Friday, February 27, 2009


Managed by :
Biznet Resources
In Collaboration with DIGNITY & SERVICES (D&S)

Race Director
Julie Wong

R. Applaidoo @ Naido
Peter Goh

To create awareness within the community about OPTIONS - a Supported Living program for persons with learning disabilities
To create a platform for persons with learning disabilities to run alongside ordinary people; being accepted and treated as equal by the community with respect and dignity
To promote Sports for All and All for Sports

Rules & Regulations

Date : 12 April 2009
Time : 7.30 am
Venue : No. 45, Medan Burhanuddin Helmi, TTDI, KL

Type of run : Relay round the houses
Distance : 3km per loop
No of runners : 3 runners per team
Entry Fee : RM60.00 per team
Max Entry : 60 Teams

Categories :
Men Open (13 years & above)
Women Open (13 years & above)
Men Veteran (40 to 49 years)
Men Senior Veteran (50 years and above)
Mixed Team (13 years & above with at least One Female runner)

In the event if there is less than 3 teams competing in the same category, the organiser reserves the rights to cancel the said category.

Closing Date :
15 March 2009
Registration of Team Name in respective category together with Payment

2 April 2009
Submission of Runner's details (Name, NRIC/Passport No/Contact)

RM10.00 will be imposed on late entry and/or submission of runner's details

Registration will be closed upon receiving submission of 60 teams in total irrespective of categories

Medals :
Finishing medals for all runners who completed the race

Collection of Running Bibs :
6.30am - 7.10am on Race Day 12 April 2009

Payment :
Bank in to Public Bank S/A No : 4-9144546-32 (WONG KIM MAI)

Correspondence & Enquiries :
Julie Wong
hp no : 016 - 228 4088
fax : 03 - 92 81 6445
email :

Waiver Clause:
All participants agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the race. All participants are entering the competition at their own risk and shall NOT hold the organisers and sponsors responsible for any injury/death/loss of property however caused before/during and after the competition

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