Tuesday, April 28, 2009


26 April 2009
*Batu Caves
*Commonwealth Park + Hutan Lipur Kanching (Templer's Park)
*Central Market + Masjid India

Last Saturday (25 April 2009), Michelle invited me to join her for dinner at Little Penang, KLCC with an associate, Tino, from German. After dinner we had a long chat as Tino wanted to spend his 15 days in to visit as many places in Malaysia. And so, he took out the map and started his virtual holiday while Michelle and myself cracking our head real hard trying to follow his journey. This kwai lou (white man) is really 'mad' by Malaysian standard. He wanted to taste the sea and beaches, the culture, the people, the highlands and the green jungles and the caves and the blah blah blah . . . in 15 days!

Made a quick call to a friend of mine. Call up MAS 24 hours centre to check out their flight schedule to Langkawi and finally we managed to make a rough outline for his first 10 days in Malaysia. So he will fly to Langkawi, head back to the mainland then towards Taman Negara. Next to Cameron Highlands and back to Kuala Lumpur where we will take him to Malacca for a day trip before flying to the next destination - Sarawak.

Its 10pm and we decided to have a little tour in the Golden Triangle. Took a walk down to Jalan Pinang along the rows of cafe, pubs, restaurants and discos. Then proceeded to Jalan Bukit Bintang and finally settle at Pavilion for coffee before calling it a day.

On Sunday (26 April), 8.30am we met at Jalan Silang for breakfast at an Indian Restaurant. We had roti canai, roti sardine, roti onion, tosei and teh tarik halia. CK joined us at 9.30am and we headed towards Batu Caves on his 4-wheels.

Tino, at the 272th steps, standing tall and proud of his achievement

CK briefed Tino on the Caves and the Hindu culture

Michelle with her SIGNATURE pose

Me too completed the 272 step!

Yes, fresh coconut is definitely THE drink on a hot and sunny day!

While he had it FREE . . . . . . . .

We paid RM3 for this. . . . . . sluurrrp sluuurrrrp .. .. .mmmm sooooo refreshing!

Stop over at Commonwealth Park for a short break and to refresh ourselves. Tino busy snapping away

Ahhh . .yes !!! Michelle with her SIGNATURE model pose again. She has been standing there for more than 15 minutes! Just wonder what's playing in her mind?

Lady, we paid RM1 each to be here, so please don't just stand there!

After 20 minutes, we decided to cross over to Hutan Lipur Kanching (also known as Templer's Park). Again we had to fork out RM1 for each and additional RM2 for parking fee.

Many young people spent their weekend here with their families and friends. Some even brought along their barbeque set and picnic bag. One can smell the fragrance barbeque satay from far . . .eemmmm

Tino enjoying a good water massage

Contemplating a 'bigger' massage . . .heheheeeeeee!
I dare U to do it, man!

We left Templer's Park at 3pm for lunch in Selayang. Later, CK dropped us at Central Market because he had to go for his Yoga class. 3 of us tour the Central market from one end to the other, from bottom to top! Wow! Can't remember when was the last time I ever did this. The sky was gloomy and threathen to pour down any minutes.

We couldn't find the 'Lebai' cap for Tino. So I suggested we walked to Masjid India. We quickly made our way there before the rain and found the cap. Then settled down at a nearby shopping mall for a drink. Later at 7pm, Janz joined us for dinner.

She drove us to China Town for the famous beef noodles. By 8.30pm we say goodbye and good night as I have to attend a meeting at 9pm.

See you in 10 days, Tino. Enjoy yourself and wishing you a pleasant and safe journey!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I find this article by Dina Zaman quite interesting . .. . . . . . food for thought . . . .

Thursday April 23, 2009

Malay dilemma is electrifying

Money is the root of all evil, so says the old adage, and it’s still being played out in today’s materialistic society.



“Apasal la, kita orang Melayu ni dah hancur?”

“Mana la saya tahu. Saya ni bukan tukang tilik.”

ARSHAD the electrician and I had been trying to sort out the wiring of the apartment. He’s like a cab driver; he knows everything and everyone, but he’s funny as hell.

He always has an opinion – from food to marriage to ghosts and politics – and he’s very reasonable, budget wise.

