Friday, April 4, 2014


Lets take a walk down memory lane. . . . . . . 

SCKLM made its first appearance in my hometown Kuala Lumpur on June 28, 2009. That was my first ever marathon which took me almost 7 long hours under the hot sun to complete. It was a bitter sweet experience with plenty of rooms for improvement.

In 2010, I decided not to run but instead join a few other runners as support team. June Malik initiated the Full Marathon Virgins support team and we put up a 'stall' at KM36 offering food and drinks to marathoners especially those who ran beyond 5 hours. Joined by Kash, we also had motivational boards and signage to give them that final push.

I love the fact that the Organiser has been increasing the participation figure conservatively over the years focusing more on improving the delivery system of the race starting from the registration, running clinics, race packs collection, medic assistance, water station and every other aspects of the race.

Oh .. .  and SCKLM has been my favorite event not because it is my home ground marathon but this is the only marathon that make it possible for all to experience Kuala Lumpur city on foot. Above that this is also the only road race marathon that allowed me to stop over at the various eatery outlets such as the 24 hours convenient shops along Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Ampang as well as teh tarik and mini market along Jalan Ipoh for my 'breakfast'. Yes, you read it right. I do stopped at those outlets for drinks & food.

SCKLM is not just a road race but have contributed much to the society and the nation with its charitable causes. It has also contributed to the tourism industry with over 50 nationalities flying in to be part of this event.

SCKLM is back and its taking place on October 12, 2014. Mark this day and lets rock the Kuala Lumpur city loud!

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