Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Category A - MEN Open (Age 16 & above)
1hr 04min : Shaharudin Bin Hashim
1hr 06min : Murali a/l Muniandy
1hr 07min : R. Ruburn Kumar
1hr 11min : Casey Lim Khon Seng
1hr 19min : Abdul Rahman Abu Hassan
1hr 19min : Gan Shih Chau
1hr 21min : Naresh Kumar
1hr 22min : Gunaselan
1hr 23min : Azlan B. Norul Anhar
1hr 24min : Jason Loh Chwan Chyin

Category B - MEN Veteran (Age 40 - 49)
1hr 02min : Jean Pierre Lautredoux
1hr 14min : Ong Chin
1hr 18min : Karmukilan Maniam
1hr 18min : Goh Choon Aun
1hr 18min : Malayalam s/o Arumugam
1hr 20min : Silahuddin Salim
1hr 21min : Ng Say Heong
1hr 22min : Wan Sin
1hr 26min : Alam Shah Bin Ismail
1hr 29min : Kang Swee Hee

Category C - MEN Senior Veteran (Age 50 & above)
1hr 19min : Khor Ngee Leong
1hr 27min : Tan Wah Sing
1hr 29min : C. Krishnansamy
1hr 29min : Tan Chee Choon
1hr 30min : Lok Chan Chuen
1hr 31min : Gary Goh Kim Moon
1hr 31min : Tan Hock Huat
1hr 32min : Lim Chee Hong
1hr 36min : Aman Bin Yusof
1hr 36min : Cheng Meng Ang

Category D - WOMEN Open (Age 16 & above)
1hr 31min : Cheah Meei Meei
1hr 32min : Thalagavathy a/p Auriya Kumar
1hr 33min : Agnes Tee Yoke Loi
1hr 34min : Sharmin Parameswaran
1hr 40min : Michelle Looi Mei Yan
1hr 50min : Wong Wen Jun
1hr 54min : Samantha Lee
1hr 54min : Fazilah Abdul Manan
1hr 55min : Tan Lee Lee
1hr 58min : Chan Yen Nee

Category E - WOMEN Veteran (Age 35 & above)
1hr 31min : Susan Khoo
1hr 33min : Tan Lee Chin
1hr 42min : Lian Bee Hoon
1hr 43min : Tan Bee Ngoh
1hr 45min : Sally Margaret Purser
1hr 50min : Lee Khum Chiew
1hr 51min : Suki Tang
1hr 52min : Lorna Wong
1hr 53min : Ng May Kin
1hr 56min : Chuan Teck Geong

Category F - MEN Open 10km (Age 12 & above)
0hr 32min : Arul Thever s/o Muniandy
0hr 32min : Jaya Kumar
0hr 33min : Prabakharan a/l Madhavan
0hr 34min : Kesavaraja a/l Krishnan
0hr 34min : Saraniyan a/l Mohan
0hr 34min : Navi Kumar a/l Sivakumar
0hr 34min : Mohd Amran Abd Ghani
0hr 34min : Jasni Khairil
0hr 36min : Muhammad Asdi B. Weding
0hr 37min : Tang Yew Choy

Category G - WOMEN Open 10km (12 years & above)
0hr 44min : Sri Suganyaa a/p Nagaraja
0hr 50min : Lee Siow Suan
0hr 51min : Lim Pick Jun
0hr 51min : Sylvia Moey
0hr 52min : Siti Hajar Mariam bt Hamzah
0hr 52min : Yee Pei Ni
0hr 53min : Ng Chooi Lin
0hr 55min : Chan Yin Yian
0hr 55min : Ng Ai Ling
0hr 55min : Ng Jo Ann

Category H - MEN Open 4.5km (Age 10 years & above)
1) Vickens
2) Sugan a/l Phangaraju
3) Kumeresan a/l Rajendran
4) Exkiel a/l Vanathaya
5) Daniel Prakash a/l Theyeaaszdan

Category I - WOMEN Open 4.5km (Age 10 years & above)
1) Kim Khoo
2) Sue Ling, Wong
3) Liyala Bt Kamarukzaman
4) Chandra Mathi
5) Hana bt Kamarulzaman

You may view some of the event photos at the following links
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plee said...

Thanks Julie! Nice race organisation nice route(no hills for a change) and excellent value for money! :D
Much appreciated

Michael said...

Could you please share what is the total number of runners for the half marathon? How many in Men open & Men veteran category? Thanks

vinnyC said...

do you happen to know who was the photographer right at the centre of the finish line with a monopod? I think he might have snapped a photo of me, but i have no idea who he is... it's not honyou or pmtey...

jue said...

michael -
there were a total of close to 2,300 participants in all categories.
about 760 half marathoners. i may not have the accurate fig cos' there were some last minutes registration right after closing date. so the figure given here is based on my last enquiries

half marathon:
385 - men open
165 - men veteran
105 - men senior veteran
65 - women open
55 - women veteran

jue said...


glad u enjoyed the run. just keep going :D

jue said...


am not too sure as there were quite a number of photographers that day. i put up 3 links in my blog. none have your photos?

it could be the FUJUFILM guy cos he is recording all finishers photos.

Gaby said...

i think u can try to update the all 21km runner's timing...

bcos all is faster 10min. =.=

Perfectionist said...

I have doubt that the race timing posted were correct. Firstly, I'm surprised to see 21km Men Open runners to finished below 1:10. Is that possible for Malaysian? Perhaps it's less than 21km?

Secondly, my friend Lim Chee Hong (Snr Veteran 21km) knew his stopwatch register as 1:45. But the result shows him running 1:32, which is impossible for him.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Something wrong with the 21km men open timing. Suresh reported his timing in PM1 blog is 1:31

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo error, is Naresh Kumar not suresh.

QiYan said...

Congrats Shaharudin, Murali and Kumar. They just broke Malaysia Half Marathon reccord! Well done! =P

Dinesh said...

The timings are definitely incorrect. Both Naresh and Guna finished 1h31m not as stated.

The distance is correct, both my Garmin and my friend's Garmin registered it as 20.94km.

seah said...

Julie:- May I have the suspendence list. During the centro run, I need to special 'take care' of them.

jue said...

dear all,

timing posted were based on camera time. was told that it was delayed 10 mins.

organiser chose to declare the camera time as official due to some dispute & to be fair to all runners/winners.

jue said...


let me check on my list and PM to u

Michael said...

Jue, Thank you for sharing the figures.