Monday, April 20, 2009



At the arrival hall in Batu Caves, Selangor

Prayer session seeking blessing from Lord Muruga

Just before the tunnel at Genting Sempah, Karak Highway

First stop for breakfast @ 7.ooam

Lunch on 1st day - still fresh after 30km walk all the way uphill

Was spotted by the reported from China Press who was impressed that non Hindu are taking part in the pilgrimage walk. Reported in China Press Daily

We decided to join the band-wagon when 'attacked' by the blazing sun to the rest area which is 5km away

Uncle Shunmugan - the priest who is 80 years old has been taking part for the past 32 years. due to his old age and health condition, he still managed to complete more than 120km on foot, truly amazing and put many young ones to shame.

Banana leaf rice for dinner - sponsored by the temple committee in respective rest area.

Having lunch in a temple in Mentakab

Hi Doc, can you see my 'pregnant' toe? And another one on my heel, too! (seeking medical treament for blisters. if you don't have blister, you have not walk the walk!)

The long winding road to Jengka town

We decided to quit lunch after a short break in Jengka and start the journey on foot at 11.00am to reach our final destination without taking the truck by 4pm. Its another long blazing hot journey of more than 23km! With burns, blisters, aching muscles & joints, lacking of sleep and walking on the tar road under blazing hot sun is definitely not an easy feat even to an elite athlete! In my 4 years experience, not more than 10% of the devotees are able to complete this last stretch of the journey on foot. We are glad to make it on time without being put on the sweeper truck.

A group photo before the final journey

Preparing the milk pot for the devotees

Cleansing themselves at the nearby river

Some of the devotees before the procession

Prayer and blessing

Seeking blessing fron the priest after the cleansing ceremony

Wai Mun with Priest Shunmugan

Our group had the biggest number of devotees walking from Bt Caves to Maran, Kuantan to seek blessing from Lord Muruga

Tho' Wai Mun and myself are non-Hindu, we didn't want to be left out from this from this event which is steep in culture and color. Its not an easy task to walk barefooted for 2 km under hot sun and burning tar road

Pueh Tian, our unofficial photographer who didn't want to be left behind too.

One of the young devotees with his parents and siblings

Another young devotees

A devotee carrying a Kavadi

The just completed Marathandavar Temple standing majestically in gold built around a tree

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