Thursday, June 17, 2010


21 - 23 May 2010
Cameron Highlands, Pahang

KRS Pines Guest House
No. 7, Jalan Mentigi, Tanah Rata
(5 minutes walking distance to Tanah Rata town)
Tel : 05 - 491 2777

The displaced Commander in Chief - Yours Truly

The Musketeers Platoon -
Albert, Mandy, Steven, Yap, Yee Mey, Yet Ling, Mee Khau, Woei Leong, Baby Hoong

My mission -
Not to tell too much and Not to write too much!

It is really not easy managing a bunch of Musketeers who travel round the globe and argue a century to complete a simple task or arriving at a decision!

The Story begins . . . . . .. ..

Three Jet Fighter with different capacity supposed to leave Klang Valley between 3pm to 6pm. Somehow, all three arrived at Tapah rest area 5 minutes apart @ 8.00pm. How this is possible????? I am awaiting report from the Ghostbusters team . . .

When we head back to the car after a quick bite, one of the Jet Fighter's back tyre was punctured. As fast as the lightning, a super samaritan just appeared from no where to offer his service. While he was removing the tyre and as fast as the lightning, he was strike & surrounded by 9 Musketeers & a Commander! . . . . yeah . .. he was shocked . . and the rest is history.

We arrived in Tanah Rata at approximately 10pm, had a quick dinner/supper then checked in to the guest house cos' we supposed to be up by 6am to climb Gunung Irau.

The twin-sharing room @ RM30.00/pax/night with attached bath and hot shower. There's a common living room on each floor with Astro facility.

By 7.00am - all assembled to get ready but it was drizzling out there. So we headed to Brinchang for breakfast.

Just wonder what's so amazing about the Eggs??? Can someone enlighten me? Oh . .. just remember, they all are from Mars & Venus .. . . laughing & giggling at every itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot things . . . . @@##%%%***??###@@%%%***

Since it was still raining, we drove up to the market to get some vegetables for dinner. There, didn't I said earlier, they are having a serious discussion for almost half a century on what to buy & how much time to spend, who to pay & blah blah blah blah till the cow come down.
Hello . . . . if you can't make up your mind, Taukeh Soh is there waiting . . . .
Just give $$$$$ will do

While two Musketeers went back to the guest house to prepare for dinner (don't get confused cos I'm as blur with this displaced kids on the bloc), the rest were grounded. If they take half a century to decide on the veges, no way I'm leading them to Gunung Irau! They got different assignment . . .
The Camp @ the Jabatan Hutan Lipur. This will be their next training ground . . . . just get them to taste the honey first before serving them the pepper . .. heheheeeee
That's Trail No. 6 . . . .
Earlier was the Egg, now Banana!!!! Real Alien from MARS . ...

You think with that 2 eggs you can produce bullets & shoot the Commander . .. . dream on . . . . dream on . . . . you don't know what I have plan for you . . . .huhhuuhhhhhuuuhhhh

Just follow and surely you'll not head towards Holland. Thats my assurance . .. . go..go...go...

Didn't you see the 'trap' I set? Wakakakaakakakakaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor Yee Mey, the first victim of that vicious Commandor. This is only the beginning . .. . .

After a few Humpthy Dumpthy, I make a U-turn to the opposite trail leading to the Watch Tower. This time, they are a little smarter. They kept a distance of 100mtr behind me :)

Presenting The New Kids Of The Century . . . .. Ta Daaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Actually, they can be easily being bought over. Just give them a little Honey is all it takes to regain their trust.

Off to the Watch Tower . . . . . . . . .

I think the news on the arrival of the Martians had shaken the earth till the Tower came tumbling down couple of months ago. All this due to lack of maintenance.

As we headed down the trail to Tanah Rata, suddenly there was some 'commotion' going on. Guess what?????? Oh - My - God!!!! What the heck is hanging up there??? This must be the work of the 'Egg' and 'Banana'. . . . . working Upside Down

Now, just stay normal & don't touch that Time Warp again. Keep moving . . .

Finally, I got the normal human in them. That's the lover's bridge across the waterfall

Both aspired to be the Next Top Super Model . . . . lets sign up the the program called 'You Think You Can Model' and in the mean time, can dream about that when you're in bed later tonight.

Yes . . . one more step, and you'll be in the REAL world.

I Believe I Can Fly . . . I Believe I Can Touch The Ground . . ..
Oh. . . I Believe I Survive . . .

Finally emerged in Tanah Rata and out of the Paranormal . . .. huhhhhh (cold sweat)

And we joined Yet Ling & Baby Hoong for late lunch at one of the Indian shop.

Next episode on the 2nd half of the day . . . . . . . The Vege, The Wings & The Charcoal


woeileong said...

haha.. remember all the climbing tree, inspired by Yap.. keke

IJAM said...'re climbing and having fun...!!! so jealous..