He hopped off the chair and waved a pen at me.
“I think, kan,” he said as he munched on an energy bar I had given him, “I think kan, pasal kan, kita dah lupa darat. Kita fikir duit, duit, duit, duit. And kita tak nak susah.”

He told me about the kids he watched over in his neighbourhood. There was this young boy who had magical feet. He could be the next Maradona.

So Arshad told his parents to develop the boy’s talent, get him out of the ghetto where they lived, and he could be Malaysia’s David Beckham.
The parents told him to shut up, the boy was not his son, and besides, it was better he worked at odd jobs to make money for the family. What talent? Kicking a ball is a talent?

These days, Arshad told me, parents were just lazy. They gave their kids handphones, let them play out way into the night, let them wander around, just so they would not inconvenience their parents.

Even though these parents were working class, they would rather give the kids money so as not to be bothered. Money can do wonders, even make them disappear for a while. Why bother moulding a kid into a star?
This example, he stressed while gulping down a Milo Fuse which I had made, was the real root of the Malay Dilemma. Money.

It was not lack of religion or Malay values. It is all about money. Doesn’t matter how much or little you have, so long as you have it.

Kid passes an exam, you reward him RM50. You have no money to treat your kid, your kid may shoplift or become a GRO when an adult.

“Maybe it’s not about having money,” I said blearily. It was 7.45 in the morning. I had made the poor man come to sort out the wiring before I had to leave for work.

“Maybe it’s because the Malays have so little money that by acting that way it is as if they have money. Reverse and sadistic psychology. You know?

Law of Attraction?”

“Ha? Law amende tu? No, no, no. Masalah orang Melayu adalah ... financial.”

I was flapping about in the apartment, worried sick I’d be late for work. This wiring thing had taken too long. And Arshad had to talk about the Malay Dilemma now.

“Dina. Kalau kita tak de duit, moral kita terbang!”

Sure we can have religious principles and adapt, but when you don’t have money and you see bangang people getting projects when they are so stupid, what’s morals. Hello money, come to me!

Arshad was enjoying himself.

By now I was fretting. I was going to be late for work.
“Look. You can’t say that about the Malays,” I said. What about the Chinese and Indians and everyone else who are in the same poop?
Ah-ha. The Chinese and Indians have their support system. They band and work together in their communities. They have their churches and temples.

You can say anything about them, but they help their people. Look at our masjids. They are monuments to worship, not a community.
“Apa nak jadi kita orang Melayu ni, Dina?”

I knew one thing: if I were late, I’d end up as kebab.

He looked at the energy bar I gave him. “Mmm. Best jugak biskut ni. Patut kau ni kurus. Orang breakfast makan nasi lemak, roti canai.”

Whatever, whatever, I said, as I hurried him and myself out of the apartment.

“Nanti I SMS Dina quote wiring, okay?”

“Okay! Ciao Arshad!”


And that was how I spent my Wednesday morning. Never knew electricity and the Malay Dilemma would have something in common.

The writer’s idea of bliss is to pass out by the beach with her books literally on her.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Date : 20 April 2009

We were told by MK to assemble in Steven's Corner, Pandan Indah at 7.15am. Tho' its only 20 minutes walk from my house, Mandy and Albert offered to drive me there. Thank you for giving me that extra 20 minutes nap in the morning.

By 7.15am all of us were there except the CAPTAIN!


He is NOT reachable on his mobile phone?

But it already 8.00am!!!!!!

Yee Mey was really panic. She called his mobile frantically and keep assuring us that the Captain will be there shortly but he is not reachable . . . . . . . .

Actually we were enjoying the nasi lemak . . . . . sorry dear, filling up my little tummy seem to be more important.

Finally the Captain made his Grant Entrance slightly after 8.00am. Ya, the culprit is of course hiding right behind the group. See, when you want free service you have to wait. Like the Chinese said, 'free thing is not Good and Good thing won't come free'. Hahahahahahaaaaaa . . just kidding. Soon and Eddy are the nicest and most humble human being on this universe.

Making our way to the foot hill. MK trying to make peace with every one before the start of the climb. Unfortunately, you still have to pay the 'fee'.

Waterfall at the foothill just as we start the climb. The water is really cool and refreshing. Hey, guys you all can continue the climb and I'm going to take a real long deep down here!

Our dainty little young Lady in White - Yee Mey

Shooooooo . . . finally I made it to the top!!!!

