Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Christmas Island, Australia
October 3 - 6, 2008

This is an Exclusive package tour brought to you by runner to runners! A holiday with a difference incorporating a half marathon with lots of fun awaiting you on the island.

Christmas Island is a dot in the Indian Ocean, an Australian Territory and its closest neighbor is Java which is 360km away. CI is the summit of a submarine rising steeply to a central plateau dominated by stands of rainforest. This plateau reaches heights of up to 361 metres and consists mainly of limestones and layers of volcanic rock. The Island is surrounded by a narrow encircling coral reef. There is virtually no coastal shelf and sea plummets to a depth of about 500 metres within 200 metres of a shore.

The famous Red Crab

If you are a nature lover, Christmas Island is for you! 63% of it is national park containing species of flora found no where else in the world. Probably the most noticeable local is the Red Crab with over 100 million of these vivid red creatures living on the forest floor.

Come October, the people of Christmas Island will celebrate their 50th Territory Anniversary. Join the locals in the celebration. Be amazed by the friendliness of the islanders with very diverse cultures and religions.

The Run - 21KM

Category & Age
A - MEN OPEN (18 years & above)
B - WOMEN OPEN (18 years & above)
C - MEN VETERAN (40 years & above)

Prizes (applicable to all categories)
1st - AD$2,000
2nd - AD$1,500
3rd - AD$1,000
4th - AD$500
5th to 10th placing - AD$300

Package Price - RM1,950
- Return flights (ex KLIA)
- Accomodation on twin sharing basis
- Full board meals
- Local tour
- The Run

Oct 3 Dep 1145hr KUL - CI Arr 1320hr MH 8484
Oct 6 Dep 1450hr CI - KUL Arr 1825hr MH 8485

For more details, please contact Julie Wong at (hp no) 016 - 228 4088 or email to jwbiznet@hotmail.com


Ara Boy said...

Hi there,

Welcome to the world of Bloggers...n join the fun of it...have a nice day n take care...Bye...!

chongwah said...

hey, thx for dropping by. This trip is too pricey for me this yr. Jz got married u c... there's a hole in my pocket now. hahaha...

jue said...

chong wah,

no problem. perhaps we will cross path some day. just don't drop off from the adventure .....

congratulation on your marriage and may u be bless with beautiful kids.

keep writing and sharing your adventure in your blogs.ove those photos .... really tempting ...

Bink said...

really tempted to go, but not enough money yet.

jue said...

hi bink,

thks for dropping by. if you an above average runner, go for the open category. chances of winning cash prizes is higher and can recover some travel cost or maybe zero cost!

i only take in limited participants. this is fun marathon. next year will do something different