still owe us that walnut banana jam! Get busy, my brother!

I will also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a JOYFUL year. Love yourself and Love Life like there is no tomorrow! And I truly would love to be on the road with all of you again.

Monday, December 29, 2008



Larian Tahun Baru 2009, Adun Chempaka has been reschedule to :

7 February 2009
If you have not sign up, please mark your calendar. For pre-registration, you may drop a line at attention to Julie Wong.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


On this very special occasion, I would like to dedicate this to the children in Nairobi, Kenya. They put a smile on my face and put tears to my eyes. Despite all that is lacking in their daily life and the pathetic living condition, the children never fail to put on a smile for me during my 10 days workshop and field study hosted by Dignity International. They will always have a special place in my heart.

Another Day Has Dawned
- by Kit McCallum

Amidst our chaos and confusion
Amidst our anguish and despair
Amidst our never-ending questions and blame
...... Lies a world of lessons

Through our tears and astonishment
Through our hopelessness and desperations
Through our anxienty and grief
...... Lies a world of shame

For it is our world that is responsible
It is our world that allowed his sadness
It is our world that has lost its youth
...... And it is our world that needs to change

It is a warning for those who would isolate it
It is a warning for those who would bury it
It is a warning for those who think it will not touch them
...... It is we, who need to address it

For this is the birth of our own generation
This is the birth of our own problems
This is the birth of our own mistakes
...... It is we, who needed to watch over them

A new generation who have hopes and dreams
A new generation who have life and laughter
A new generation who deserve a chance at peace
...... It is we who need to make them secure

It is time to stop talking in circles
It is time to stop blaming and pointing
It is time to stop questioning and guessing
...... It is time to accept the burden and act

We are not blameless
We are not above reproach
We are not perfect role models
...... For we are the generation they emulate

Look beyond your own circle of life
Look beyond your picket fences and chained doors
Look beyond your own backyard
...... And admit your frailties and failures

Did you not once look the other way?
Did you not once stay quiet when you should have spoken?
Did you not once say I cannot change it?
...... Do you know that we can make a difference?

One small voice can begin to move mountains
One caring gesture can begin to enlighten others
One shoulder to lean on, can ease another's pain
...... Did you know that you are that one?

Listen to those who are in jeorpady
Listen to that small voice whispering that they are in trouble
Listen to that child with the wayward furtive glance
...... And be prepared to take part in their future

For if you do not listen and talk
If you do not participate and take responsibility
If you do not guide and offer them your heart and wisdom
...... It is we, who will join in their misery

It reaches beyond your own immediate children
It reaches beyond their friends and peers
It reaches beyond their nieces and nephews
...... For it is every child you come in contact with

Positive action begins in our own backyards
Positives actions flows through your own neighbourhood
Positive actions can encompass your own small town and city
...... And through this, we are all connected

Be a mentor when others fail to counsel
Be a counsellor when others fail to listen
Be a listener when others fail to notice
...... Be a positive experience with every child you meet

For yesterday, someone looked the other way
Yesterday, someone pretended they did not see
Yesterday, someone passed by without offering help
...... But today, it is not too late

Today, you can make a difference in someone's life
Today, you can offer your love and guidance
Today, you can choose to be positive influence for another
...... And then may be, just may be, our world will change you

Sunday, December 21, 2008


December 20, 2008 will be cherished forever. My day started as early as 6am heading towards Lake Garden as I had agreed with Mr. Khoo Chong Beng to be the 'star' for a fitness program under Astro. Later some other running friends joined me - Saliah, Naido, Wong Kei Ming, Norzaini and Farhana. The filming crews were late and only started filming at 8.30am instead of 7.30am.

By 9am, I had to rushed off to Shah Village Hotel. I had to attend my community association's year end EXCOs meeting for 2008 Review and Planning for 2009. That was a full day 9-5 meeting. It was a sharing session in the 1st half of the meeting and a more serious discussion towards lunch time. It was indeed a very fruitful meeting and look forward to a better livelihood to all especially the urban poor communities.

At 5.30pm, took a lift from Jana to Subang Jaya. Water was pouring from above when I reached my godson's house in SS14/1a. Sat down and had a simple meal with them since I don't visit them as often as I used to. Then, I took a quick shower and change.

It was still drizzling out there. Called for a cab for almost 30minutes but none available. So I decided to walk to the main road next to Caltex station. The first cabbie didn't want to go USJ. Luckily another cab pulled up but asked for rm15 for a less than 10 minutes journey. Agreed to the price since I am already late for Cheang's (a running friend) Christmas Open House. I am indeed honoured to be included in his guests' list and his wife was so kind to bake a Birthday cake for me!

