Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Since early this year, many runners had been asking me about the Cameron Highlands run. But due to my hectic schedule and of course the logistic part of it, I have to put this thought in the cold room. I have to consider many aspects such as a safe running route, transportation, marshalls, the sponsor(s), accomodation and many other nitty gritty details.

Although I'd helped to organise 6 relay runs locally and one (21km run) abroad, Cameron Highlands offered a greater challenge. These smaller runs offered a unique experience to runners. For the past one year, there was a new evolution in teamwork whereby the group (i) foster new partnership (running mates), (ii) share knowledge and ideas and (iii) encourage and challenge one another through healthy competition and (iv) develop positive mindset and attitude towards life.

Lets take a moment to read what some of the runners wrote after the Christmas Island trip.

'Shortcomings?' We left it all in Christmas Island (CI). Anyway, they are insignificant compared to the beauty of the NATURE that we experienced' - Yap Wai Mun & Tan John Yam

'The trip was an amazing experience - the scenery was breath-taking and the hospitality we received was priceless. I look forward the meet the CI gang again in the next run' - Sharon Tang Sok Teng

'Thank you very much for the wonderful time in CI and of course not to mention the extra nanny service for Wai Kin ....... we do look forward to join you in Cameron Highland' - Belinda & Family

'Thanks for organising the CI run ...... I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Small and intimate run is a nice refreshing change from running with thousands. So, Cameron Highlands - I'm definitely keen ....' - Eliza Hoh

'I am definitely looking forward for the next run. An exotic location a-la CI has my preference. Of course Cameron Highlands is great!' - Klaas De Waart

Cameron Highlands will be on THE list because ......



RunWitMe said...

When is the run? I love Cameron Highlands but the slopes can be a killer though. :)

jue said...


still in planning stage. tentatively end of february 2009. maybe will do a relay, thats more fun.

runners always complain about killer slope but come the running day, can pia like no tomorrow .... emmmm... :|

haza said...

Jue, CI run will be back next year izzit?

jue said...


not sure yet. CI got very different culture and did not follow the basic running rules (in accordance to IAAF regulations. Luckily my group members were very sporting and didn't make noise when few runners refuse to wear running bibs and 2 of them made it to podium finish. otherwise I got big headache.

but if you love nature, CI is THE place you must visit.