Monday, May 18, 2009


Organised by :
National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia(NAWEM)

Date :
11 May 2009

Time :
3 pm

Venue :
Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya

I was privileged to be among the 40 women delegates led by NAWEM's Deputy President - Sarojini Ruth for a dialogue session with our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The EXCOs had been in contact with the Perdana Leadership Foundation to secure this meeting for months. And the final day arrived!

Meeting Tun Mahathir has been my dream and I truly regretted for missing his last Hariraya open house as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. And I vowed not to miss this lifetime opportunity again.
Members arriving at the lobby of Perdana Leadership Foundation

Puan Sri Susan Cheah (in front row) and other members in the meeting room while waiting for the arrival of YABerbahagia Tun Mahathir

From left-right (front row) : Sue Chan (owner of Sue Chan's Restaurant), Jenny Shabuddin (MD, Travcheq Travel), Alice Tan (MD, Prosun Vision Sdn Bhd) and Yong Da Ying (former MP of Bkt Lanjan) sharing some light moment before the start of the dialogue

Finally, the STAR of the day, Tun Mahathir Mohamad walked into the room. The ladies were just too over-whelmed and mesmerised with his presence that all of us were in awe and speechless. Yes . . .. . . . this one man is just not an ordinary man. He is one great leader that has put Malaysia on the world map. Many may have criticised him or call him by whatever name, but none can deny the fact that he is THE most charismatic leader we ever had. It is definitely not easy to hold on to the premiership for 22-years without any blood-coup like our neighbors.

Sarojini gave an opening speech and thanked Tun Mahathir for his willingness to share his knowledge and wisdom with NAWEM's members

We spent about 60 minutes asking him questions on various topics related to business and our country economy. Tun Mahathir unselfishly shared his views and experiences with us.

Just before we went for our tea break, a few of us took the opportunity to get his authograph. Alice was really kind to help me purchased one of the many books written by him the day before. About 10 of us went up to him with his book in hand. - Blogging to Unblock was first published in 2008. Tun Mahathir became a blogger on 1 May 2008 to blog about his thoughts and opinions.

Tun Mahathir - signing the book

Finally, I got Tun Mahathir personal authograph

Thank you, Sir

The many faces of Tun Mahathir. What a colorful life!

My favorite potrait at the main entrance

Group photo for the album
This is truly the most memorable moment for all the ladies. Thank you to the EXCOs for working tirelessly to secure the appointment and organising this trip. I am indeed privileged to be a member of NAWEM and being able to work and share with so many successful ladies entrepreneurs. NAWEM is the only multi-racial women trade association in Malaysia. And all members shared and helped each other unselfishly.

Thank you, NAWEM!

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