It was the best Christmas celebration that I'd attended thus far. It was simple yet steep in tradition.
Variety of food being served
Kelvin, Kei Ming and Stanley
A candle light celebartion, with the host narrating the true meaning of Christmas

With the Pacemakers Network and Friends

Cheang MW and wife (the host) extend their blessing to all the guests. They were so kind to give me a special Birthday blessing. Really touched by their hospitality and generosity
And my home bake Birthday cake! Yummy yeah!!

Group photo

This will be one of the many Birthday celebrations that I will truly cherish and the first that I spent with so many runners. The cake cutting was captured on video . Thanks to RunWithMe.

December 20 is also the Birthday of our longest serving Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir. One may hate him, dislike him, despise him but we cannot deny the fact that he did brought about many changes to our beloved Malaysia. Afterall, he is a Politician! At least he is still the BEST compared to all the half past 6 ministers still serving in the cabinet.

Wishing everyone a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008



The ADUN (Member of the State Assembly) of Chempaka, Ampang is organising a New Year run and details as follow.

The office of ADUN Chempaka, Ampang

Date : 3 January 2009
Time : 7am
Venue : Padang MPAJ, Pandan Indah
Reg fee : RM5.00
Distance : 6km (to be confirm)

School Boys : 20 years & below
School Girls : 20 years & below

Men Open : 21 - 39 years old
Women Open : 21 - 39 years old

Men Veteran : 40 years & above
Women Veteran : 40 years & above

School Boys
1st Prize [ Medal + Hamper + Cash RM100 ]
2nd Prize [ Medal + Hamper + Cash RM80 ]
3rd Prize [ Medal + Hamper + Cash RM50 ]

Men Open / Women Open / Men Veteran / Women Veteran
1st Prize [ Medal + Hamper + Cash RM150 ]
2nd Prize [ Medal + Hamper + Cash RM100 ]
3rd Prize [ Medal + Hamper + Cash RM50]

Finishing Medals from 4th - 10th Positions for all categories.

Those who are interested may register with the Organiser by 31 December 2008. Should you need any assistance, do drop me a line at or 016 - 228 4088. Please come and join the fun with your family and friends.

This will be the 2nd run for 2009. The 1st running event is the Pacemakers Network NY Run on 1 Jan 2009 at Tapak A, Lake Garden. Registration has been closed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Date : December 13 & 14, 2008
Time : 8pm - 8am
Venue : Dataran Putra, Putrajaya
Result : 37km

Met up with Joyce at the Seri Petaling LRT station and later joined Choy Hong to head off to Dataran Putra at 3pm. As we approached Putrajaya, rain started pouring down. Finally we managed to find the registration centre. We were the first to arrive. As I had sent a list to Mr. Khoo a day earlier, collection was hustle free.

Joyce and Choy Hong went home while I hang around in the collection tent waiting for the rain to stop. 30 minutes later, the sky brightened up and slowly a handful of participants walked in to pick up their bibs and goodies bag.

I started checking out the facilities and chatted with some familiar faces - Jenap, Francis, Philip, Choi and some outstation participants. There was an Indocafe van dispersing coffee so I grabbed a few cups to stay awake.

The goodies bag

By 5pm the participants started walking in. Andrew and Yee Mey turned up by about 6pm and brought me fried rice for dinner. Thank you my dear friends. Need to load with more carbo food before the race. By 7.30pm all participants gathered at the starting line right in front of the Palace of Justice building. After a short briefing by Mr. Khoo, the Race Director on the rules and regulation, all are ready for the race!

Start of the race

Jenap from Singapore

Mr. Ramanaidu

Me and Tan Choon Seang with his 'suffering' pose

The medal


~Friendly and accomodative ****

Distribution of Bibs/Goodies Bag ****
~Despite the heavy rain, it was quite hassle free

Food & Beverage ****
~Sufficient food but still have room for improvement
~Perhaps should provide more water rather than isotonic drinks
~Barley water was an excellent choice

Logistic **
~Lack of banner leading to event venue
~Should have officials or barricade the middle section to avoid cheating by participants
~Technical officials are not attentive
~Should waive the RM1 baggage fee
~Should have covered tent with allevated platform for participants to rest

