Friday, November 6, 2009


Resistant Exercise Tubing also known as Exercise Rubber Tubing is very versatile and a good replacement for dumbbells. It is portable which makes exercise much more convenient for you be it in the house, office, in your garden, community park, hotel rooms or just anywhere.

This Exercise Tubing is recommended for Strength Training, Muscle Toning, Flexibility & Agility as well as Physiotherapy. This simple gadget can peform hundreds of exercises according to your needs and creativity.

Please watch the video below to see some of the simple home exercises that you can do with this simple gadget.

Description : Resistant Exercise Tubing with Handle

Length : 1.2 meter

Color : Light Grey

Strength level : 6

Pull Force : 14.5 - 15.5 kgf (100%) / 22.0 - 23.0 kgf (300%)

Market Price : RM 100.00

Offer Price : RM 50.00

Note : Only 3 units available ***


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