Sunday, May 2, 2010


It has been a long time since I spent time with my little godson. Probably that was 2 months ago . . . . . . .
So, I decided to drop in last Saturday for a short outing. There was this Fitness Concept Road Show at Subang Parade which is less than a kilometre from his house. Arrived at Subang about 4pm. As usual, his dad is always busy with work and left mum & the 2 kids at home.
I am particularly close with Dave (my little godson) cos I spent a lot of time with him during his first 2 years. I used to put up a few days with them every week. Fed him, changed his diaper, sang lullabies and I'll spent hours with him at shopping mall when his mum & dad took his elder brother for a movies.
Yeah this is the Dave Raj, very active & he really know how to get away with all his antics. He drives his mum & dad crazy while both of us had great fun!

Ashwin, the elder brother just loves to pose for photos. Equally active but a little anti-social. I had tough time communicating with him while he was three. But now, we are able to have a decent conversation. He'll always ask when I can stay longer for a chat or go for a long run - something his parents hardly can find the time to do with him. He had been to a few long run with me and we truly enjoyed the outing. Next will be a 8km run in Taman Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam this coming June. Only this time, my godson will be tagging along too.

While they were enjoying the ice cream, there come mummy . . ... . oh oh . . .. we're in trouble. Ok... OK ... its aunty Julie's fault cos' I wanted it first . . . . LOL

While mummy took over the babysitting, I went to the Fitness Concept booth for the indoor challenge. For every 1km I ran on the treadmill, FC will donate RM5 for charity. Intended to do 5km but ended with 10km. So, I made RM50 for a good cause while burning some calories!

Later, their dad joined us for dinner in Subang Jaya. Went over to their house for a quick shower & change.
Next will be another gathering with some friends at Juice Cafe in Puchong. We arrived there at 9.00pm. The kids really had a good time. Juice Cafe is a new venture of a close friend, Loh. There were a variaties of purely fresh juices. Wow, what a refreshing drinks. We spent great time together. There is something for the young & not so young.

Hope to have more of such gathering . . . .. . . . . what a great weekend on Labor Day.

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