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Date : 14 September 2008
Venue : Taman Metropolitan Batu, Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

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After organising 5 Road Relays under the banner of KLAVA (Kuala Lumpur Association of Veteran Athletics), many requested for more as relays are rare to come by. This is also because of the uniqueness of the event.

Some of the basic rules remain such as wearing of running bibs, age limit for each categories and most importantly the true spirit of sportmanship and positive mindset.

The very same Back to Nature Relay was held at this venue last Christmas day, 25 December 2007 with 40 teams of 3 competing on friendly term. This beautiful lake located just beside the
Taman Metropolitan Batu, off Jalan Ipoh was chosen again because of its strategic location and the many amenities available for runners to spend time with their family after the race.

Of all the relays that I had helped to organise, this is the BEST! With 53 teams (exceeding our target of 30 teams) divided into 5 different categories, all participants had a fair chance to compete within their own age group.

Its Fasting (Puasa) month, but our hardcore muslim supporters came out in full force to compete alongside their peers and put out a good 'fight'.

Despite the current political turmoil and all kind of accusation hurled by various parties about racism, the scene at this race just shown the total opposite. Perhaps the leaders of our country should be invited to our next race and learn from the runners about Race Integration without barrier when we share ONE common goal and RESPECT for each other!

Despite the lack of glamour such as the latest sound system, huge colourful canopies, goodies bag and superstar entertainers, that sporting spirit can be felt instantly by all. Young & Old, Black & White, Amateurs & Professionals, Elite & Ordinary ..... all become ONE! It was that ONENESS that set the run different from all the other big races.

Runners at the Registration collecting their running bibs

Sharing some tips before the race
Group photo before the race

Briefing session just before the race on rules & regulations and safety measures

GO!!!! Start of the race

Age is not a barrier
The HARDCORE Muslim Teams

Javier, the LAtin Dancer and strong supporter put up a Cuban Team

My favourite and youngest volunter, Danesh Naidu. Good looking ... yeah!

Such a happy runner

The Picture of The Year ...... The Tiger is ROARING!!!! GGGRRRrrrrrrrr...

Consolidating the results

Runners taking a break while waiting for the prize presentation

Enjoying the juicy watermelon ..... sluurrrppppp!!!

Position medals for all who completed the race
Everyone a Winner!

(More photos will be upload into my album)

See U in the next RACE! Come back and check out the date!

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