Monday, April 19, 2010


If you can't beat them, JOIN them!!!! Thats what the saying goes . . . . . . . or as depicted in my blog's tagline - If you got the second chance, go all out for it! Yeah . . . and the second chance came on 14 April 2010 - I wanna be a STAR!!!!!!

It was Adidas SS10 Collection Fashion @ Mid Valley Fashion Week. 50 Adination Runners from around Klang Valley took part in this event. We gathered at Centre Court at 6.30pm to pick up our running t-shirt from Ronnie See aka PM1. I was there at 5.30pm with Kelvin & Kei Ming. We went shopping before joining the rest.
Yeah . . . . its Adidas from top to toe. Shortly, we were greeted by the organiser who briefed us on our role. We are supposed to run circling Mid Valley at the perimeter for 2 loops before meeting at the Centre Court entrance again and wait for the cue to make that grand entrance after the arrival of the VIP guests. WOW!!!!! We are the STAR of the evening.
Warming up before the start of the run is vital to avoid cramp - led by Kelvin aka PM2. And so they stretched their arms and legs while 3 other team leaders & myself were shown to the stage for another short briefing as we were required to do some fashion show sort of action.

And the potted tree was not spared by the runners. Poor tree . . . .. HELP! I know you need to do some push-up but please don't 'harass' the poor plant . . . . .

Rujhan, Kei Ming and Ronnie See were made the Team Leader for the run. OH . .. .OH . . .. I smell trouble especially Ronnie . .. eeemmmmm. He is a fast runner and we have 'not-so-fast' runner in the group. All three are sub 5 mins runners while some of us are sub 6.5min - 8 mins. My witty mind gotta work fast for a solution. So, I gave the front pack a 'stern warning' to do a sub 7 mins so as to be fair to all.

We were flagged off at 7.10pm making our way at the outer perimeter into the highway. 50 blue & yellow shirt runners going round the mall watched by hundreds of motorist, shoppers & spectators as we moved in a merry-go-round. We were escorted by the traffic police and Mid Valley's security team throughout the run. Am not sure if we'd been cursed each time we joined into the highway as I can see those puzzled face motorists. At least no one blast their horn . . . hahahaaaa

Hey . . . isn't this our 3rd loop? No one answered our question and the lead traffic policeman keep leading and circling the mall. . . . . 3rd loop . . . . 4th loop . .. . . 5th loop . . . and its getting dark. And so I decided enough is enough. With no water station, humid weather & running amid those running vehicles, someone gonna collapse soon. A few runners slowed down & I catched up with Krishnan to reconfirm. He agreed that we ran more than required and a quick checked with the Police . . .. . . . WHAT ? . . . . I almost fainted . . .

He said the organiser is still waiting for the arrival of some so-called VIPs and we have to keep running till they arrived!!!! You must be kidding me, Mr Policeman!!!! You Are Fired! And so I hauled up one of the Mid Valley marshall and asked him to use his walkie-talkie to inform the organiser that we are not making another round as many are too exhausted as there was no water served throughout that 1 hour run under the hot & humid weather.

Shortly after, we were led into the Centre Court. We are dying for water!!!! water!!! water!!!

with Carrie (left) & Boey Yin Yin (right)

Alright, lets toss for that just concluded long and winding journey. Lets celebrate the Songkran 'Water' Festival the Adination's style.

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SENG!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in jubilant mood.

And its the Grand Entrance . . . . .. . . .. .. to the Highway Fashian 2010!!!! We were in 3 groups where 2 groups ran in to the back stage and emerged on stage running all the way down to join the other VIP guests off stage. Then, my team followed from behind and ran straight from the front heading up the stage creating a 2-way traffic.

While the rest make a U-Turn to join other fellow runners, I remained and shared the centre stage with the emcee, Yasmin Yusuff. It maybe for just 10 minutes but at least I get that chance to be a STAR for a moment - a dream fulfilled! :)

And its on stage with some big name on Highway Fashion . . . . . .

Its not something that happen every day. And opprotunity like this don't knocked on your door very often with the public, celebrities and your own running fellow watching your every move . . . . . .. . . .

There were other sports personalities & celebrities who showcased the different sports wear by Adidas
And, of course we did the FINALE . . . . . . representing the World Cup Team. All merchandise (latest sports fashion wear) for the night were entitled to 30% discount.

Group photos of the celebrities and special guests at the end of the show . . . . ..

And the show will not be complete without a Family photo . .... .. . . . . . Thank you to all fellow runners for your sportsmanship spirit & for being great buddies.

Thanks you to our paparazzi Lim Pueh Tian who ran along and captured the action for the evening. And also special thanks to Victor & Dannie for all the great photos.

Enjoy the short video clip of the adventure courtesy of Lim Pueh Tian @ runwitme



June Malik said...

cayalah Jue, good job :)

jue said...

whatever come by, just grab & go. . . . . . can't wait to see you on the road . . . go go go

Anonymous said...

woow, very lively blog! after reading your posts i felt so energised!! keep it up girl...i wish i could be like you ENERGETIC, HEALTHY, HAPPY and Fun... hehe... Zola

seah said...

this is really a good one. Run on the road change to run on the fashion stage.

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