Monday, February 15, 2010


The past few days or rather the past few months has been really exhausting . . . . . . . and running provide me the avenue to stay sane. With my mum's health deteriorating since October 2009, been in and out of clinics & hospital most of the weeks. . . . . coupled with juggling between my work, facilitating community work, preparing for the PBIM 2009 and Putrajaya 12 Hour Walk, its like living in a roller coaster!

And so I thought Chinese New Year will give me that much needed break. I was wrong again! In fact last weeks I'd been busy trying to wrap up my work, spring cleaning & getting the necessary things done to usher in the Chinese New Year, taking over my mum's role in totality from spring cleaning to buying goodies for the prayer & reunion dinner to cooking the meals for the family . . . . . . . . all by myself! Towards the end of CNY's eve, I was totally exhausted and ran out of energy.

I put off the mobile phone to avoid any distraction during the day inorder to get the task done soonest possible. I truly apologise if I did not reply to your greetings. I truly appreciate all sms-es and wishes all of you a roaring start to good health and many PB (Personal Best) in the coming road races!

One sms that really caught my attention and truly make my day - probably a truly great start for the Year of Tiger. The sms was from Wai Keen of the Supported Living Program (for more info, please log on to This is his original sms without editing : Every new year of corse have 2 enjoy eating 1 whole roasted pig n go 2 friend hse get angpau n win lots of money n put in your pocket n enjoy the brite new year with full of joy n luck!

Wai Keen @ der Pacemakers Track Meet 2008

Despite the odds, he never complaint but always do his best! A very humorous & talented young man and one who prefer to address me as Miss Julie or Julie Wong instead of auntie Julie like the others in the program (because I insisted that I should be addressed as such for special reason). He is one whom you can sit down for a decent and enlightening conversation. He always take whatever task entrusted to him with great dedication. When I first organised the 21km JW Run to Chritmas Island, Australia, he trained diligently to prepare himself for the race all by himself without any supervision! And insisted to run the competitve 21km instead of the 21km relay fun run.

Chrismas Island, Australia - Oct 2008

This 19-year old young fine man is really talented and has perform in many functions. And he loves dancing, too.

He took part in my first ever community awareness relay run in May 2008 held at House No 48, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. JW Gift of Dignity Relay was 'borned' to create awareness within the community & to give this special young people an avenue to compete & run alongside ordinary people. Wai Keen together with his father & another youth from the program formed a team to compete in the Men Open Category. This is prove that given the opportunity, they can lead a normal life and compete alongside ordinary folks.

And prior to the relay run, the editor of Star Online and her team spent a day to document their activities. (Please log in here to view the video)

The youths were truly ecstatic & excited with this unexpected invite from a total stranger (to them). I was the proudest among all cos' its a breakthrough in the very objective of the relay run - building an accepting community & individual towards people with learning disabilities! They always look out for such invites or outing where people will treat them with dignity & respect. I truly miss their company on the weekend these day due to my own hectic schedule. Being a friend of this organisation since 2002, I enjoy being their friend. They are so real & one lots who truly speak from their heart. They never doubted your sincerity. They never fail to make my day! Thank you, my dear friends.

One of my many dreams (besides the Tiger Beer's dream .. . LOL) is to have friends from the running fraternity to spend evening tea break with them on a weekend and to run alongside with them at Taman Bukit Kiara, TTDI on a Saturday evening. One of the reasons is, they heard so much about me running in road races but didn't really get the opportunity to be in any of the practice run with road runners. So, it will be another milestone if anyone of you would like to invite them to your practice run in Taman Bukit Kiara, TTDI on a Saturday evening.

I would like to wish all of them a great roaring Tiger year with a biGGGGG BANG!!!!!! . . . . . Thank you for the joy & great time that we had over the years. I shall treasure each and every moment that I had with all of you.

Thank you Wai Keen for you never fail to amaze me with your antics and humors.


June Malik said...

he is something and you are an angel :)

jue said...

june, me no angel. actually i am learning from them

Kris Law said...

Keep up the good work in running in diversity.