Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Date : December 13 & 14, 2008
Time : 8pm - 8am
Venue : Dataran Putra, Putrajaya
Result : 37km

Met up with Joyce at the Seri Petaling LRT station and later joined Choy Hong to head off to Dataran Putra at 3pm. As we approached Putrajaya, rain started pouring down. Finally we managed to find the registration centre. We were the first to arrive. As I had sent a list to Mr. Khoo a day earlier, collection was hustle free.

Joyce and Choy Hong went home while I hang around in the collection tent waiting for the rain to stop. 30 minutes later, the sky brightened up and slowly a handful of participants walked in to pick up their bibs and goodies bag.

I started checking out the facilities and chatted with some familiar faces - Jenap, Francis, Philip, Choi and some outstation participants. There was an Indocafe van dispersing coffee so I grabbed a few cups to stay awake.

The goodies bag

By 5pm the participants started walking in. Andrew and Yee Mey turned up by about 6pm and brought me fried rice for dinner. Thank you my dear friends. Need to load with more carbo food before the race. By 7.30pm all participants gathered at the starting line right in front of the Palace of Justice building. After a short briefing by Mr. Khoo, the Race Director on the rules and regulation, all are ready for the race!

Start of the race

Jenap from Singapore

Mr. Ramanaidu

Me and Tan Choon Seang with his 'suffering' pose

The medal


~Friendly and accomodative ****

Distribution of Bibs/Goodies Bag ****
~Despite the heavy rain, it was quite hassle free

Food & Beverage ****
~Sufficient food but still have room for improvement
~Perhaps should provide more water rather than isotonic drinks
~Barley water was an excellent choice

Logistic **
~Lack of banner leading to event venue
~Should have officials or barricade the middle section to avoid cheating by participants
~Technical officials are not attentive
~Should waive the RM1 baggage fee
~Should have covered tent with allevated platform for participants to rest

Medical ***
~Experience medical personels
~Helpful and attentive
~Lack of supply of oitment, plasters and treatment for blisters was uncalled for
Due credit should be given to Mr. Suresh Kumar (h/p: 013-332 1872) a sport massage therapist who was there to lend support to a fellow friend. He had unselfishly rendered his free service and threat many participants at the medical tent

Overall Management *****
~Appropriate music played helped to cheer the participants and supporters
~The occasional announcements and quizes lighten up the participants
~Volunteers manning the water station & food counter were helpful & accomodative
~Posting of results every 2 hours help participants to monitor their performance
Overall rating ****

However I hope the Technical Official will carry out their task more seriously and professionally. From now on I will start to rate all running and walking events.


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

The 1st round of food was finished before I could able to grab any. Maybe I was too late as I wanted t to complete at least 14km before my 1st rest. Apart from that, everything seems fine to me. I don't have much experience as this would be my 1st walkathon event. :)

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