Monday, March 14, 2011


The KL-MARAN WALK has almost become part of my life journey since I was first introduced to it in the year 2006 by Uncle Shumugan, a Hindu priest whom I met by chance after a veteran sports meet in Bukit Jalil.
Some said its a coincidence and some termed it as pure Faith. But I believed that this is a Destiny that HE has paved for me. While many may look forward for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas to travel home (or in local term as balik kampung), I have always look forward to the homage journey - its like going back to my second home.
I can feel the 'warmth' as I step on the ground of Batu Caves and thereafter looking forward to be at the new home of Lord Murugan.
The 3 days give me the chance to reflect on my own journey in the past 12 months. Looking back at the turbulance of life as I slowly drag my feet on the long winding road. The many undulating and hilly stretches especially on day one truly test one's endurance, patience, strength and faith in oneself.

There are times when many ever so willingly surrender oneself and succumb to the temptation to end that journey and return to the comfort of the worldly life.
The journey is made tougher with the blazing sun at noon time and the heat from the tar road making the journey at times really unbearable.
During this trying time, the mindset play an important role to sustain oneself in continuing the walk till the end.
It is during this trying time that I begin to realise how fortunate my life has been. That how selfish and ungrateful I have been when I have taken many thing for granted. I am not perfect but I shall do my best to fulfill that very 'mission' while I still able before being called by my Creator.

Getting the blessing upon arrival at Lord Murugan's home is like renewing my vow and strength to be a better human, to be humble and to ask for less and live life to the fullest.
To be able to give more and take less is indeed truly fulfilling. It also gives me a sense of peace and joy where no amount of money can buy.
I am glad that this year 5 individuals will be walking this journey with me for the very first time while Peter Goh is renewing his vow for the 2nd year. This will be my 6th anniversary since 2006.

I am truly looking forward to this Homage to Lord Murugan and will dedicate my first most challenging 30km to all those who perished in the recent tsunami in Japan. May their souls be blessed. May all the survivors remain strong to withstand this trying time.

Let us all stop for a moment, look back and reflect on our past journey in life and make amend. We only live once so lets leave a legacy behind. Let us step into the next universe without regret.

May Lord Murugan blessed all the devotees and keep them safe throughout the 3 days journey.

Vel Vel Murugan . . . . . . . ..


Forza Meyya said...

Great. May HIS blessings be always with you.

June Malik said...

all the best julie, do take care ok :)

Cheryl said...

your posting made me paused and think - all that you mentioned. We need 'journeys' like this at moments of our life. thanks for sharing.

all the best to you Julie. May you be blessed, always.

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