Medical ***
~Experience medical personels
~Helpful and attentive
~Lack of supply of oitment, plasters and treatment for blisters was uncalled for
Due credit should be given to Mr. Suresh Kumar (h/p: 013-332 1872) a sport massage therapist who was there to lend support to a fellow friend. He had unselfishly rendered his free service and threat many participants at the medical tent

Overall Management *****
~Appropriate music played helped to cheer the participants and supporters
~The occasional announcements and quizes lighten up the participants
~Volunteers manning the water station & food counter were helpful & accomodative
~Posting of results every 2 hours help participants to monitor their performance
Overall rating ****

However I hope the Technical Official will carry out their task more seriously and professionally. From now on I will start to rate all running and walking events.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Teater Bilik Sulit (The Secret Room) is a play that features the untold true accounts of the nature of Police Interrogation of the ISA detainees which are based on testimonials of those who used to be detained under the ISA.

Date : 20 - 23 December, 2008
Time : 8.30pm
Venue: Level 1, Bar Council Auditorium (behind Central Market/next to HSBC card center)

Limited seat, kindly RSVP

For more info and details, kindly contact 012 - 465 1671 or email

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


JERIT or Oppressed People's Movement organised a cycling campaign throughout the nation to put forward 6 demands to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The Objectives
To increase awareness to the people on real problems and solutions
To increase awareness among the people to be environment friendly to save our dying earth
To popularise JERIT's main demands amongst the people

The Demand
>Enact Minimum Wage Act
>Abolish draconian laws such as the Internal Security Act (ISA)
>Adequate housingfor all
>Controlled and Affordable goods' price
>Revive local municipal council election
>Stop privatisation of public services such as water, hospitals and education.

The campaign officially began on 3 December 2008 in Kedah, the northen state of Malaysia. 50 cyclist have been flagged off and would cycle for 16 days throughout 4 states namely Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor. On 18 December 2008, they will arrived in Kuala Lumpur to hand over the memorandum to the Prime Minister in Parliment House.
The cyclists and volunteers will be leafleting in each stop to make known their demand and various activities also being put up in each state. Since lauching of the campaign, the cyclists and volunteers have been intimidated and faced with constant harrassment from the police to dampen their spirit. But the cyclists persevere!

On Dec 8, 2 bicycles were torched early in the morning. Among those detained by police were a Member of Parliment and leader of the campaign.

Dec 9, a bus load of participants and supporters were detained in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Four campaign coordinators and the bus driver were detained. One of the female coordinator, Helen was sexually assaulted - breast grabbed and punched on the face.

Today, Dec 10 in conjunction with the 60th Anniversary celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Secretariat of JERIT will be submitting a memorandum to SUHAKAM (the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia), protesting the police intimidation and harrassment on the JERIT Cyclist Team.

Time : 12.00 noon
Venua : SUHAKAM office, Menara Tun Razak, Jalan Raja Laut, K.L. (Opposite DBKL Bldg)

All are invited to lend support. See you there!

The cyclist will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur and the highlight event will be the handing over memorandum to the Prime Minister at the Parliment. This event will be witnessed by approximately 1,000 people from the Coalition and partners in this campaign!
For more info on JERIT, log on to


10 December 2008 - the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
I will stop running for a day and will dedicate today's column to recognise and honour a group of social activist for their unselfish act in bringing changes to many of us out there . People who forgo their hot meals and leave their comfort zone to spread the knowledge and empower the people of their rights!
I salute them all!
The following article is dedicated to JERIT and all the participants in the BICYCLE CAMPAIGN - CYCLE FOR CHANGE

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RELAY WITHOUT BARRIER (RWB) 2008 - More Reporting

Organised By : 3R Circle

Powered by : Julie Wong
Director : Tan Choon Siang
Surveyor : Eddy Choo
Logistics : Peter Goh & R. Aplaidoo @ Naido

Venue : Taman Bukit Kiara
Date : 23 November 2008
Time : 7.30am
Type : 3 runners per team
Distant : 4km

This relay was the last event for 2008 and we decided to do a small one due to our hectic work schedule especially myself. I've been very involved in community work with the urban poor. But due to demand from our loyal followers, we decided to have a small event of not more than 30 teams for easy management as it involved a lot of planning and paper work on my part. TIME is what i DON'T have!

And so I emailed to a handful of the runners on my listing informing them three weeks prior to the race. It supposed to be on a first come first serve registration for maximum 30 teams. But, as expected, it always exceeded our target. I do not wish to let them down as this will be the last for 2008.

