Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was at Padang Merbuk approximately 7.25am. Headed to the Bibs & T-shirts distribution counter as Phyllis and Saliah were waiting for me to get their reporting card. Steven See tagged from behind. Three of us were in the Women category and Steven in the Men Veteran category. Although our registration surpassed the 800 mark, the officials on duty still handed the T-shirt to us as there were quite a number of t-shirts available but not with the Men category.
I really cannot understand this FTAAA officials. Many were angry and disappointed. Why can't they just set out a simple rule of 'first-come-first serve' policy in giving the so-called 800 limited stocks? After being an athletic event organiser for decades, their level of proffesionalism is definitely going down the drain. Only one or two serve with a smile while others just abused the authority, trust and respect accorded to them! Hey, FTAAA! Wake up and find your direction before the runners put you into cold room! Open your ears and eyes, listen and hear what the runners want!

All runs will not be complete without the Slowmovers gang especially the outstanding Sanusi Family. We had a good run and gathered for the photo session as usual. Finally, FTAAA gave out the T-shirts for those who completed the run but did not get the t-shirt earlier on. What a joker!

Ronnie, the Captain of Pacemakers dropped by to say hello. Met Dorai and Iyanar from KLAVA. Enjoyed the sandwich provided by the organiser while waiting for the lucky draw. The lucky draws consist of movie tickets to Iron Man showed at 12.30pm later in the noon. Just wonder if the sponsor really sincere in giving out the tickets? By the time the event concluded, it was already 10am. So they expect whoever got the tickets to head straight to the cinema ......... eeemmmm no more comments.

(All photos above are courtesy of the Sanusi Family)

Meet again in the next race.

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