Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These are just a handful of scenic pictures which I managed to snap with my S302 Sony Ericsson mobile in our first reccee outing.

You will run from the village main area heading out 500mtr to the main road. Stay on for another approximately 1km before turning into the wood.

Its a little narrow at the start.

As you move further in, Rahman (one of the local leader) leading Dzul and Irwan deeper into the wood. Ahhhh . . . . what a refreshing sight . . .

This is part of the little stream that cut across the wood. Its knee deep and the current could be a little strong if it rained the night before. But I just love the cool and refreshing water that 3 of us almost refused to move away.

You may indeed take a dip and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe just bring your little sandwich basket along for a picnic

As you come off the water to higher ground, beware of the RED spot!

These pails are traps for some experiment. I was in a hurry so maybe you can learn something about this in your trip.

Some wild plants . . . . . .. . .

The last stretch of the little river before heading back to the open . . .

This is approximately 5km of which we intend to extend another 2km a little uphill in our next recce session before heading back to the start line.
So, are you ready for some fun??????


Liang said...

is ok run with barefoot in slow and steady pace?

jue said...


not advisable in barefoot cos' we didn't want to take any risk

Liang said...


shahrulz said...

Hi Julie, am all excited after seeing these pix. Cant wait till Sunday. I am sure it will be a great run. Thanks to the team for organising this.