Monday, June 28, 2010

BHPetrol ORANGE RUN 2010

Piazza, The Curve, Damansara
25 July 2010, Sunday,
Entry Fee:

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Mike said...

According to the BHP Run form, veterans are required to attached a photocopy of his/her IC.

Since, the run is FOC, whatever submitted in the form incl. copy of IC to BHP is NOT protected under the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION BILL (PDP).

If a copy of IC falls into the wrong hands in the event of careless handling by BHP personnel, it can lead to identity theft and one would have no legal recourse against BHP.

I am sure most of area aware what criminals can do with a photocopy of an IC.

The PDP bill (viewable at parliment website) list down the requirements on how data must be protected. Failure to follow will lead to a hefty fine and/or jail sentence on the part of the data collector. However, as mentioned above, BHP will NOT be subjected to it since the run is FOC.

Personal data is priceless. Please protect it at all course.

jue said...

i fully agree with you. i had nade a complaint to them last year as to why they need a photocopy of ic from veteran only. this is almost like 'discriminating' the veteran.

i also told them that even in international event such as kl marathon did not require runners to attached copies of their ic.

i had registered for my group of runners in the past 2 events without attaching any photocopy of the ic. however, runners who made it to the podium will have to produce their ic before the prize giving which is fair for verification purposes.

lilian said...

Thanks for your support and encouragement to Full Marathon runners on Sunday at Jalan Tunku.

jue said...

its my pleasure to be play a small role & be part of the event. hope you had a fantastic race.

Lenny said...

Thanks for the info Julie

Lenny aka budaks comel