Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RELAY WITHOUT BARRIER (RWB) 2008 - More Reporting

Organised By : 3R Circle

Powered by : Julie Wong
Director : Tan Choon Siang
Surveyor : Eddy Choo
Logistics : Peter Goh & R. Aplaidoo @ Naido

Venue : Taman Bukit Kiara
Date : 23 November 2008
Time : 7.30am
Type : 3 runners per team
Distant : 4km

This relay was the last event for 2008 and we decided to do a small one due to our hectic work schedule especially myself. I've been very involved in community work with the urban poor. But due to demand from our loyal followers, we decided to have a small event of not more than 30 teams for easy management as it involved a lot of planning and paper work on my part. TIME is what i DON'T have!

And so I emailed to a handful of the runners on my listing informing them three weeks prior to the race. It supposed to be on a first come first serve registration for maximum 30 teams. But, as expected, it always exceeded our target. I do not wish to let them down as this will be the last for 2008.

This relay, we had a few new comer who joined us for the first time. Mr. Inoue with his teams and students from the International Japanese School and another young team Sam Goh Noobs from Klang.

I am satisfied with the result and glad that majority enjoyed the run despite the simplicity. I hope to take this relay run to greater height next year.

I would like to express my appreciation to all runners who have been following the relays since late 2007. Thank you for your continuous support and look forward to see all of you in 2009! Thanks to all my partners Tan Choon Siang, Eddy Choo, Peter Goh, Naido and all volunteers namely Saliah, Philip Lim, Lim Yoke Foon, Haza, Steven See, Sunny and many others.

Also my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Khoo Chong Beng of Champion Chips lending us the time chips. We hope this will set a new benchmark in our running industry.

I will not write long reporting but would let others judge our performance.

Team Sam Goh Noobs - a new comer to the event wrote:

It was a small yet challenging race. The 3.9km loop made me feel like it was a 10km run. There wasn't too many participants, around 80 people. However, it was a very successful relay run. And this run is very 'canggih' (hi-tech) also ........ The organiser included some electronis chips on the baton to record time. Phewww whit ...

Team Pacemakers Network #1 - a loyal follower

i was looking forward to today's relay for so long bcoz this is 1 of der best relay of der year! it was well organised, no confusions, this year was der 1st time they used timing chips binded with batons to record der timing. i would say it was fantastics! well done for 3R Circle ........

Haza - first time volunteer

Wow, for a race this small scale they were using the timing chips system, thanks to Mr. Khoo Chong Beng of Malaysian Race Walkers Association who lent the system. According to him this is the first time that chips were used in a relay!

................ it was a simple event but carried out with details ....

All photoa courtesy of pmtey.multiply.com

Mr. Khoo and his team setting up the Champion Chip System

Tying the chips onto the batons

The New Comer - Int'l Japanese School

Attending briefing..... every team must "take care' of this green card which act as a back up to the time chip and also as a way to get runners in the team to be proactive while waiting for their team mate to complete the race

this is the reason this park is a favorite with the locals and runners. . . . . hope the local authority will take good care of this park and sustain the greens

The Running Mom - first time volunteer with her two young faithful bodyguard . .

Mr. Khoo . . . . eeemmm I hope she didn't 'elope' with my Champion Chip

aHA!!! there she is . . paced by her partner. Yee Mey, the first time participant. Its OK, Mr Khoo. I just went for a short date with Mr. Champion Chip up the hill. It's really COOooool . . .

The FINAL Touch Down to signify the end of the relay to the standing ovation. Amazing that she managed to complete despite the extra miles as I told her that she only had to run 2km a week ago while trying to convince her . . . oooppps forgot to tell her my maths is actually very lousy . . hahahaaaaaaaa

Group photo

The Medal

Everyone went home a winner! Position medals for all who complete the race!!! Except poor ME with the timer hanging on my neck till the next RACE!!!


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