Sunday, December 21, 2008


December 20, 2008 will be cherished forever. My day started as early as 6am heading towards Lake Garden as I had agreed with Mr. Khoo Chong Beng to be the 'star' for a fitness program under Astro. Later some other running friends joined me - Saliah, Naido, Wong Kei Ming, Norzaini and Farhana. The filming crews were late and only started filming at 8.30am instead of 7.30am.

By 9am, I had to rushed off to Shah Village Hotel. I had to attend my community association's year end EXCOs meeting for 2008 Review and Planning for 2009. That was a full day 9-5 meeting. It was a sharing session in the 1st half of the meeting and a more serious discussion towards lunch time. It was indeed a very fruitful meeting and look forward to a better livelihood to all especially the urban poor communities.

At 5.30pm, took a lift from Jana to Subang Jaya. Water was pouring from above when I reached my godson's house in SS14/1a. Sat down and had a simple meal with them since I don't visit them as often as I used to. Then, I took a quick shower and change.

It was still drizzling out there. Called for a cab for almost 30minutes but none available. So I decided to walk to the main road next to Caltex station. The first cabbie didn't want to go USJ. Luckily another cab pulled up but asked for rm15 for a less than 10 minutes journey. Agreed to the price since I am already late for Cheang's (a running friend) Christmas Open House. I am indeed honoured to be included in his guests' list and his wife was so kind to bake a Birthday cake for me!

It was the best Christmas celebration that I'd attended thus far. It was simple yet steep in tradition.
Variety of food being served
Kelvin, Kei Ming and Stanley
A candle light celebartion, with the host narrating the true meaning of Christmas

With the Pacemakers Network and Friends

Cheang MW and wife (the host) extend their blessing to all the guests. They were so kind to give me a special Birthday blessing. Really touched by their hospitality and generosity
And my home bake Birthday cake! Yummy yeah!!

Group photo

This will be one of the many Birthday celebrations that I will truly cherish and the first that I spent with so many runners. The cake cutting was captured on video . Thanks to RunWithMe.

December 20 is also the Birthday of our longest serving Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir. One may hate him, dislike him, despise him but we cannot deny the fact that he did brought about many changes to our beloved Malaysia. Afterall, he is a Politician! At least he is still the BEST compared to all the half past 6 ministers still serving in the cabinet.

Wishing everyone a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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