Monday, February 2, 2009


Just not too long ago, I posted a write-up on Sportsmanship and started talking about basic ethical conducts. Each of us may have a different view and guidelines of what is ethical (right or wrong) in certain conducts. And perhaps the current crisis between MAAU (Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union) and its affiliates, FTAAA (Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association) may best sum up the dilapidated ranking in our sports.

Indeed all runners (in particular marathoners) welcome Standard Chartered Marathon to Kuala Lumpur. Touted as one of the best, we waited in anticipation. Now, what's the big fuss?

I've been following the news in the NST and Berita Harian whereby the news has been one sided. I can't help but would like to add a view as a third party but most importantly I am sick of this conflicts that leave a bad name to our sports.

AMBANK - Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2008

NST (21 Jan 2009) - Athletics/Kuala Lumpur Marathon: FTAAA given the boot, Octagon to take over.

I am a little disturbed by this heading. Why using such harsh word (boot) against our local organisation just because an International organisation is appointed? Despite some weaknesses in FTAAA, we cannot deny the fact that they are the most active AAA in Malaysia that had organised many athletic events and groom many potential ahtletes. Many are quick to criticise but having organised a handful of smaller runs, I can emphatise with FTAAA predicament at this juncture.

Under the same heading, MAAU deputy president Karim Ibrahim had said that FTAAA was not supposed to organise the KL Marathon because state bodies are prevented from holding international events under the Act. But Sports Commisioner Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof refuted the claim and said nowhere in the Act does it says only national governing bodies can host international events.

So, who is right? MAAU deputy president or the Sports Commisioner?

Assuming the MAAU deputy president Karim Ibrahim is right. Then, where was MAAU when FTAAA organised the past 17 editions of KL Marathon? Why didn't you step in when AMBANK was secured as the Title Sponsor in the last 4 years (since 2005)?

So, are you going to take over all the other events namely Putrajaya International Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon, PD International Half Marathon - just to mention a few?

I have no interest in whoever taking ownership of KL Marathon. But the very conduct and remarks made by a national sports body against its own affiliates who has done much for the local sports without reservation is totally uncalled for. While asking their affiliates to back them fully, they were not hesitate to criticise FTAAA of playing the 'hit and run' game as reported in the Berita Harian last Saturday. Why making such damaging statement instead of going direct to sort out whatever misunderstanding?

Being ethical in solving this dilemma is of utmost importance. One way of dealing with this is by using the 4-way test as suggested in the Webster dictionary.

1) Is your decision a truthful one?
2) Is your decision fair to everyone affected?
3) Will it build goodwill for the organisation?
4) Is the decision beneficial to all parties who have vested interest in the outcome?

Stop making further remarks through the press and find an amicable solution soonest possible to avoid further damage.


Anonymous said...

hey good one...all we runners wnat is a world class maratahon. We are excited and looking forward to Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

MAAU & FTAAA should sit down and solve their issues rather than wash their dirty linen in public.
What have we come famliy members fight in media?

jue said...

when u mix sports with politic . . . . . . ????

just look at our politicians and so called leaders. they are more interested in the 'jumping frog' issue instead of getting down to do some serious work when the whole world is facing the economy crisis!

Vicious Cycle said...

Stumble upon this nice write up. Its all about capabilities. FTAAA had many chances to leap frog in terms of quality preparation during and after any event which it operates.

Many foreign expat's do not have good reviews with FTAAA's operation. This is what i have been told.

zulhassan said...

sport + politic + money+money+money is not good.

semua orang mahu untung maaaa..

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