Saturday, May 10, 2008


Reached Dataran at 7.10am. While walking towards the bagage tent, met the Slowmovers gang and the Sanusi family. My other gang members waiting anxiously for me 'the manager' to give them the t-shirt and running bibs.

I supposed to signed up for the Women Veteran category of 7km but the fact that MK and new comers Yee Mey asked to register for Open category make me shy. So, I too go for the Open category.

7.30am sharp ... BANGGGG!!! The route was quite hilly and at certain stretch traffic was quite heavy as Saturday is still a working day for many. Understandably, the crowd was smaller too. I finished in the 50th placing (in approximately 1.15hr) and qualified for the medal.

Hang around at the road border with Chan & Suriati while waiting for the rest but after more than 15 minutes, none was at sight. Then we realised that the runners had taken a shorter route at the end of the field (near the traffic light at the church) and the FTAAA officials were seen handing out the participation cert to the incoming runners! Hey!@ Whats wrong? Andrew was confused as he couldn't figure out where was the finishing entrance which is understandable as I almost miss the actual 'entrance' too. But being a season runner, I headed towards the flag pole and turn into the padang heading towards the finishing line.

The man in white (traffic police) had done a good job but the same cannot be said about the performance of FTAAA. Their performance and credibility has deteriorated over time and perhaps its time for them to sit down and reflect upon their performance. Maybe its time for the current committee to take a rest and inject new blood in order to catch up with the trend.

Alright, see you all in the next race - Asthma Run 2008, Padang Merbuk.

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KH Wan said...

Hey, congrats on your very own blog.

Seem you got same outfit in many runs. Need sponsorship for new outfit, just call me. Cheers.