Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2009 is just at the door step. What is it like if we open the door and let it in? Will it be a New Challenge . . . . or a New Adventure . . . or A New Beginning . . . . or is it a New Chapter or maybe, may be its just another year.

I actually wanted to recapture all the events that took place throughout 2008. Of course I have my ups and downs but GOD has always been good to me. HE always ensure that there is an Angel at my side when I needed one. I have always been grateful for all that I HAVE and HAVE NOT. I am Poor and yet I am so Rich.

Two years ago, a great friend and confidante left without a single word. I wasn't there to walk that last ride for him. I was totally shattered and angry! For six months, I lived a life of lie. Hiding behind those smile and laughter. Crying behind closed door. How can God betrayed me? Six months later, I gathered myself back. Sat in front of the mirror and said to myself that I will live my life to the fullest! He may not be physically here but he shall always have a special place in my heart. With that, I move on. . . . . .

I want my friends to remember me for all the good reasons. It is my wish that everyone will live their life to the fullest. Live like there is NO tomorrow! There are still many great friends around that truly love and care for me. I still have a mission to accomplish . . . .

This is one part of my life which I have not reveal to anyone. But that call from Mandy two days ago has change the way I write this article. This is my 'bed time story' for another great soul . . . . Raymond Chew. A young man who is fighting a battle. But you are not alone in this battle.

You had walked that walk with us, ran that run and climbed that climb with us. That battle is not over yet! I had walk through the most difficult path and truly understand the pain of a lonely battle. But, it is also this very PAIN that rejuvenate our soul and mind to be a better soul. It is that PAIN that make us more humble and human.

Life is a daring Adventure or Nothing. The whole of Life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not misuse it. One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an Adventure.

Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there! So, get up and get out to make the BEST in YOU! Let everyone remember us some day for the Best part of ourselves!

We don't have time for self-pity. Life is a constant movement. Remember all those familiar faces? You were there with them. What is stopping you from continuing that journey?

You ran alongside with me. You were my pacer. Constantly reminding and encouraging me to keep going when the going get tough.

You once said I'm your big sister. My wish for the new year is for you to run alongside with me again. And along with all our running friends, we look forward to seeing you on the road again.

And just a reminder, you still owe us that walnut banana jam! Get busy, my brother!

I will also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a JOYFUL year. Love yourself and Love Life like there is no tomorrow! And I truly would love to be on the road with all of you again.


CP Waterman said...

Cinya touching post!
May God bless you with HIS unending love & continue to lead you by HIS guiding light & keep you by HIS manifold grace!
Take care & have a great 2009!


jue said...

hi CP. wishing u a great 2009, too!

haza said...

Yeah, there's nothing like living every minute as if it's your last. Have a fantastic year ahead, Jue!

jue said...

hi haza,
thanks. i also admire your pia spirit while juggling your role as mother and wife.

wishing you a great year ahead, too!