Thursday, October 3, 2013


TITI 100 is a Road Ultra Marathon and not trail running. Divided into 2 categories of 50km and 100km, it has an elevation gain of 950m (for 50km) and 1,600m (for 100km). Running on tar road may require different level of skill & endurance compared to trail running. So, if you have not run at least 2 full marathons of 42.195km with a decent finishing time dipping under 6 hours, this may not be an easy cup of tea. But of course you still have 4 more months to train and prepare for the challenge.

Like all other ultra running event, this is a semi self-sufficient run where one is required to carry a hydration bag of not less than 1,000ml water capacity which you may refill at the water station points. For safety measure, no pacer is allowed while on the run.

Read the Rules & Regulations thoroughly before clicking on that button. Ensure that you are physically & mentally fit enough to take on this challenge.

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