This relay, we had a few new comer who joined us for the first time. Mr. Inoue with his teams and students from the International Japanese School and another young team Sam Goh Noobs from Klang.

I am satisfied with the result and glad that majority enjoyed the run despite the simplicity. I hope to take this relay run to greater height next year.

I would like to express my appreciation to all runners who have been following the relays since late 2007. Thank you for your continuous support and look forward to see all of you in 2009! Thanks to all my partners Tan Choon Siang, Eddy Choo, Peter Goh, Naido and all volunteers namely Saliah, Philip Lim, Lim Yoke Foon, Haza, Steven See, Sunny and many others.

Also my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Khoo Chong Beng of Champion Chips lending us the time chips. We hope this will set a new benchmark in our running industry.

I will not write long reporting but would let others judge our performance.

Team Sam Goh Noobs - a new comer to the event wrote:

It was a small yet challenging race. The 3.9km loop made me feel like it was a 10km run. There wasn't too many participants, around 80 people. However, it was a very successful relay run. And this run is very 'canggih' (hi-tech) also ........ The organiser included some electronis chips on the baton to record time. Phewww whit ...

Team Pacemakers Network #1 - a loyal follower

i was looking forward to today's relay for so long bcoz this is 1 of der best relay of der year! it was well organised, no confusions, this year was der 1st time they used timing chips binded with batons to record der timing. i would say it was fantastics! well done for 3R Circle ........

Haza - first time volunteer

Wow, for a race this small scale they were using the timing chips system, thanks to Mr. Khoo Chong Beng of Malaysian Race Walkers Association who lent the system. According to him this is the first time that chips were used in a relay!

................ it was a simple event but carried out with details ....

All photoa courtesy of

Mr. Khoo and his team setting up the Champion Chip System

Tying the chips onto the batons

The New Comer - Int'l Japanese School

Attending briefing..... every team must "take care' of this green card which act as a back up to the time chip and also as a way to get runners in the team to be proactive while waiting for their team mate to complete the race

this is the reason this park is a favorite with the locals and runners. . . . . hope the local authority will take good care of this park and sustain the greens

The Running Mom - first time volunteer with her two young faithful bodyguard . .

Mr. Khoo . . . . eeemmm I hope she didn't 'elope' with my Champion Chip

aHA!!! there she is . . paced by her partner. Yee Mey, the first time participant. Its OK, Mr Khoo. I just went for a short date with Mr. Champion Chip up the hill. It's really COOooool . . .

The FINAL Touch Down to signify the end of the relay to the standing ovation. Amazing that she managed to complete despite the extra miles as I told her that she only had to run 2km a week ago while trying to convince her . . . oooppps forgot to tell her my maths is actually very lousy . . hahahaaaaaaaa

Group photo

The Medal

Everyone went home a winner! Position medals for all who complete the race!!! Except poor ME with the timer hanging on my neck till the next RACE!!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Runners in ACTION!
A well mixed of runners from Japan, Cuba and Malaysia. A run that truly live up to its name - RELAY WITHOUT BARRIER. . . . . . .
Multi-national . . . Multi-racial . . . Multi-ethnic . . . . Multi-cultural . . . . Multi-religion . . . .
. . . . . . and AGE if definitely not an OBSTACLE to be the Fastest among all
Spirit - The Champion

Der Pacemakers Lightning - 1st Runner up

Der Pacemakers Network #1 - 2nd Runner up

Klang Pacer Team A - 4th Placing

Michael Power - 5th Placing

Wirajaya - 6th Placing

Sam Goh Noobs - 7th Placing

Keong Clan - 8th Placing
Der Pacemakers Network #2 - 9th Placing

The Slow Movers - 10th Placing

The Ethan Yap Project - 11th Placing

Derek Runners - 12th Placing

Trio Latino - 13th placing

Ben Runners - 14th Placing


Klang Pacer Team B - The Champion

Charlie Angels - 1st Runner up

Princess - 2nd Runner up


Bob's - The Champion
Klang Pacer Team C - 1st Runner up

Veteran Pace -
2nd Runner up
Reno Gang - 4th Placing

Cool Runners 2 - 5th Placing

TanChooTan - 6th Placing

Bangi Runners - 7th Placing

Rimau Runners - 8th Placing

Villa Trio - 9th Placing


Cheetah - The Champion

Der Pacemakers Network TTDI - 1st Runner up
On Time - 2nd Runner up

Farmida - 4th Placing
SGS - 5th Placing
Unicorn - 6th Placing
Saffron - 7th Placing