Wednesday, November 25, 2009


After my disastrous SCKLM 2009 in late June, I decided to signed up for the Penang Bridge International Marathon (or better known as PBIM) 2009 at the MATTA Fair in PWTC. I was too busy with so many tasks in hand that I hardly have time for any training. I joined Ronnie (PM1) & Kei Ming in the Adidas Beginner Program for 3 sessions in KLCC and Lake Garden. Each time I ran less than 5km because mentally I couldn't survive running in loops.

So, 2 weeks prior to the big day, I started doing strength training for 10 minutes on alternate day with my Resistant Tubing. And on the last week, I went to Kampung Pandan Sports Centre and did speed training ( 2 sessions only) covering approximately 7km in total followed by 30 minutes strength training with the tubing again mainly strenghtening my shoulder, arm and lower body (mainly targeting leg exercises). Actually I was preparing for the KLAVA Relay on 29 November 2009 . . . . . . hahahaaaaaa kind of sound weird right? Ya, I'm one crazy runner who never follow the rules of the game!

20 November 2009 - Agatha offered to give me a lift to Subang Jaya. She picked me up at 11.45pm in Jalan Hang Tuah's LRT Station. We had tea in SS15 and she dropped me off at Janet's house across the road. I tried to stay up as late as possible but gave in at 2.30am . . .. . ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz . . . . 6.45am - buzzed Agatha. Her hubby was kind enough to send both of us to Aeroline office in Sunway Pyramid at 7.40am. Met up with Amelia & Uncle Sonny. Bus departed at 8.10am to Penang.

Tried to take a short nap and relax my mind. The bus stopped at Bukit Gantang Rest House for 20 minutes. So, we decided to get down and stretched out a little. The bus continued the journey towards the Penang Bridge. The weather was excellent with slight drizzle. As the bus touched on the bridge, we survey the surrounding. The road is wider and smooth compared to previous year when it was under refurbishment and widening of the road where cables & heavy machineries 'stranded' along the bridge thus creating a haphazard runway.

We arrived at Queensbay Mall around 12.40pm. The organiser and sponsors were busy with last minutes preparation. There was a small group of participants collecting their goodies bags and some were exchanging their vest to bigger sizes.

Went to the Secretariat tent to exchange my running vest while Uncle Sonny had to picked up his goddies bag. Met up with Mr. Khoo Chong Beng (ChampionChip), Peggy (PBIM's organiser), Krishnan (Adidas) and many other familiar faces from Klang Valley. The trip will not be complete without taking a photo with this giant board. Yes, I'm READY to conquer the bridge!

I also took the opportunity to stock up 3 packets of Power Gel to accompany me on the road the next morning. PowerBar is a common sight in almost all road races especially marathon running. Its a source of quick energy supply before, during & after the race!
Walked to Kristal Suites to check in and refresh ourselves. Met up with Wai Mun, John and gang at the lobby. Ya, I think almost 80% of the suites were taken up by runners.

Later, Kevin (a local runner) took us to his house near Bukit Jambul. We were served with some real 5-star home cook food - curry chicken, 'mantau' (kind of white plain pau), yam cakes, butter cakes, freshly steamed 'transparent' dumpling and banana. What a sumptuous meal!
We went back to Krystal Suite at 5pm. I decided to go for a 15 minutes swim while Agatha, Amelia and Uncle Sonny refreshed themselves.

We went out at 6.30pm for dinner and more carbo load at a famous hawker stall. Adjourned to hotel by 8.30pm. . . . . by 9pm . . lights off!

To be continue . . . . . . . .

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