Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Date: 22 April 2012
Time: 7.30am
Fee : RM30

space u8, Section 8, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam

Earth Week 2012

Earth Week 2012 will be a week long event with booths and programs targeting different sectors of people for each day; ie. NGOs, Universities, Corporate Companies, Government Bodies, Green Companies. It will be a built up event until the last day, 22 April, when we will encourage all participants including the public to walk for Green and to have a full day celebration with performances and programs in conjunction with Earth Week 2012.

The highlight for this Earth Week event will be the Pledges themselves. 12 Pledge trees will be built as the centerpieces of the Space U8 Mall using recyclables by 12 corporate companies representing the Year 2012. For example, they will be building the trees using beverage cartons, newspapers, used wood planks etc. Participants will write their chosen pledge for Mother Earth on a piece of card (also made from recycled paper) and this card will be pasted on the ‘Pledge Trees’ signifying branches/leaves of the trees. The 12 Pledge trees will be there for the full 7 day event for program participants and for the public to pledge. Our target number of participants and pledges made for this event is 100,000 Pledges.

Come Join us!

It’s TIME TO TAKE ACTION to Care for Mother Earth and to make this World a Better Place to live in, for us, and for our future generation.

“Together We Make a Difference

In conjunction with this, we are inviting the public to the Green Costume Run and make a grand finale to this week long celebrating the Earth Week.

Each participants will received this specially designed high quality t-shirt made from 100% Organic Cotton (certified by: Global Organic Textile Standard and Oeko-tex Standard 100).

The Entry Form

For more details about the run, please drop your mail at - jwbiznet@hotmail.com or call Julie Wong at 016 - 2284088.

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