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26 April 2009
*Batu Caves
*Commonwealth Park + Hutan Lipur Kanching (Templer's Park)
*Central Market + Masjid India

Last Saturday (25 April 2009), Michelle invited me to join her for dinner at Little Penang, KLCC with an associate, Tino, from German. After dinner we had a long chat as Tino wanted to spend his 15 days in to visit as many places in Malaysia. And so, he took out the map and started his virtual holiday while Michelle and myself cracking our head real hard trying to follow his journey. This kwai lou (white man) is really 'mad' by Malaysian standard. He wanted to taste the sea and beaches, the culture, the people, the highlands and the green jungles and the caves and the blah blah blah . . . in 15 days!

Made a quick call to a friend of mine. Call up MAS 24 hours centre to check out their flight schedule to Langkawi and finally we managed to make a rough outline for his first 10 days in Malaysia. So he will fly to Langkawi, head back to the mainland then towards Taman Negara. Next to Cameron Highlands and back to Kuala Lumpur where we will take him to Malacca for a day trip before flying to the next destination - Sarawak.

Its 10pm and we decided to have a little tour in the Golden Triangle. Took a walk down to Jalan Pinang along the rows of cafe, pubs, restaurants and discos. Then proceeded to Jalan Bukit Bintang and finally settle at Pavilion for coffee before calling it a day.

On Sunday (26 April), 8.30am we met at Jalan Silang for breakfast at an Indian Restaurant. We had roti canai, roti sardine, roti onion, tosei and teh tarik halia. CK joined us at 9.30am and we headed towards Batu Caves on his 4-wheels.

Tino, at the 272th steps, standing tall and proud of his achievement

CK briefed Tino on the Caves and the Hindu culture

Michelle with her SIGNATURE pose

Me too completed the 272 step!

Yes, fresh coconut is definitely THE drink on a hot and sunny day!

While he had it FREE . . . . . . . .

We paid RM3 for this. . . . . . sluurrrp sluuurrrrp .. .. .mmmm sooooo refreshing!

Stop over at Commonwealth Park for a short break and to refresh ourselves. Tino busy snapping away

Ahhh . .yes !!! Michelle with her SIGNATURE model pose again. She has been standing there for more than 15 minutes! Just wonder what's playing in her mind?

Lady, we paid RM1 each to be here, so please don't just stand there!

After 20 minutes, we decided to cross over to Hutan Lipur Kanching (also known as Templer's Park). Again we had to fork out RM1 for each and additional RM2 for parking fee.

Many young people spent their weekend here with their families and friends. Some even brought along their barbeque set and picnic bag. One can smell the fragrance barbeque satay from far . . .eemmmm

Tino enjoying a good water massage

Contemplating a 'bigger' massage . . .heheheeeeeee!
I dare U to do it, man!

We left Templer's Park at 3pm for lunch in Selayang. Later, CK dropped us at Central Market because he had to go for his Yoga class. 3 of us tour the Central market from one end to the other, from bottom to top! Wow! Can't remember when was the last time I ever did this. The sky was gloomy and threathen to pour down any minutes.

We couldn't find the 'Lebai' cap for Tino. So I suggested we walked to Masjid India. We quickly made our way there before the rain and found the cap. Then settled down at a nearby shopping mall for a drink. Later at 7pm, Janz joined us for dinner.

She drove us to China Town for the famous beef noodles. By 8.30pm we say goodbye and good night as I have to attend a meeting at 9pm.

See you in 10 days, Tino. Enjoy yourself and wishing you a pleasant and safe journey!

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