Monday, March 23, 2009


Bukit Tabur (Taman Melawati) - one of the few hills left for us, the urbanites to value its beauty and serenity. With the massive development taking place and hill cutting by those greedy developers in the name of Development, the natural beauty will be gone before our eyes. Let us all enjoy what we have today and do our very best to preserve it from destruction.

And so, on Sunday morning (22/3/2009) Albert and Mandy picked me up at 6.35am and headed towards Giant, Taman Melawati to meet up with the rest of the group. By 7.00am, we headed towards Bukit Tabur which is 10 minutes away. Started trekking up at 7.15am.

(Photo taken with my Sony Ericsson G502 phone camera)

At the start of the trail - all the way up,up and up. Awwww . . . not sure if I can survive this . . . . . . . .

And just less than 20 minutes everyone was shooting and clicking away with their camera

Yes, there was a human traffic jam on top of the hill . . . . and what's so interesting?

This is what everyone wanted . . . . . . . .
Isn't this beautiful . . . .

Our first stop after almost 40 minutes. Yes, carbo loading because after this you need to have lots of strength to push yourself up! And young lady, stop laughing. Albert was explaining the goodness of eating banana.... hehehehehee

Look, even Eddy our mountain guide and big brother agreed with him
Eddy and Soon were discussing something really serious - how to handle this group of 'naive and innocent but seems to somehow know everything' bunch of trekkers! Look like Soon (in orange singlet) is telling Eddy, ' hey brother, I think we better charge them RM100 each before we start the journey. Its a tough road ahead.'
Now, you see what I mean! They are expecting me to carry them up there.

Yeah, you can laugh lah while I'm still suffering down there

That's Yee Mey, the fairest among all . . . Oh, no! How can I make it to the top? Soon! Where are you?

Heheheeeee . . . . Since you don't want to pay the RM100, you find your way up! Look, I am up here and all of you still down there. You want me to throw the rope, pay me first . . .hehehehe . . .see who is laughing now

Yes, PEACE to the World. Thats the universal language.

As we thought we were at the top, we were told to descent on the other side of that big rock again? Both our tour guides are really torturing us to the maximum. Up, down, Up again the Down . . .

And Albert, our camera man can still put up a BIGGG smile. He may be an accomplice too
Finally, we managed to have a real group photo before making our way down
Left to right: Woei Leong, Soon, Mei Khau (MK), Yee Mey, Soon Hoong, Albert, Eddy, Mandy, Miss Liew and Albert

Just before we made our way down, I managed to capture another group coming up right behind us on the other side. See that white patch in the middle ? Yes, they are a huge group of trekkers making their way up. We were there earlier on. Wow!

We were just a couple of months away from the durian season. This is how the king of fruits look like before it turn into that spiky look

Finally, after 3.5hours, we made it back to the foothill.

We are truly grateful to have Eddy on this trip. He has been really helpful and patiently guiding us all the way up to the top. Without him, we might not have such a smooth and enjoyable journey. And a big TQ to Soon who has been unselfishly lending a helping hand in assisting us crossing the most difficult path.
Eddy and Soon - 3 cheers for you. Looking forward to another trekking with both of you in the near future.
More photos in action in the next posting.

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