Who is the most compatible partner?

And the Winner goes to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The answer is right after the break!

Soon (in blue) explained why 8.30am is just the right time to start the climb instead of 7.30am. Aiyoyoyoyyooo . .. you are THE Captain, so who dare to make an objection? Whatever you say at the peak of Saga Hill is LAW! Period!

Wow, I found the swing swing swung!

This is proof that we were at the top of Saga Hill

Yes, this is part of your National Service Commandor Training! You must do 10x or no dinner tonight

Just wonder what was so interesting taking place that all these macho guys paid so much attention to?

Andrew and Mandy a little confuse. Banana or apple is a better carbo load?

At the hilltop overlooking the vast development surrounding Cheras

Yes, finally we made it down to the waterfall at the foothill

Mandy insisted that I must snap this picture because she has never seen such a tiny little cute pumpkin! I think she come from the 'FUTURE' world . . .mmmm

We had just ascended from a hill and they started deliberating on another much tougher hill - The Pinacle, Mulu.

Ya .. . . . they talked so much about being healthy. Now, you be the judge!

The Hakka delicacies. One of the healthiest food - Green tea soup. And in the other bowl is brown rice, green veges and groundnut.

Hello! Are you sure you ordered the right food? That is not Green Curry, ok?

Looking at how they went after the Chay Kueh Tew, one may conclude where they come from . . . . .your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed their company. Thank you my dear friends for all the laughters and craziness which has enlighten my week.
Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey to the Pinacle.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The relay is back. And once again my team from FONET a networking team of the National Association of Women Entrepreneur Malaysia (NAWEM) is helping to raise fund for this cause.
For every RM10 donated, my team and I will walk one full 400mtr on your behalf. Last year we managed to collect RM600 and this year we intend to up the fund beyond 4 figure.
You may register to be part of the supporter to walk on that night or donate for this cause and we will walk on your behalf. If you are interested, please drop me a line at 016 - 228 4088 or email to jwbiznet@hotmail.com

Monday, April 20, 2009



At the arrival hall in Batu Caves, Selangor

Prayer session seeking blessing from Lord Muruga

Just before the tunnel at Genting Sempah, Karak Highway

First stop for breakfast @ 7.ooam

Lunch on 1st day - still fresh after 30km walk all the way uphill

Was spotted by the reported from China Press who was impressed that non Hindu are taking part in the pilgrimage walk. Reported in China Press Daily

We decided to join the band-wagon when 'attacked' by the blazing sun to the rest area which is 5km away

Uncle Shunmugan - the priest who is 80 years old has been taking part for the past 32 years. due to his old age and health condition, he still managed to complete more than 120km on foot, truly amazing and put many young ones to shame.

Banana leaf rice for dinner - sponsored by the temple committee in respective rest area.

Having lunch in a temple in Mentakab

Hi Doc, can you see my 'pregnant' toe? And another one on my heel, too! (seeking medical treament for blisters. if you don't have blister, you have not walk the walk!)

The long winding road to Jengka town

We decided to quit lunch after a short break in Jengka and start the journey on foot at 11.00am to reach our final destination without taking the truck by 4pm. Its another long blazing hot journey of more than 23km! With burns, blisters, aching muscles & joints, lacking of sleep and walking on the tar road under blazing hot sun is definitely not an easy feat even to an elite athlete! In my 4 years experience, not more than 10% of the devotees are able to complete this last stretch of the journey on foot. We are glad to make it on time without being put on the sweeper truck.

A group photo before the final journey

Preparing the milk pot for the devotees

Cleansing themselves at the nearby river

Some of the devotees before the procession

Prayer and blessing

Seeking blessing fron the priest after the cleansing ceremony

Wai Mun with Priest Shunmugan

Our group had the biggest number of devotees walking from Bt Caves to Maran, Kuantan to seek blessing from Lord Muruga

Tho' Wai Mun and myself are non-Hindu, we didn't want to be left out from this from this event which is steep in culture and color. Its not an easy task to walk barefooted for 2 km under hot sun and burning tar road

Pueh Tian, our unofficial photographer who didn't want to be left behind too.

One of the young devotees with his parents and siblings

Another young devotees

A devotee carrying a Kavadi

The just completed Marathandavar Temple standing majestically in gold built around a tree