Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Date : 6 March 2010
Venue : Sri Putramas Condo, Off Jalan Kuching
Time : 5.30pm

This is the first time I joined this 'elite' group in their Staircase-To-Holland training session in preparation for the coming Kuala Lumpur Towerthon on 21 March 2010. Led by the hardcore Ronnie See aka Captain PM1 of the Der Pacemakers, it is expected to be very tough where everyone will be pushed to the maximum.

Initially they planned to do 10 sets but reduced it to 8 sets due to the humidity & heat. Its no easy way up the 25th floors of 500 steps. I almost passed out on the 10th floor even on the 1st set itself. It took me 5mins 20sec to complete the 1st round and 12mins 8secs on the 4th set. There is no way I'm gonna complete the 8 sets. I did 4 sets and concluded with 4 laps in the pool.

And the reward for all the hardcore training . . . . . . ..

The highlight of the evening - BBQ by the poolside. Thats the best part of execising whereby you don't really have to worry about your food intake. This is the reward for the hard work, if you can term it that way. A gathering of Pacemakers members & friends. Running is not just about getting fit or to be the top in road races. Its also about being in a big family known as the Human Race, sharing & caring for one another without barrier; age, color, race, religion & status.

The beauty of the running community is we share one common language - Running.

The view from the 25th floor airway & the suffering face of Wern Tian towards the finishing.

Moey WS & Sylvia Moey - father & daughter team still going strong

While Ameba is still running up graciously, Fiona took a break on ground zero

Arrival of the most important personality, Adrian See aka PM1.1 - Captain-In-Waiting of Der Pacemakers & Ambassador for Juewong-Dot-Blogspot. Kenny Tan & Stanley Cheong, the Birthday Boys who share the same birth date - 6 March

Rujhan, the F&B Director and his chief of staff Fauzan & Fiona racing against time to feed the hungry mouths

Lai Fong San, the Host going round to ensure that everything is under control

Manificient, delicious, mouth watering & yummy!!!!!!!

Having some light moment while enjoying the sumptious meal under the moonlight

Just before the cake cutting ceremony, there was a slight 'tsunami' took place which explain the condition of the walnut chocolate cake . . . . . . . wakakakaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Everything washed ashore . . . .

Surely the party will not be complete without a fAmiLy' photo for the album.

Yes, this is one big family! You need not be the fastest runner on the road, the most gorgeous gals or the wealthiest to be invited into this family. There are 10 sets of rules to fulfill before being 'adopted' (according to PM1 der Captain) into the group. Perhaps I'm just lucky to pass the test and officially now known as The Makan Angin Runner . . . . . (insert droll here...)

Next will be Der Dry & Wet Steamboat to England . . . . . . . .

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Yang-May Ooi said...

Wow, the towerthon looked like it was agony! Well done to you and your friends who took part. The party afterwards looked like it was all worth it!