Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tho' the event was held beginning of October 2008, some of us still talk about it. I still have friends and runners asking if I'll organise the same run to the Island next year and will it be my annual event ..... WOW!!!!

There are so many places in Malaysia which I've not visited. Let me just share more about the island. I guess pictures are best to describe the island as I'm not good with words.

For more reading pleasure, do visit some of the runners' blog here:


And a write up in THE STAR paper (Malaysia's largest and most read English paper)by Anne Marie Chandy and photos by Chua Kok Hwa.


The Recreational Centre which housed the Gym Room, a Cafe, Conference Room, Swimming pool and a badminton court which also double up as a futsal court

Grotto - one of the places the youths love to take a dive. This is where the 'cold & hot' water meet

This brightly green colour plant can be seen in all path leading to the beaches

One of the loveliest and friendliest bird on earth. They even 'pose' for photo and did not move an inch away as I stepped closer

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