Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear All,
The OR09 Team is pleased to inform you that BHPetrol’s Orange Run which is an annual event on BHPetrol’s calendar will be held for the fourth time this year. The Run which is scheduled on 12 April 2009 will be organised with the Malay Mail as the official media partner and Pacesetters Malaysia overseeing the technical aspects of the Run. We will be working in collaboration with IPD Petaling Jaya and MBPJ to ensure the smooth flow for the run.

Entry forms will be available in the Malay Mail, BHPetrol website, Malay Mail website, at seven selected service stations, BHPMart and On The Road motoring magazine from 17 March 2009 onwards. The official entry form is enclosed in the attachment above for your convenience. Photostated copies are acceptable but they must be in this official entry form.

Malay Mail will be running a series of stories over the next 3 weeks covering the pre-event publicity for OR09. The first OR09 article will appear in next week’s Malay Mail dated 17 March 2009. The story will feature The Official Launch of OR09 by our MD, Mr Tan Kim Thiam.

The entry form will be enclosed as well.
Second story featuring the BHPetrol ladies challenging all the ladies “out there” to join in the OR09 will be out in Malay Mail a day or two later. (We will have the photoshoot done Monday 16-3-09 at 11am at Maxis office – details to be communicated in a separate email)

So come and join in the fun. As they say, if you can’t run, then walk because there is a limited edition OR09 bag to be given away to the participants plus other offers. Invite your family and friends to join in the Run as there are now 6 categories opened to all Malaysians and permanent residents.

See you there !!

The OR09 Team


Anonymous said...

What king of race is that?!!! Open only to Malaysians and permanent residents! Wow, viva la segregation and discrimination! Amazing! And you called that a diversity run.... hahahahahahahaha

jue said...

Dear Anon,

Everyone has a right to do what they want. Orange Run is organise by BHPetrol. They may have their reason to do so tho' I wish they will practice the spirit of 'SPORTS FOR ALL'.

Maybe more should come forward to say something about this but some may think otherwise for some selfish reason (of course).