Saturday, July 3, 2010


21 - 23 May, 2010
Cameron Highlands, Pahang

The Vege, The Wings & The Charcoal

Before those Martians sent the firing squad to hunt me down, I better get this piece out! Trust me, they ain't from planet Earth & they have no mercy nor do they know what is pain.

Even a simple fruit like Guava amazed them. Sometimes I'm just as confused . . . . Yup, you got 20 minutes to rest & change to working clothes.

Alright, this is my photographer taking a break before setting out for dinner. At 6.00pm, all were down in the kitchen & garden preparing for loading . . . but I'm still a little apprehensive with their talent in cooking up a decent meal. . . . do I have a better choice? NO!

Albert(o) & Baby Hoong were assigned to set up the BBQ pit.

HallooOOOO!!!!!!! You wanna commit suicide is it? Just can't lay your eyes off these bunch of Musketeers. Not even ONE minutes! They hijacked the menu card from the kitchen to 'blow' up the fire.. . . . and Margaret the Keeper will be back from the church any moment. Really no eye see. . . .

My consolation is Her . . . . The Chief Cook :)

She cooked up such fabulous dish . . . superb! Ichiban! Cinya Hor Chiak! Yeah, she had a hard time with Margaret the Keeper who apprehended them for 'wetting' her dry kitchen & 'drying' her wet kitchen . . heheeee and I just played dumb & mute from afar . . . sshhhhhhhh .. . don't tell the rest, OK.

Lets see what's in the pot . . . . Look at this . . . sluuurrrrpppppppp eeemmmmmmmmm How could I resist . . . . there isn't a single drop of cooking oil nor a tiny itsy bit of meat in it. Yet, it was Slurpy-cious!!!! What's in it . . . . Pearl corns, chinese cabbage, celery, sawi, carrots, red dates, black & white mushrooms, Japanese beancurd and chinese herbs . . . .

tell me if your saliva isn't drooling down NOW . . . . heheeeeeeee

The best soup in Cameron Highlands and some said even in Pahang . . .hahaaaaaaa

BBQ chicken wings, sweet patatoes & sausages . . . .

While I'm hard at work BBQ-ing the food . . . . . . .

They are enjoying in the kitchen . . . . .. .

aaaiiiiii.. . . what's so funny with the chicken wing?

ooohhhhh . . she has never seen a chicken wing before!!! Aha . .. of course the Martians don't serve this lah .. . .

And each of this wing has been massaged thoroughly for a good 30 seconds before BBQ-ing.

The Best in Cameron Highlands and some said in Tanah Rata . . .hahaaaa

You think Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wing in Jalan Alor taste good . . . wait till you get a mouthful of this TLC Massaged Wing.

Am glad the Chief Cook was kind enough to send my a bowl of soup with some food . . . . . . . . . . .. . pheeewwwwww

Yup . . . they won't let me off just yet. I was made to stand still in the open under the bright moonlight for 3 mins holding on to the chicken wing.

See, reconfirming they are not 'human' and have no feeling. Yeah .. . thats the photographer wanted to test his photography skill of snapping an object (thats ME, the poor victim) without switching on the flashlight . . . . Goshhhhh . . .unbelievable

Didn't he realised this is Cameron Highlands? Halooo . .. not Planet Mars, ok!

Finally its light-off and 'they' are out of side and I get to enjoy the food in PEACE . . . .
Tomorrow morning, they'll beg for mercy. They have no idea whats awaiting them, yet.
The next post - The Martians & The Nature


ian yusof said...

looks yummylicious .... must try the soup....

jue said...

yes, its really tasty & i do cook this up myself too.

u may add chicken in it but if you prefer vegetarian style, add in more carrots & corns.

happy cooking!! :D