Monday, June 2, 2008


While some runners went down south for the Sundown Marathon, Alice, her twin teenage daughters & friend and myself decided to do something different. My 2nd Relay4Life, Alice and myself decided to do more than just contributing rm10. We went round to talk to our friends that for every rm10 donated by them, we will dedicate one loop on their behalf to all cancer survivors.

In less than a week, we managed to collect rm600! Thats the challenge! 60 loops on MSN track, Bukit Jalil ...... gosh ..... the real challenge is we cannot stop or leave unless and until we completed the 60 loops.

This year, more people participated. When Alice signed in at 6pm, there wasn't any more t-shirts left. Just coincidently, Alice and her daughters was in yellow, the color they adopted this year. So, they brought out a bundle of T-shirts (for volunteers) and handed them to Alice while apologised for not being able to give us the actual quantity. Well, we are there to support and not the T-shirts so we just took whatever available.

So, at 9pm we join the full crowd on the track! Fuyoh .......

Saturday wasn't really an easy day. I am dedicated to a program in Taman Tun Dr Ismail known as OPTIONS - a basic living skills program for teenagers with learning disabilities from 17 years and above. After taking the youths out for a short walk around the few blocks of houses in Persiaran Burhannudin Helmi, we took a short break and by 6pm I excused myself from the program. Managed to feel up my stomach with a bowl of fried rice bought by one of the parents. Took 10 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop heading towards KL Sentral.

7.30pm reached KL Sentral, then jumped onto a cab to be home by 8pm. Dumped my bag and took a quick bath and rushed to the LRT station which is 3 minutes walking distance. I arrived at Stadium MSN at 8.40pm. Alice met me at the entrance to passed the wrist tag to me. All the speeches and presentation just finished. The emcee requested that family members of cancer survivors, friends and supporters to join all cancer survivors on the track. So, was just on time for the WALK!

I wouldn't want to write long report cos' thats just not me. Let the pictures below speak ....

banners carried by various groups

line of lighted bags and other symbol of love

Alice and myself with one of the cancer survivors (in
yellow t-shirt) and another supporter. We presented
her with a Teddy Bear as a show of support

Below are some of the Bags of Life & Love by survivors & supporters. (I was told its called Luminaria Lantern ..... eeemmm just learnt something new eh!)

These lighted bags represented all the inner voices of their loved ones. As I slowed down towards the end of the last round, I just kept walking ..... passing one after another around the track. It's so touching, one can almost felt the warmth and love all around.
Cancer - your existence may have separated our loved ones from our side BUT you can never take that memory away for THEY will always remain in each and every of our heart .....
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alice said...

Many thanks to all the Nawem members, family members and friends for their generous donation and support for the charity walk. We, FONet, managed to raise Rm600 to donate to the event in which we completed 60 rounds on the tracks (Rm10 per round). It is indeed a very touching time
for the survivors and supporters. It was very tiring for all of us and very enjoyable too !