Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Event : Pacesetter Breakfast Run
Venue : Lembah Kiara Park, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail, KL
Date : 26 October 2008
Time : 7.30am

I stayed over in Subang Jaya SS14 on Saturday night. The next morning, woke up at 6.20am and prepared to leave the house. By then Janet was preparing Ashwin for his 1st run. This 7 years old has tonnes of energy and I wanna test his endurance and strength. So, I told Janet that I will 'hijack' his son on Sunday to join me at the Pacesetter's Breakfast Run since the park is consider safe.

Ashwin was very enthusiatic and was ready to break record. I called for a cab and by 7am, both of us were heading towards TTDI. Met up with Andrew and his charming wife Yee Mey at the park.

By 7.30am, the MC made a short announcement to brief the participants on the rules & regulations as well as the terrain of the 2 routes - light & easy (2.5km round the lake) and rough (6km into the jungle). At first I wanted to opt for the 6km but after considering the uphill slope and that this is the 1st time Ashwin is taking part in a real run, I opted to run round the lake.

It was a beautiful morning. The green environment of the park is really refreshing. So, by 7.45am the fun run category was flagged off. I was a little cautious with Ashwin whether he can survive the 2.5km or not. So I carried my little backpack with water and bread.

Gosh .... he gradually overtook most of the participants one after the other. After less than 1km, he was leading the pack throughout the entire run. And he went for another loop. WOW! I definitely underestimated this little chap.
He will be the up and coming top runner .............WATCH OUT for this New Kidz On The Road!!!

Ashwin with Andrew and Yee Mey listening to the instruction from the MC

Joining the crowd in the warming up session

Breakfast at Pandi Restaurant

Enjoying the bread with peanut butter prepared by his mum while waiting for his Milo

By his size, you know he is THE running material. More of his face on this blog in the future.

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