Thursday, January 24, 2013


Its time to start writing here again. Lets start off the year 2013 with my shopping list. Prices have been shooting high the last 2 years. 'Shopping' and Makanton have been quite exhausting and no longer therapeutic as before. Oh . .. .  and the 'environment' is getting complicated each day. So, I got to be careful and selective. Only buying what I Need and NOT what I Want. Here's my shopping list and hope I managed to put them all safely in the cart.

Dragon Back Run, 10km - Purchased!

KL - Maran Walk 204km - In the cart

Twilight Ultra Challenge, Singapore (16 hours) - Paid and awaiting delivery

Malaysia Women Marathon, 42Km - Won a Lucky Draw and awaiting delivery

Orang Asli Trail Run - Pending

Pisang Relay Run - Pending

StanChart Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM), 42Km - Awaiting Product Launch

Songkhla Marathon, 42Km - Awaiting Product Launch

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