Thursday, October 29, 2009


A Project by the Mass Communication Students of KDU for their Public Relations class. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness for a medical condition called CEREBRAL PALSY. Its a condition that can affect any child between birth and 3 years old when the brain is still developing. This event will be an attempt to break the Malaysian Book of Records.

Event: 6 km walk for a cause.
Venue: Central Park Avenue, BU (The park opposite 1Utama)
Date: 6th December 2009
Time: 8am - 2.30
Ticket: RM 10 per person (Inclusive of an umbrella and a goodie bag)
Beneficiary: Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah.
For more information, contact Mathew Ong @


AmandaFaith said...

Hi, I am one of the organizing comittee members of Walkabrella. Thank you for featuring us on your blog. However, I noticed that on your event calender at the side toolbar, you noted down Walkabrella for the 3rd of Dec. I'm sure it was just a mistake and we hope to see you and yoru blog readers at the event (:


Anonymous said...

so your target is to help children with celebral palsy or to break the record? which one is the main purpose? to help humanity or to be famous? please be more specific

AmandaFaith said...

Dear anonymous,

First and foremost, our main objective is to educate the public on what Cerebral Palsy is all about. This disorder which occurs in many children between the ages of 1 and 3 goes unnoticed amongst us healthy beings. So much is known of cancer and other health issues but ask anyone, and im sure you will find out that many are in the dark about Cerebral Palsy.

By educating the public on what Cerebral Palsy is all about, this in turn helps these children from being discriminated or being ill-treated without the proper health care and attention that they need.

Breaking into the Malaysian Book of Records is secondary. It is merely a way of pulling in as many people as we can get to come to our event, so that we can then educate the participants. It is to create hype. For without it, our event will not be as known and then we cannot achieve our objective of educating the public.

I hope this clarifies your questions and doubts.


Eric said...

to anonymous:

i think rite.. their objective is to help the kids with cerebral palsy lo.. the logo already stated so clearly.. hahaha..

if wanna be famous, then they would not organise this event la.. go join malaysian idol better.. hahaha..

chillex la.. the walk is for charity and nothing else.. they students trying to help.. dont make them so stress la..hahaha

All the best to walkabrella

Chillex to anonymous..

Yay! to me! ahhaa

jue said...

hi amanda,
thanks for visiting my blog & pointed out the mistake. amended already.

will be getting more friends to support this event. hope if u will to organise this again next year, avoid using WHITE umbrella. gotta be sensitive to some local culture & u may deter certain quarter from participating tho' u mean well.

best wishes

-walk-a-brella- said...

hey June! We've took that into consideration! we are having BLUE AND WHITE UMBRELLA PANELS!! :)

So no worries about culture! hehe.. see you there!