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Date : 20 April 2009

We were told by MK to assemble in Steven's Corner, Pandan Indah at 7.15am. Tho' its only 20 minutes walk from my house, Mandy and Albert offered to drive me there. Thank you for giving me that extra 20 minutes nap in the morning.

By 7.15am all of us were there except the CAPTAIN!


He is NOT reachable on his mobile phone?

But it already 8.00am!!!!!!

Yee Mey was really panic. She called his mobile frantically and keep assuring us that the Captain will be there shortly but he is not reachable . . . . . . . .

Actually we were enjoying the nasi lemak . . . . . sorry dear, filling up my little tummy seem to be more important.

Finally the Captain made his Grant Entrance slightly after 8.00am. Ya, the culprit is of course hiding right behind the group. See, when you want free service you have to wait. Like the Chinese said, 'free thing is not Good and Good thing won't come free'. Hahahahahahaaaaaa . . just kidding. Soon and Eddy are the nicest and most humble human being on this universe.

Making our way to the foot hill. MK trying to make peace with every one before the start of the climb. Unfortunately, you still have to pay the 'fee'.

Waterfall at the foothill just as we start the climb. The water is really cool and refreshing. Hey, guys you all can continue the climb and I'm going to take a real long deep down here!

Our dainty little young Lady in White - Yee Mey

Shooooooo . . . finally I made it to the top!!!!

Who is the most compatible partner?

And the Winner goes to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The answer is right after the break!

Soon (in blue) explained why 8.30am is just the right time to start the climb instead of 7.30am. Aiyoyoyoyyooo . .. you are THE Captain, so who dare to make an objection? Whatever you say at the peak of Saga Hill is LAW! Period!

Wow, I found the swing swing swung!

This is proof that we were at the top of Saga Hill

Yes, this is part of your National Service Commandor Training! You must do 10x or no dinner tonight

Just wonder what was so interesting taking place that all these macho guys paid so much attention to?

Andrew and Mandy a little confuse. Banana or apple is a better carbo load?

At the hilltop overlooking the vast development surrounding Cheras

Yes, finally we made it down to the waterfall at the foothill

Mandy insisted that I must snap this picture because she has never seen such a tiny little cute pumpkin! I think she come from the 'FUTURE' world . . .mmmm

We had just ascended from a hill and they started deliberating on another much tougher hill - The Pinacle, Mulu.

Ya .. . . . they talked so much about being healthy. Now, you be the judge!

The Hakka delicacies. One of the healthiest food - Green tea soup. And in the other bowl is brown rice, green veges and groundnut.

Hello! Are you sure you ordered the right food? That is not Green Curry, ok?

Looking at how they went after the Chay Kueh Tew, one may conclude where they come from . . . . .your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed their company. Thank you my dear friends for all the laughters and craziness which has enlighten my week.
Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey to the Pinacle.

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