Monday, February 8, 2010


When : 6 January 2010
Time : 4.00pm
Where : Jaya One, Petaling Jaya
Who : Tiger Beer & Nuffnang

Yes, I should be running the Putrajaya Night Marathon but something really caught my attention - The Tiger Run posted by Runwitme and so I abandon it at the 11th hour . . . . .. DANG!!!!!!

So, I submitted my entry late Thursday (4 January 2010) noon and got a call from Nuffnang on Friday noon to confirm my entry. Then, quickly posted my 42km Putrajaya Marathon's bib for sale. It was snapped up in less than 6 hours . . . .. . . so here I come TIGER . . . .Grrrrrrrr

Was told to report at sharp 4pm @ Bar Madrid, Jaya One. So, packed my bag & left home at 3.15pm. I wanna be there early as I'm not too sure of the actual location. Was lucky to get a cab but goossshhhhhhh that traffic!!!! 10 minutes to 4pm and the cab just turned into Jalan Universiti. Thought I 'd be on time but, oh NO! Made that wrong turn to Damansara & heavy traffic due to the Malaysia Boleh most famous road widening project. So near yet so far . .. .. .... sigh . . .

2 more minutes . . . . less than 20 meter in front I asked the contractor to remove the closure for us to make a U-TURN! Whoa lucky he bought my story (that I am late for a life or death competition . . . . wakakakakaaaaa) . . . ..

I was on time for the reporting but I wasn't the last to report. Pueh Tian & Khoo Yit Kiat were there & we just hang around waiting for the gun off time. While waiting we saw Alice from Wonderland strolling in to the reporting counter ;P

hhmmmmm.... is she going to run in that??

We were given a Tiger Beer paper bag and a route map. Then, the MC announced the start of the race & briefed us on the rules & regulations as well as the numerous tasks we need to perform

We have to run 2 laps around the Complex with the paper bag tagging along.

Tigers on shopping spreeeeeee......... go go go !!!!

1st task - tweeting @ HQ pub

After each task, we have to run half a circle round the complex for the 2nd, 3rd ........ and collect all 4 stickers & some Tiger Beer souvenirs at each check point. At one of the joints, we were made to eat that darn spicy chicken wing that almost got me choke . . .aarrrrggggghhh :(

Once completed, its time for food & Tiger Beer . . . . . . . . ..

Chilled Tiger beers on the house . . . .. ..

Good food . . . . . .

There was a lion dance performance. Snapped some photos of the tiger . . . . yeahhhhh thats the whole purpose of this run - to let the hair down & have FUN

Me & the Tiger

The 3-Musketeers :- Khoo Yit Kiat, mE & Pueh Tian (runwitme) who abandon our friends for the Tiger

The 3 lucky winners of the rm8,888 Dream Prize - CONGRATULATIONS!

The whole evening (after the race) sharing the same table enjoying the beer, food and sharing his humility but didn't cross my mind a tiny bit about him. He was such a friendly, down-to-earth guy. Great personality, humurous, jovial, friendly & chatting away the evening like good old friends.

Yup . . . thats Kris Law. Who?

So, I log on to his blog on late Sunday . . . . . . . what a nuts I'd been? Really? So, I did a little research (well this is definitely not me coz' I am not a movie maniac & I'm a no-no busy-body). Out of curiosity, i ran a google search to confirm his 'claims'. . . . . . . and . . . .

Just wonder if he will mail me a copy of these movies if I request for one? Yeah, he is a good writer too. So, do drop by his blog at to view his blogging & get closer to this talented down-to-earth young man.

I dropped out of Putrajaya Marathon and opted for the Tiger Run instead because I haven't really recover from my cold & I doubt I can complete my marathon without doing more damage to my health. So, I just hope perhaps I could get one of those small prizes from Tiger Beer since there are only 88 participants.

But, I supposed God works in a miraculous way as the race was a total new experience in my running years. This time around I was in touch with so many young & talented bloggers instead of runners! Weird, ya . . . .

What a Great way of ushering in the Year of Tiger . . . . . . sharing the joy of a running friend who won his dream prize & meeting so many young, talented, vibrant & positive minded people!

Thanks to Pueh Tian (runwitme) for sharing

Thanks Tiger Beer & Nuffnang for a great start for the Year of Tiger!!!


June Malik said...

its good that you listen to your body :) there is always another marathon to conquer .. but did miss you :) glad u had a grrrr-eat time !!

Sammy said...



I should have gone for Tiger Run instead of the Putrajaya one. Cinya sad, I missed the tiger beer and the food. WAHHHHHH

jue said...

june - congrats for completing the half mara. yeah, there's always another marathon but tiger run only come once in every 12 years ... LOL...

sammy - its a pleasure to meet u at the tiger run. hop in to your blog & wow! how did u managed 4? u are surely a very talented young lady!

daniel - yeahhhh... it was a totally new runnning experience. maybe my next relay run will incorporate something like this (less the tiger & beer lah) . . lol

Kris Law said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, Jue, who ran with your bib? I saw the result.

Anyway, glad you had a great time. And if the Bali run will one day materialize, I am interested.