Saturday, November 11, 2017


Bentong is located in western Pahang, Malaysia. It’s about 80km from Kuala Lumpur and approximately 90 minutes drive via Lebuhraya-Gua Musang.

So, why Bentong?

Because Bentong Half Marathon 1.0 will be held on December 16, 2017. And it’s going to be a great getaway for a REAL Makanthon trip.

If you are driving, do stop over at Lentang Forest Recreational Park (Hutan Lipur Lentang) at Km48 Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway. This also happened to be the lunch stop-over for my yearly KL-Maran pilgrimage walk.

Durian season is still ongoing so you can make your way to this popular Jimmy’s Durian Orchard at Km75.1 Jalan Karak.

And of course, if you opt for public transport (which I will), you may board the bus from Terminal Bus Pekeliling, Kuala Lumpur. Bus services start from as early as 7.30am.

Once you are in Bentong, you may wanna check these places out!

Bentong Gallery
17-18, Jalan Loke Yew, Bentong

Bentong Street Art Murals
Jalan Chui Yin

Bentong Morning Market
Jalan Chui Yin
Ohhhh .. .  check out the roti canai stall

Thong Kee Coffee Shop
4, Jalan Chui Yin, Bentong
When you are here, try out their Geng Chau Ping (Fantastic Iced Drinks) Kiam Si, the Hainanese butter kaya toast and croissant, Ji Ki Wantan Mee and Handmade Dumpling.

Don’t miss out the Bentong Tau Fu Fah (Quan Xin Tou Fu Fah).

And for those who loves cooking, yeahhhh the ever famous Bentong Ginger. Mind you. .. .  it ain’t cheap but its spicy and gives out a strong nice fragrance.

All that pretty sum up why Bentong Half Marathon is my Choice.

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