Thursday, February 4, 2010


This post is an official entry for the Nuffnang The Tiger Run competition.

Dare to DREAM! Yes, i guess all of us do dream about anything & everything irrespective of whether that dream is for real or just remain as a dream. But, without a Dream, where will we be heading? Many inventions today are 'born' out of a Dream

So, whats my dream?

To combine my passion for running & community organising! YES . . . this is possible when One dare to DREAM!

My ULTIMATE dream for 2010 is to organise a community run in Bali, Indonesia. A run that is unique, refreshing, educational, motivating & its a 100% JW RUN!

A run which will bear solely my JW signature, my very own design running t-shirts/vest and a unique design medal which can double up as a pendant!

WHY do I want to realise this dream?

When I was a 2 years old girl who started learning how to walk, the doctor told my mother that her only daughter may have to spend the rest of her life on the wheelchair as my feet will 'give' way to polio in 2-3 years time. But this tiny girl never sits still. I still remember when I was 6, my feet was so weak that I always tumble down for no apparent reasons. I never gave up, never told my mum but just picked myself up & kept walking. running & climbing trees with my brothers & spent more time playing the boy's game. The word 'polio' is very foreign to me.

When I was 16, I took up running or rather jogging with another girl friend. We lived next to the Kwang Tong Cementary which is located besides the Sg Besi military camp. I also experienced bad headache that lasted for 3 days and no amount of pain killer tablets can stop the pain. While working in Club Med Cherating in early 1990s, I told the in house doctor about my headache. As I refused to have a head scan, he advised me to do more exercise and I chose running & swimming. Since then, I never look back & the headache has almost gone . . .

For the past 8 years, I took part in many road races in the Klang Valley & within the country.

Completing the Great Eastern 30K @ Padang Merbuk, Lake Garden. This is my trial run in preparation for the KL Marathon

First time ever wearing the Pacemakers' vest in a road race. It was a very good run and one the the toughest. Thats the price to pay when you wear the name of the PIA KAKI group! LOL :P But I am just a 'makan angin' (slow) runner.

When I'm not running especially in the PACEMAKERS races, I'll be a volunteer cos' I do not want to miss out the fun. Being the Time Official has always been fun & fulfilling as I can witnessed the happening at the start/finish line!

Walking is another sports which is my favorite. Since I was introduced to this KL-Maran 204km walk in 2006, I have not failed to take part in this Hindu ritual walk to challenge my mental & physical self. A walk that lasted for 3 days through the highway under the blazing sun or in pouring rain! It takes a lot of mental & spiritual strength to complete the walk. Come 26 March 2010 will be my 5th year in this event.

I also took on the role of Emcee (Master of Ceremony) in road running event when the President of Klang Pacer Athletics Club first invited me to be the emcee for their event. Since late 2007, I'd taken on the job for all their event in Klang & was later invited by the Bukit Jalil Marathon Running Club to emcee at their event, too.

As the saying goes - what better way to earn a living than doing something you like and get paid for it!

And in 2009, I took a different approach to enter the 2nd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk by pledging to walk a minimum of 45km to help raise fund for an organisation that champion the rights for persons with learning disabilities. I only managed to complete 38km in 2008.

I surprised myself by clocking 55km at the 12th hour - 10km more than my target!

Having been a race director for 6 road relays under the banner of KLAVA (Kuala Lumpur Assoc of Veteran Athletes) & 3R, I organised a road relay run under my own initial - JW GIFT OF DIGNITY RELAY in April 2009 for the very same organisation to create awareness within the community in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Group photo - Christmas Island

Indeed, I was honored that the local organiser of Christmas Island, Australia invited me to initiate a marathon run in conjunction with their 50th Territorial Day Celebration on 4 October 2008. I took 30 runners from Malaysia, Singapore & German to join the locals in the marathon run. The event was feature in the Star paper

At the request of some runners after the Christmas Island's trip, another run was organised. This time its in Cameron Highlands - JW 12KM Run. With the help of few running friends and the local police, the run was successful as many are happy running in a refreshing and cool environment compared to the normal road races in the Klang Valley.

The unique medal in the shape of Strawberry has been the talk among runners and set a different benchmark in the running community.

I'm really fortunate to have the opportunity playing at different field level taking on various role in the running fraternity.

Community work - working with the urban poor is my other passion. Being involved since 5 years ago, I've been involved in many community issues relating to land & housing problem. For my role, I'd been selected to attend a 10 days workshop & exchange of ideas in Bali, Indonesia (2007) & Nairobi, Kenya (2008).

Bali has been very close to my heart as the community and issues that surround the people are very similar to the one back home. I would love to visit them again to see their progress after my last visit in 2007.

I would like to incorporate my community work & running in a 2-IN-1 package to spread this work to the running community who are also very close to me. I would like to realise this dream as I do not know when 'Polio' will come knocking on my door.

Facilitating a road race & the community shared similar characteristics -

. . . . . . its about the people

. . . . . . its about passion

. . . . . . its about being HUMAN

. . . . . it requires patience, perseverence & dedication

That steep balenese tradition is still being practice by the urban community. Local leaders are well respected by the people.

The traditional food by the indigenious people are truly delicious & yummy!!!!! slurp . . . :P

Most importantly the greens & fresh air in the outskirt of Bali will make a perfect track run while enjoying the beauty of nature far away from the noise & fume polution in the hustle & bustle of cosmopolitan life.

ULTIMATELY . . . the unique design of the medal & running tees as mementos that will be cherished by all . . .. . a truly JW RUN

Tiger Beer, help me realise this dream and put a smile onto the many faces . . . . . .


June Malik said...

I will do the JW Bali for sure. Very inspiring Jue. We shd sit and talk (we have SBR issue too) because I have free time on my hands and would love to help out in any way that I can. Let's do this once you can breathe sikit ok?

RunWitMe said...

runwitme likes this. :)

MengLeong said...

What an intriguing story Jue.
Good to share your dream but if I'm not mistaken, the participation for the Tiger Run entries were closed on the 31st Jan?

I would like to meet you for more runs in the future :D

I Smart Educare said...

Just read your dream, they should have given the prize to you instead of the fastest runner.

jue said...

june, sure we can have a cuppa tea to talk on this subject.

rwm, very kan cheong to see all the tiger photos nia

meng leong, thks for dropping by. look forward to meet u on the road too.

jue said...

I smart,
wow, u got a very vibrant blog. love that baby sling . . hahahaaaaa . . really cool. will link up to your blog & intro to all mothers with young baby & would-be mum. really cool baby products

I Smart Educare said...

Tks Julie. Btw, my blog is and another one is Don't really know how to amend the displayed URL at

Ara Boy said...

Count me in.. Dear...Looking forward...May all your Wishes and Dreams come true...!!!

dannie chOOng said...

June, great article !!! me & my gf Carrie will support 100% and attend "JW Bali" run if its confirm. keep us posted in your blog !!! :))

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